TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier

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TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier

The TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier from TerraTrike is one of those matters that make you believe you studied: why didn’t I provide you with that? It’s so simple, indeed – and I’ve were given something comparable to be used with wearing kayaks on the roof of my automobile. But did I invent the UTC? No, however, happily someone did because it is a handy item.

It’s simple, indeed. Three foam pads, one for every wheel of a trike – and yes, they paintings with large and small wheels. You slip them on, area your trike to your roof, then run a pair of straps thru your open car door and over the frame and through the wheels of your trike, the front and rear. Tighten them down, the foam compresses, and so long as they are very tight – and your car’s roof isn’t grimy – this may hold your trike on the roof of your car as you force.

However, it must keep at an excessive pace; however, I propose using across the community first, listening for squeaky sounds of trike-with-pads shifting about. Additionally, if I intended on an interstate journey, I would recommend putting off your trike’s seat. If that’s no longer possible, dispose of the mesh from the seat. You don’t want it to reason an excessive amount of drag. Oh, and while you’re doing that, please remove all the connected gadgets to your trike that could come off and move hurtling via a person’s windshield: water bottles, pumps, those varieties of things you want to bestow on your vehicle.

More records, hints, and a video is on the TerraTrike website. I recommend this product for every person who needs to hold their trikes outdoors in their automobiles.

How to Carry Your Recumbent Bike or Trike

One of the most common questions we get right here at Basically Bicycles is, “How do I place that recumbent bike on my automobile?”  Here’s what you want to recognize approximately deciding on a car rack to hold your new recumbent motorbike, recumbent trike, or different bicycle.

Consider your needs and options. How many bikes or trikes do you want to carry? How plenty do your motorcycles or trikes weigh? How do you experience boosting your recumbent bike or recumbent trike over your head? Will you park in parking with low clearance? Will you need to carry other equipment, along with skis or kayaks, on the rack? How many passengers will you deliver with the bikes?

Pay close attention to the racks’ weight capability, specifically if your motorbike or trike is prepared with an electric-powered assist or you’re carrying multiple motorcycles or trikes. You may additionally want heavy responsibility racks to address your tools adequately.

Keep in mind that now not all racks will match all motors. Your picks can be restricted by the make, version, and year of your car. Although most recumbent bikes will healthy on traditional fashion racks, some racks are better perfect for recumbent bikes than others. We bring racks that are nicely acceptable for recumbent bicycles and trikes.

Tips for deciding on a carrying rack for your recumbent bicycle

Because of the extensive range of body configurations and wheelbase lengths on recumbent bicycles, not all racks are well-perfect to hold recumbent bicycles.

Many of the racks designed to mount at the trunk or rear of the automobile have holders made to be used with conventional bike frames. Sometimes those holders get in the manner with recumbent bikes. Racks with more accessible designs typically work better for recumbent motorcycles.

Look for a hitch-installed rack that permits you to locate the motorcycle wheels within the rack instead of securing the motorbike via the frame. This TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier takes much less lifting and eliminates the hassle of having the body design intrude together with your ability to mount the motorbike at the rack. Many of those motorbike racks, along with the Hollywood Sport Rider Recumbent rack (pictured right here), let you adjust to the wheelbase of your motorbike and hold bikes with differing wheelbases.

If you’re planning to hold your recumbent motorbike on a roof rack, you may want to eliminate the front wheel and the seat. We have roof racks that are longer to house long wheelbaseTerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier and tandems, which couldn’t typically carry on trendy roof racks.

Tips for transporting your recumbent trike

Since transporting a recumbent trike may be a challenge, they’re nice carried-on racks designed for trikes.

If you have a hatchback, you may carry a station wagon, minivan, SUV, or truck, many TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier, and a few delta-fashion recumbent trikes in the vehicle. This TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier might also mean that you could only have two passengers while you bring your trike, but it can be a simple answer for many humans. If you’re buying without your automobile, carry your car’s measurements to the store while you are deciding on a recumbent trike.

Consider a roof framework or a hitch-mounted rack outlined to hold a trike, together with the Alpaca rack, that could bring tadpole-style trikes, including the ones from Catrike.

You’re Step-via-Step Guide to Start Cycling over 50

If it is a few years — OK, maybe a long time — since you hopped on a TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier, there is no higher time to absorb this low-impact exercise. Even if you’ve been pedaling on a stationary bike for a workout, it does not examine the actual enjoyment of hitting the street.

“Biking amongst people 50 and over has grown in recent years, especially due to the creation of e-bikes and better infrastructure,” Tim Blumenthal, president of the country-wide nonprofit bicycle advocacy organization People for Bikes, tells BikeMarts.com.

