Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4806

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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4806

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4806 is similar in terms of layout to the Body Champ BRB3558. However, its console gives numerous more functions, which include a BMI calculator and a recuperation function. It’s a bike made for mild cardio exercises and healing education. It’s also a low-priced gadget, currently valued at under $300.

Technical Details and Spec

•        Assembled measurement: 47L x 26W x 48.5H inches (119L x 66W x 123H cm)

•        Weight potential: 220 lbs (100 kg)

•        Assembled weight: 59.4 lbs (27 kg)

•        Seat: Adjustable

•        Pedals: With straps

•        Resistance: Magnetic, 8 levels

•        Console: Time, distance, pace, RPM, energy, pulse, BMI, recovery, dreams, scan

•        Warranty: Frame Three years / Parts one hundred eighty days

Frame creation

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4806 features a metallic body that combines cylindrical, oversized, and rectangular bars. All the steel bars in the frame are powder lined with a corrosion-resistant end; the coloration used is gray, this being the unique color accessible for this workout bike under $500. Of course, the bike’s body additionally has several ABS plastic parts, a number of the maximum splendid being the covers of the pressure and resistance elements.

The motorcycle’s substantial chassis is a one-piece shape for added durability; the maintaining bars of the seat rail is precision-welded to the bottom longitudinal bar. The body functions as a step-thru creation. This unique feature gives less complicated access and goes out, which may be a plus for customers with specific disabilities.

The wholly assembled teacher isn’t huge, as compared to other recumbent exercise bikes, which include the LifeSpan R3i, for instance. It is approx. 47″ (119 cm) lengthy, and 26″ (66 cm) huge, but it’s far encouraged to leave at least ft. of clearance everywhere in the unit for ease of getting right of entry. Also, if you’re wondering, the motorcycle doesn’t fold, nor may it be saved in a vertical position to shop space. Thus, as soon as it’s miles assembled, it stays on the dimensions above.

The bike isn’t hefty, which also can be taken into consideration as a plus. It simplest weighs approx 59 lbs (27 kg). Therefore, it could be carried and assembled by using the handiest one person. Plus, once it is assembled, its shipping is facilitated using its small front wheels.

The motorcycle’s rear base is curved for additional stability. It is likewise prepared with polygonal caps that could rotate, presenting the possibility to level the unit on the uneven ground if it’s the case. It is recommended, though, to the vicinity and use the bike on a rubberized mat.

Seat and handlebars

The Sunny SF-RB4806 capabilities a reasonably comfy seat. Even though the backrest and the chair pad do not integrate air-cellular cushioning, they function as a layer of froth padding that provides the most reliable comfort. Moreover, it is pretty significant, approx 12″ (30.5 cm) long, and 17″ (43 cm) huge, providing lots of contact floor. Also, its upholstery is fabricated from durable vinyl material, silver on the edges, and black at the center sections for both the backrest and the seat.

The seat is adjustable. It is connected to a metal monorail rated for a consumer weight capacity of 220 lbs (100 kg). The adjustment device includes a lever, now not a pop-pin; this means that you may effortlessly adjust the placement of the seat even as seated.

The seat rail affords an adjustment span for an inseam duration among 23″ and 32″ (58 – 81 cm). Therefore, this Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4806 motorbike should be able to provide users among 5’0 and 6’3″ (153 – 190 cm) without a hassle permitting a complete variety of motion.

The backrest can’t adjust independently from the seat. It no longer reclines, nor could it move up and down at the bar it is attached to. However, it is reasonably lengthy, so it offers lots of aid even for taller users.

This Sunny exercise bike is ready with two units of handlebars. One is connected to the front mast; the other is part of the seat assembly. They are each non-adjustable. The seat handlebars characteristic pulse sensors, so by keeping on to them, the motorcycle’s console can monitor your heart charge.

Drive and resistance

The motorcycle’s force machine entails a fringe-weighted flywheel; because of this, the bike offers a constant pedaling motion. As a result, the weight of the inner flywheel isn’t always precise, but considering that the motorcycle’s weight no longer exceeds 60 lbs, the flywheel load shouldn’t be more than 20 lbs (nine kg).

