Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women

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Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women, when the wind is blowing, and you do not feel like leaving your sofa, thoughts of sand and surf may flood your desires. Maybe you long for the day when you may take an excellent leisurely bike ride to the seashore or along a bike course with your canine.

For people who enjoy taking a bike journey, the question now comes in you are satisfied together with your upright motorcycle, or do you want to strive for something different? One such opportunity is mobo triton pro person tricycle.


What makes a mobo triton pro different from a comparable 3 wheeled cruiser for adults? For the ones familiar with three-wheeled cruisers, the difference is plain.

Take, for instance, the adjustable body. The mobo triton pro consists of an extendable body with 10 slots into its lovely layout, permitting this mobo motorbike to house a rider from the peak of four’ to as excessive as 6’3”.

There’s additionally rear-wheel steerage with dual-joysticks, bearing in mind easy maneuverability with easy hand actions.

The layout permits people with certain surgeries, disabilities, and injuries, to have cardiovascular exercise. The low center of gravity is superb for those with consistent balance problems.


It’s now not sufficient to study a description. What are others pronouncing about the mobo pro? Do others revel in three-wheel seaside cruisers?

One mobo triton seasoned evaluate cited how the mobo cruiser is straightforward to assemble. Another reviewer commented approximately how her autistic 12-12 months-vintage daughter makes use of a mobo triton. It took the young woman some practice to discover ways to steer, however now she doesn’t need to stop riding.

One man or woman pointed out how the mobo triton seasoned three-wheel bicycle has minimal stress on joints, and the seated position is just like some exercising gadget at a health club.

Another who labeled herself as obese raved approximately how she could have a refreshing heart exercise and work for a few muscle companies during usage of her mobo cruiser.

There have been additionally some poor factors of the mobo bike to hold in mind. For instance, one person commented about how the front tire tends to push as going uphill upwardly. Another massive ft counseled maintaining the balls of your feet at the pedals to prevent your heels from scrapping the road or motorbike direction.

If you need a fast bike, then an upright bike is a stronger desire. Still, for those with stability problems, the elderly, and others who need an amusing way to exercise, the Mobo Triton seasoned 3-wheel low-rider motorcycle is an excellent alternative.

Mobo Triton Pro Three-Wheel Bike Specification

       Special Features: Hand Caliper Brake, Inflatable Rubber Tires, Single Speed, Rear Wheel Steering, Cushion Seat,

       Color: Multi-color

       Wheels: 20-inch front; sixteen-inch rear

       Age Range: 12 and Up

       Product Weight: 44 lbs

       Weight Capacity: 250-pound

       Dimensions: 48.00 x 28.00 x 29.00 Inches

Check price Conclusion

I think we all recognize the price of getting outside or going to a health club for a cardiovascular workout. Some are content material with going to the health club yrs.-spherical; however, for others, a gym membership is not inside the price range.

There might be a few physical barriers. Take as an example those with disabilities or others recovering from the latest surgical procedures. There are a few that having a Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle is the best choice for a notable exercise.

Others seek out a minimum strain of workout, so getting a three-wheel cruiser motorbike is the best alternative. Mobo trikes offer a first-rate manner to burn calories and experience the great outside.

The subsequent step is to appearance online or go to your favored bike shop and get yourself. Your associate a mobo triton seasoned 3-wheel seashore cruiser and photographed yourself, self-listening to waves crash approximately the shore as you take your canine for an extended walk with your special someone.

So what are they?

A trike, or if we’re to apply the suitable period, a tricycle, is a human-powered single character passenger vehicle (or a motorcycle with three wheels to you and me!).

They can be powered using both foot pedals or hand cranks; there also are motorized versions that take advantage of either strength or an engine like you’ve got in a small scooter, as an example.

You can have seen the traditional upright, recumbent trikes on TV or perhaps for your travels when you have visited any Middle Eastern nations, as they may be frequently used as taxis to transport vacationers.

The 3 wheels recumbent motorcycle has the distinct difference of a reclining seated function, which offers many blessings as we can see beneath.

What is a Mobo motorcycle?

Here at Mobo Cruiser, please say goodbye to the traditional bicycle for adults and say howdy to those less costly recumbent grownup tricycles and modern youngsters tricycles. … Cruiser for the babies studying to trip. Helps increase hand-eye coordination.

Let’s Look At Remarkable of the Recumbent Bike Benefits

Because of the layout of the recumbent bicycle, the manner the seat- reclined right into a decreasing role, there are many benefits to be had, consisting of:


Having a lower degree of gravity and a triangular-like layout, with the primary steerage wheels on the front supported via 2 rear wheels, you get the gain of slicing via the wind. This Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women results in much less drag, and as a result, it’s miles much less taxing on the arms or legs, relying on the model you’ve got.