And you are indeed now not on my own in case you allow the habit to fall using the wayside. According to the 2018 U.S. Bicycling Participation Report commissioned by using People for Bikes, 89 percent of individuals who did not ride inside the past three hundred and sixty-five days have ridden a motorbike at a while in their lives.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has forced many Americans to get more innovative with their commutes to keep away from crowded buses and trains, extra humans over 50 rely on bikes to run errands and get around metropolis.

“While ridership has improved for all ages in the course of the pandemic, virtually a subset of those new riders are people over 50,” Blumenthal says.

Whether you’re easing again into cycling or are taking it up as a brand new game absolutely, you could analyze from these schooling hints and strategies to help you get began.

6 Steps to Start Cycling Over 50

As always, the first step is to get the inexperienced mild out of your health practitioner that beginning any new workout — biking which includes — is an excellent habit for you, in particular, if you’re currently getting better from an injury or have a health situation.

But after you get the all-clean, here’s a way to get started on your new motorcycle journey.

1. Build Strength and Balance

“It’s critical to have stability and coordination if you want to get on and stale your bike and experience exterior,” says Erik Moen, physical therapist, and proprietor of Seattle-based Corporal Sano Physical Therapy and BikePT.

If you’re no longer utterly comfy along with your abilities in these areas, upload exercises like planks, glute bridges, and unilateral actions to construct balance, coordination, and center and lower-body strength before hopping on a motorbike.

Try This Workout

Eight Strength and Balance Exercises for Stronger Cycling After 50

2. Gear Up

If you have a motorbike for your basement or storage that you need to apply, make sure to have it checked out by a bike mechanic. At the minimum, you’ll need air in your tires in case your bike has been sitting around for years. However, you would possibly need to get the right of entry to a new motorbike altogether.

With the plethora of bike patterns accessible, how do you select the right one for you? Moen breaks down the most common forms of motorcycles and what workouts they may be ideal for:

•        Cruiser: This is the least luxurious choice with bikes ranging from $150 to $500. It’s additionally the very best first of all. It has a large, padded saddle, upright handlebars, and extensive tires to make for a safe journey. The step-through frame also makes it clean to get on and off the bike.

Generally, to be had without gears, cruisers are suitable for riding on flat surfaces, but they are not perfect for riding on hills.

•        Hybrid: This is a favorite choice for leisure riders of every age. It has a charge variety between $450 and $2,000 and comes ready with a flat handlebar, gears, and shifters.

It additionally has a large, secure saddle and extensive tires (no longer as wide as a cruiser). They come geared up with one-of-a-kind gears to make driving up hills less difficult. Because of this, they may be first-class for commuting and going for walks errands.

•        Mountain: These TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier provide extra gears and broader tires than hybrids and soak up a more excellent surprise for using over rock or particles. They generally price between $450 and $4,000. Moen says that is a solid choice for human beings with lower back problems because the surprise absorption characteristic makes it much less jarring at the lower back than different bikes.

•        Gravel: These bikes are incredible for biking on blended surfaces, including gravel and dirt roads. It’s the nearest option to an avenue-racing motorbike, but it has wider tires and an upright role for comfort. Because of their versatility, they also cost a touch greater — commonly $1,000 to $7,000.

•        E-motorbike: The Cadillac of motorcycles, electric-powered bikes work just like regular motorcycles; however, include an electric help if you’re feeling worn out or want to transport quicker.

They have heftier price tags between $1,400 and $10,000. However, Moen says that is a superb choice for those who aren’t very active and want to start cycling. They can also be an excellent alternative for folks who shuttle to work and do not strictly want a complete-blown sweat consultation earlier than heading to the workplace.

Once you have decided on one or motorcycle alternatives, check out your picks at a local motorcycle shop. Make positive that you additionally get the proper motorbike fitting by a skilled bike store fitter or a bodily therapist. Moen cautions that humans age 50 and over have precise needs in terms of proper motorcycle fitting.

For instance, “if you have not ridden in 20 or 30 years, your tolerance to attain handlebars and pedals decreases, so that you may want to make adjustments from previous fittings,” he says.

Plus, you can want to modify the height of your seat, other than what’s usually encouraged. “Instead of the everyday racing position, I like to begin older riders in an extra conservative role,” Moen says. “A lower seat top makes it less difficult to ride, and as humans get more potent, I readjust the seat peak.”

These changes will even save you ache and safety problems. That’s why it’s pleasant to try these things out on a motorbike before you are making a definitive desire.


While you’re on the motorcycle save, Moen suggests picking up some extra equipment:

•        Helmet for protection, in case of falls

•        Bike shorts with padding to alleviate pain and chafing

•        Water bottle to prevent dehydration

3. Practice the Basics

Suppose you have not ridden a TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier in some time. In that case, it’s essential to reacclimatize yourself to the special gears and safety functions, says Colin Izzard, a Brevard, North Carolina-based most advantageous degree teacher with the cycling group CTS, who specializes in training beginner and professional cyclists.