The flywheel is bi-directional; you can pedal in reverse if you need to put a few varieties into your exercises. Also, the console must retain to song your exercise stats even if you pedal in the opposite.

The internal drivetrain functions as a heavy-obligation belt, proof against stretching. As a general concept, a belt drive device comes with several blessings. First of all, it produces much less vibration than a sequence. Second of all, the pedaling motion may be tranquil, nearly wholly silent. And 0.33 of all, it does not require any lubrication.

The Sunny SF-RB4806 is a magnetic workout bike. It integrates a magnetic brake connected to the tension knob determined on the front mast of the motorbike through a metal cable. By utilizing the knob clockwise, the magnetic brake movements towards the flywheel, growing the general resistance and pedaling trouble.

Since the motorcycle’s resistance machine is a guide, you don’t just connect it to an electricity source. Also, the console no longer plays any function in the bike’s resistance adjustment. It doesn’t have any preset packages as it’s miles the case for the motorcycles with a motorized resistance gadget.

There are eight resistance tiers to be had. The first one offers the possibility to adopt light exercising while the top 7-8 settings promote an extra intense schooling regimen.

One closing element to mention right here regards the motorbike’s pedals. They are made of durable nylon cloth and have a steel core. They feature a textured outside for superior adherence and adjustable straps to hold your ft secured in the course of exercising. They are also weighted; consequently, they continually flip face-up if you dispose of your ft from them.


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4806 recumbent exercise bike includes a console that affords a few extra capabilities over a fundamental unit. To start with, it has an LCD divided into numerous subsections to expose multiple exercise metrics without delay? It tracks time, distance, speed, RPM, energy, and pulse. Speed and distance are proven in imperial gadgets (MPH and miles). However, the entirety is not telemetric, so it could most effectively study your pulse thru the sensors within the seat handlebars.

The console does presently not have any preset applications. However, you can pick goals for time, distance, energy, and pulse. Once a goal is chosen, it will countdown from it until it reaches 0. So, for example, if you pick out a goal for your pulse, once your pulse arrives at the selected target, the console will release a beeping sound to inform you.

An experiment function is available for the unit. If selected, the top larger show will display all the exercising metrics in a chain; every metric will remain on-screen for 6 seconds. By pressing Mode, you can pick any of the workout metrics to be proven on the top display all of the time, apart from Speed and RPM, which always continue to be on a 6 sec. Collection.

The console unit also has a Recovery purpose and a Body Mass Index feature. The Recovery feature measures the time required with the aid of your heart to bring your pulse to be expected after the workout. The result will provide you with a score between F1 (The Best) and F6 (The Worst). In this manner, you could make a concept of your new fitness stage. The BMI feature determines your frame fats percentage primarily based on your peak, weight, gender, and age.

The unit is battery-powered. It calls for AA batteries. In idle Mode, it displays room temperature, date, and clock. It wakes up while you start pedaling or when you press the Mode button.

The console makes available two other splendid features. First, its top section has a sticky label which presentations a grid with the coronary heart fee zones that you need to intention for relying on your age, as a way to benefit from the higher aerobic output, fat burn, and so forth. Like many other machines, this is a plus most effectively display this grid in their manuals so that you typically don’t have it handy during a workout. Second, and subsequently, a tablet holder is likewise integrated. This accent is located above its LCD show, so if you placed your smartphone or tablet on it, it wouldn’t block the view of your workout metrics.

Assembly and Maintenance

The primary frame of the motorcycle with all of the pressure and resistance elements comes pre-assembled. Therefore, you most effectively want to connect the two base bars, the front trunk, the forward handlebars, the seat the console,  with the two pillows and its handlebars, the pedals, and join the resistance cable. This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4806 shouldn’t take more than one hour. All the essential gear is included, and the guide provides clean assembly commands.

All the inner parts are pre-lubricated from the factory and shouldn’t want any renovation for the long term. Therefore, once the unit is assembled, you most effectively need to check for free bolts and elements occasionally.