Bodyweight distribution

On a general upright bicycle or trike, your complete bodyweight rests on just a few small sitting bones, the arms, and the feet.

With a recumbent bike but, the reclined seating position uses the rider’s bottom, returned, legs and ft. – spreading the weight.


Unlike a standard upright motorcycle, while encountering a hill, the rider of a recumbent cannot rise out of the saddle with a purpose to generate greater force. Therefore, they need to choose low equipment and use the backrest of the motorcycle to do so.

This Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women is once in a while seen as terrible using a few; however, if workout and fitness are vital to you, and they should be, then we see it as an advantage!


A Dutchman owns the speed document for a human-powered vehicle on a recumbent motorbike. Granted, this changed into a 2-wheeled version, but it will show simply how effective the low profile is. Having the body placed so low at the ground without a doubt makes a significant distinction in windy positions.

Additional Hints

Recumbent trike flags

Because recumbent trikes are so below to the ground, road vehicles frequently have a hassle seeing them, which may be probably dangerous. So most of the people of people who revel in this sport on three wheels choose a recumbent trike flag.

This Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women may be something you would like in terms of design, but its principal reason is to permit you to be seen and to hold you secure.

Many of the flags have a little flashing light on the pinnacle of the pole; this helps you to be seen in low mild tiers.

Cycling Shoes

With some of the higher-cease fashions with 8+ gearing options, it’s far splendid to wear the proper cycling footwear, which can clip into the pedals. This not most direct offers you aid and protection from the fast-spinning pedals; however, additionally, more energy and velocity as you get the rush AND the pull forces out of your legs while cycling.

Best Recumbent Trike Reviews – Buying Guide for Recumbent Tricycles

A recumbent trike has grown in recognition as more humans have shifted to the usage of bicycles and tricycles due to the increasing fees of gasoline. A recumbent trike is deemed to be less complicated and safer to use than a conventional tricycle.

Have you ever encounter a bike that rides so low or too close to the floor? Then you may have visible a recumbent motorcycle or trike if it had three wheels rather than.

A recumbent trike has grown to be more and more popular over the past few years. This spike in popularity may be due to some matters. One: many people have realized that recumbent trikes offer a cheaper and different environmentally-friendly way of getting around the metropolis like bicycles. In contrast to a traditional bike, maintaining stability on recumbent trikes is less complicated than on conventional bicycles. The seating function is more excellent secure – just like sitting in a smooth chair. That makes them extra suitable for older adults, heavier individuals, those with handicaps, or everybody who wishes an extra comfy journey.

But what’s a recumbent bicycle or tricycle? The word recumbent relates to the reclined seating role of the motorbike or trike. Cycling lovers virtually call recumbent ‘bents.’

Recumbent Trike Description

A recumbent trike is a tricycle that the rider can lay back to the reclining role to power it. This trike is suitable for folks that need consolation in the driving trike. The frame of the rider is distributed quite simply to the vast vicinity on this trike. Most of the recumbent trike riders pick this trike for ergonomic reasons.

The popularity of the recumbent tricycle has grown over the year. People discover that using a recumbent may be beneficial for them because they could trip it without balance and pain related to a good motorbike. Moreover, this tricycle is more suitable for people who have balance and limb disabilities.

Type and traits of Recumbent Trike

The form of a recumbent trike is likewise similar to a tricycle. There is Tadpole and Delta trike. Tadpole trike has front wheels. Unlike the Tadpole, the Delta trike has two wheels in the rear.

When humans using a recumbent tricycle, they don’t want to disengage from the pedal while stopped. This tricycle capable of being geared very low to maneuver within the excessive street, even mountaineering without dropping balance and balances.

History of Recumbent Trike

A recumbent bicycle is evolved within the late of 18’s century. I can trace it back to the early records of the bicycle. It became developed in many experiments and arrangements. In 1893, the first recumbent was considered a separate class from the bicycle inside the magazine Fliegende Blätter of September 10, 1893. The Fauteuil Velocipede is considered the first genuine recumbent at that time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recumbent Trike

Advantages of Recumbent Trike

There are many advantages to using a recumbent trike. Ask any recumbent tricycle rider, and he’ll probably cite comfort as the principal motive why he’s using this type of tricycle. The design of a recumbent tricycle offers a more herbal and reclined role because you don’t ought to bend your again or pressure your head is achieving for the handlebars.

Because its ergonomic design lets you take a more natural, reclined position while cycling, a recumbent tricycle won’t cause any stress at the palms and wrists. As a result, you could ride the motorcycle or tricycle lots longer.