He shows those motorcycle drills for new cyclists over 50; try to do them in a grassy location, empty parking zone, or someplace else without cars or different exercisers.

•        Start riding and pedal slowly while keeping your balance.

•        Stop by way of braking (it is simplest to grip the back and front brakes together) and placing one foot down without falling over.

•        Make left and right turns.

•        Shift gears up and down.

•        Use hand indicators for left and right turns, slowing and preventing.

4. Warm Up Before Your Ride

As with any pastime, warm-up and cool-down exercises will assist save you damage. Moen recommends warming up by using pedaling at a low depth for a few minutes. After driving, walk for a couple of minutes and do those static stretches:

•        Quadriceps stretch: Start status and bend one leg in the back of you, so your heel touches your butt. Hold this role for 30 to 45 seconds on each leg.

•        Glute stretch: Start status and pass your proper foot on top of your left knee. Hinge on the hips and take a seat back into your heel, preserving for 30 to 45 seconds. You can keep onto a pole or every other sturdy object that will help you balance.

•        Standing backbend: Start status and reach your palms overhead. Bend back as some distance as your strength and mobility permit to counteract the hunched-over cycling position. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds.

5. Start Slow

When you’ve mastered simple stability capabilities and practiced braking and changing gears, Izzard says you could exercise cycling around different cyclists, walkers, runners, and drivers.

Build up your persistence slowly, Moen says. You can slowly increase the duration and distance of your rides over a 6- to 8-week period, starting with a couple of minutes or miles at a time.

“A desirable starting intention for cyclists over 50 is that allows you to cycle for a half-hour, then 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and extra on a flat surface. Some cyclists can be fine with 30 minutes,” he says.

If you want extra assistance, you can discover neighborhood coaches and instructions through the League of America Bicyclists. You can also locate beginner cycling how-to movies from the League of American Bicyclists and Bike New York.

6. Follow Traffic Rules

Cycling thoroughly is essential at any age, but specifically for people over 50, who’re much more likely to go through fractures from falling than younger oldsters. In line with September 2012, take a look at the International Journal of General Medicine.

“Start using the usage of motorcycle and multi-use paths,” Moen says. Work your way up to driving on roads, even people with motorbike lanes, to get familiar with drivers, intersections, and commencing car doors.

Once you begin biking on roads, you will want to drive legal guidelines, as bicycles are considered motors. This TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier consists of using hand indicators, driving on the identical aspect of the street as visitors, and abiding by visitors’ regulations at lights and forestall signs.

Read up on nation bike legal guidelines to study the regulations of passing, whether you may wear headphones in the course of your ride or motorcycle on sidewalks (neither of which Moen recommends), and extra.

Wherever you experience, maximum professionals insist that helmets are vital for safety. It’s additionally a good idea to trip simplest while climate conditions are properly, as cycling in heavy rain or wind can be risky. Make sure to wear reflective tools at some stage in the early morning or nighttime rides.

At a few points, you’ll, in all likelihood, become getting a flat tire on a bike journey. Most cyclists convey a whole tire restore package on their motorcycles, which incorporates tools, a spare tube, air for the tire, and tire levers. These are available along with another system at motorcycle stores. Many stores also provide training on solving a flat tire, or you can examine it from YouTube movies.

Why Bike After 50?

Outdoor cycling gives an expansion of physical benefits, including strengthening the heart, building muscle and bone mass, and improving stability and patience — all of which are mainly necessary for human beings over 50, consistent with Harvard Health Publishing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading reason for injuries for older adults within the U.S, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You are breaking a bone after a fall is more common as someone a while because your bones start to go to pot after age 50, in keeping with Johns Hopkins Medicine. But due to the fact, cycling is a low-effect sport, it places much less stress on the joints, even as helping you construct muscle around them.

What’s greater, cycling is tied to a lengthier lifestyle, consistent with a November 2018 American Journal of Preventive Medicine look at. In the research, new and seasoned cyclists among a long time of 50 and 65 who cycled from one to 60 minutes in line with week had a decrease hazard of demise than folks that skipped out on biking.

Joining a motorcycle club with older adults may do wonders on your intellectual health, too. In a small August 2017 observe of older Japanese adults in BMC Geriatrics, group fitness activities increased feelings of connection and pleasure.


Find a motorcycle club near you by using coming into your vicinity inside the League of American Bicyclists internet site. Many areas have clubs mainly for older adults, like the Claremont Senior Bicycle Group in California and the Senior Bike Group in Richfield, Minnesota.

“The beauty of biking is not simply the bodily advantages,” says Don Braverman, 87, an extended-time member and beyond president of the Boca Raton Bicycle Club. “More important to me is that it’s enriched my lifestyles socially. I’ve made more lasting friendships from biking than anywhere else,” he says.

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