The Pros

•        Sturdy frame creation;

•        Adjustable stabilizers at the rear base;

•        Transport wheels on the front base;

•        Step-via body layout for clean get entry to the seat;

•        Seat handlebars with pulse sensors;

•        Front handlebars included;

•        Cushioned seat and backrest;

•        Lever-based seat adjustment gadget totally;

•        Quiet magnetic resistance gadget;

•        Adjustable resistance supplying exceptional eight degrees;

•        Weighted pedals with adaptable leashes;

•        Exercise meter that can track time, RPM, distance, speed, energy, and pulse;

•        Goal frameworks for time, distance, pulse, and calories;

•        Body Mass Index characteristic;

•        Recovery function;

•        Tablet holder covered;

•        Fairly smooth to assemble;

•        Little to no preservation required;

•        Decent assurance.

The Cons

•        No backlight at the console;

•        No bottle rack.


The Sunny SF-RB4806 is a recumbent exercise bike made for domestic use, offering a guide magnetic resistance system, an accessible seat, and a console that tracks the maximum vital workout metrics. It additionally has a BMI and a Recovery function. Thus, it’s a bike for light cardio exercise, recovery schooling, stamina development, muscle firming, and weight loss. It’s also a low-cost instructor, presenting tremendous cost for the price.

Beginner’s Guide: Recumbent Bike

Alright, so you stuck me on one of my favorite cardio equipment pieces: the recumbent bike. Here I discuss the subject, “Beginner’s Guide: Recumbent Bike” A lot of motives why I love this machine: Let me begin with a pair of significant ones. A lot of the interest we do on our feet, that’s known as “floor base”: going for walks, trekking, basketball, tennis, all of those things are on the forces of gravity, and that they’re genuinely appropriate for us, but if we do that every one the time, especially with our cardio inside the gym, the one’s styles begin to get overloaded.

We call it “pattern overload,” and they can jeopardize our joints. What’s stunning approximately this motorbike is that it takes us out of the constraints of gravity. It unloads those joints, so it’s undoubtedly correctly for human beings with knee, ankle, or hip issues. And it’s an excellent complement for people who might be high-quality active. It’s a straightforward setup in this; that’s the other factor I love. It’s pointed, in reality. One, there’s a foot strap: make sure it’s secure. Get your foot all the manner up on the pedal.

Ball of the foot’s on that pedal, after which it’s your seat adjustment. Usually, there’s a deal with. You recognize you’re inside the right spot when your knee’s just a little bit bent while that pedal’s all the manner extended. And you’ve got some freedom with how some distance you go together with that. Make it your own.

All the numbers are going to return up. The best one you want to fear about is the extent of resistance that you want. This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4806 has 1-20. I’m going to head as much as 7 for myself right now, and I’m going to take a few minutes to feel my manner via this, see the way it feels in my legs, how it feels in my lungs, permit myself to adapt to the exercising.

Great for a heat-up. Great for a cool-down. Great for aerobic. Now, speak me approximately aerobic, in case your cardio inside the fitness center is usually executed in any such way that we could communicate like this with every other without an issue in sharing communique. Our aerobic wasn’t pretty, doing all that it can for us. We want to get it to a place in which on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the toughest) or around is 6 or 7 so that if you wanted to talk to me,

I’d say, “Hold on one second. I’m just pushing a bit.” And then I might relax and have the ability to talk to you. That is so exact to your coronary heart fitness and your typical frame on your mental health. We need that during your cardio, so that is an exquisite vicinity to begin, friendly for the joints, and friendly for you to your cardio, terrific effective.

Should I buy a recumbent exercising motorbike?

Have you ever requested your self, “Should I purchase a recumbent exercise motorcycle?”

If you want to work out but no longer have a lot of time to go to the gym, one of the alternatives at your disposal is shopping for a recumbent exercising motorbike.

Most humans are but torn between deciding on this sort of bike instead of the everyday upright bicycle. Some generally tend to expect that one is more effective than the alternative.

Though making the proper selection regarding motorcycles isn’t always clean, you should perform a little research and most effectively use the great bike, so you are motivated to preserve your fitness habitually.

If you’re questioning if the recumbent workout motorbike is the right one for you, our dialogue assists you in finding out.

We will no longer tell you what this bike is all approximately; however, additionally, provide you with info on how it can benefit you.

At the end of this discussion, you ought to understand how a recumbent exercise motorbike differs from a good motorcycle and which one is first-rate for you.

What is a recumbent exercising motorbike?