When you trip a recumbent tricycle, your head takes a more excellent natural and upright role. Not best does this provide you with more desirable visibility while using the tricycle. However, it can also permit you to emerge as extra visually aware of your surroundings. This Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women is particularly critical when driving the recumbent tricycle on a congested street. You can react quickly upon because there’s a vehicle headed toward you.

The low center of gravity that the recumbent tricycle has further makes driving it safe. Not simplest is it less complicated to handle the tricycle, but it also makes it quicker as a way to position your toes down at the ground when you have to, like while creating a full forestall.

Comfortless is the primary motive for people to have this trike. As noted above, it may lay the framework of the rider again. Moreover, they can ride it on the street safer than driving the up-right bicycle or tricycle. It is due to the fact they are at a short distance from the lower ground. Therefore it reduces the consequence of falling.

Riding a recumbent trike is also healthful to your body. In a low recumbent trike, a rider can get some exercise when they are pedaling. On a few recumbent trike models, the rider’s leg is almost the same as the coronary heart position. This Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women can be a bonus on your coronary heart because venous blood will effortlessly go back to your coronary heart.

Some research indicates that riding an upright bicycle can be inflicting greater male impotence because of stress on their perinea nerve using the seat. But, while you are using this recumbent trike, you may now not face this health trouble.

 Disadvantages of Recumbent Trike

Instead of benefits that they could get from driving a recumbent tricycle, there are also dangers of driving those three-wheel motorcycles that need to be stated for the rider.

One is that a recumbent bike charges more significantly than a conventional bike. The identical goes for a recumbent tricycle. You’ll additionally exert extra effort in managing and sporting a recumbent motorcycle, given that it’s miles heavier than a diamond-formed bicycle.

Because a recumbent motorbike or tricycle is more high priced, its parts also are very steeply priced. You’ll be amazed that spare components of recumbent tricycles are very highly priced as these are custom built and not mass-produced.

They will face the visibility issue of the road, busy roadways, and the trike itself. The recumbent rider has low visibility, relatively more significant than the up-proper trike. They might also have a terrible perception of the street because they cannot see the visitors in the long distance. They have to be more careful on the street.

In heavy traffic, recumbent commuters are under the attention degree of many vehicle motive force. Proponents advise featuring the flag, reflective cloth, and lighting to beautify their visibility of the trike on the street.

Buying Guide for Recumbent Tricycles

Now that you have familiarized yourself with recumbent tricycles and the professionals and cons of using them, you might need to know a few guidelines in looking for one. You’d be amazed to study that there are extra than 200 recumbent trikes and motorcycle fashions available these days, with variations in styles, expenses, weight, and luxury degree. It would help if you indeed recognized a way to choose a model that suits your desires.

How a lot does a recumbent value?

As said, recumbent three-wheel bikes are way more luxurious than the conventional diamond fashioned motorcycle or tricycle. Expect to shell out a minimum of $500 for a recumbent motorcycle or tricycle. The access-degree fashions are serviceable and smooth to experience, yet you’ll have to address heavier frames.

The rate may vary depending on different elements, just like the use of extraordinary materials, the speed of the motorcycle, and its weight. More often than no longer, lightweight recumbent motorcycle prices more significant than a heavy model.

You’ll additionally bear in mind your fitness degree. If you’re a casual rider, a motorbike priced underneath $1000 ought to be sufficient to meet your desires. Most of the bikes sold within this charge range are comfortable sufficient. Of direction, you may anticipate those entry-stage recumbent bikes and trikes to accelerate rapidly. But if you are without a doubt looking for one that could be speedy enough to your flavor, put together to spend as a whole lot as $5000 on a recumbent.

Your weight and top should also be considered when you are looking for a recumbent tricycle. Tall humans can trip any fashion of recumbent. But shorter riders might prefer people with a smaller front wheel because it has a decrease seat top and, as a consequence, less challenging to trip.

In case you’re overweight, you’d have to shop for one with a long wheelbase. But in case you match or do no longer have any circulatory problems in your legs, a short wheelbase recumbent must be sufficient for you.

Style of Recumbent Trike

You’d also investigate the fashion of the recumbent. Most recumbent bikes and tricycles are designed to provide maximum consolation to the rider, while there are a few fashions that could deliver advanced overall performance. But there’s additionally a tradeoff, as excessive performance recumbent is not precisely relaxed apart from being very high priced.

Usually, a bike with an excessive backside bracket coupled with a reclined seat is aerodynamic. This way, you could cross quicker with the stated bike or trike. But riding this kind of motorcycle calls for a better talent level. On the other hand, recumbent motorcycles or trikes with lower backside brackets and upright seats are easier to experience, that amateur rider may utilize them. But those fashions don’t have the velocity that aerodynamic trikes or motorcycles have.

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