Bikes preserve on getting better every day because of the advancement of technology.  Research famous that biking is one of the best varieties of exercising that everyone must attempt.

This specific motorbike locations you in a laid again a role in which you journey it as your backrests effectively.

Nowadays, a maximum of the health centers and gymnasiums have recumbent exercising bikes. You can also buy this bike and use it to train indoors if you don’t have the time for fitness center lessons.

This bike has an exclusive layout in comparison to the upright motorcycle. Though recumbent exercise motorcycles are available for everybody, they are greater appropriate for folks who body issues.

The recumbent exercise motorcycles are available in one-of-a-kind configurations. You can both select one that has a quick or lengthy wheelbase. Some of them even include three wheels.

What are the benefits of a recumbent workout motorcycle?

Before you make investments your cash in a recumbent exercise motorbike, you need to apprehend how it will let you and how it differs from the ordinary upright bike.

They are weighing the merits and demerits of every kind of bike to select the appropriate one. For example, most humans find the recumbent workout bike relaxed because it is more accessible at the lower back.

The manner you sit on the motorbike complements the positioning of the lumbar backbone.

Unlike the excellent motorcycle, which makes you stoop over its handlebars, a recumbent workout motorcycle encourages you to preserve a proper spinal posture.

Since the bike is also clean on the joints, humans with arthritis can use it effortlessly. In addition, it comes with a bucket seat, which helps your decrease back correctly.

The ankles and knees are secure from any shape of harm.

You will even word some distinction about the seat of a good motorcycle compared to that of the recumbent exercising bike. The 2nd bike has a larger seat, which will increase support.

Most riders tend to find a shorter seat hard on the back. It would help if you didn’t preserve on setting a pillow at the seat before starting your workout by deciding on the recumbent workout motorcycle.

Using an upright bike shows you the threat of accidents while you trip it during status.

Choosing a recumbent exercising motorcycle, alternatively, is more secure because you don’t need to journey it simultaneously as standing up on its pedals.

If you’ve got a neurological situation, you may experience a low impact exercising through the use of the recumbent workout bike. This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4806 allows you to keep a match without making you stress a lot.

It additionally prevents you from ache and facilitates you to build strength. You get to keep a reclining position as your weight gets allotted over the back and you’re in the back of.

Most folks who use this bike are worried about the quantity of energy they could burn from its usage. As a result, some generally expect that a good motorcycle is more excellent than a recumbent exercising motorbike.

Though both bikes have their merits, you could still burn the same quantity of calories from selecting either motorcycle. It is viable to lose weight as you operate the recumbent exercise motorcycle.

You most effectively want to be constant to your workout and paintings complex, an excellent way to see the desired results. The motorcycle additionally comes with all the valuable features that grow efficiency.

How must you pick a recumbent workout motorcycle?

Now that you realize how this bike can advantage you, you want to learn how to choose the correct version. Unfortunately, the distinct fashions available can be overwhelming for a novice.

Start by thinking about the quantity of space you have got in your house or health club. Most beginners get overexcited about the unique fashions. So they forget about attending to the space they have again domestic.

There is no want to shop for a recumbent exercising motorbike that cannot fit your apartment. However, more extensive recumbent exercising motorcycles are taken into consideration to be extra cozy in comparison to smaller ones.

They tend to offer room for people with distinct body styles and sizes. So as you start purchasing a perfect recumbent exercise bike, it would help if you had finances in the region.

The market offers each reasonably-priced and steeply-priced recumbent workout motorcycles. One of the reasons why these bikes range in costs is because of the to-be had capabilities.

You need to weigh your budget in opposition to the top vital features to pick a recumbent exercising motorbike that fits your every want.

If you want a less expensive model, search for one that does not lack the primary functions, including a great LCD screen that can show essential information, exceptional tension stages, and high-quality programs.

Some expensive models function as expensive facilities like a desk to region your pc or a mag rack.


Start your health adventure by adding a desk-bound motorcycle to your gymnasium collection. A recumbent exercising motorbike would be a keen desire, especially when you have troubles with your knees or joints.

It offers you a comfy resting function as you figure it out. Since this is total life funding, making the proper selection is vital.

Focus on the capabilities and benefits of this sort of bike and determine if this is what you want.

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