Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike

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Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike

The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike is essentially a more recent model of the X-Class 310SX model. However, it has the identical frame production with a stepped forward console with 24 exercise applications that are like-minded with the myCloudFitness app. Although it’s now not advertised as a business-grade bike, it gives the comfort and durability of at least a light-industrial version.

Key Features and Spec

•        Assembled dimensions: 60.5L x 34.5W x 47.5H inches (154L x 88W x 121H cm)

•        Supported weight: 325 lbs (147.4 kg)

•        Handlebars: Non-adjustable

•        Seat: Air-mobile cushioning, 2-manner adjustable

•        Pedals: Weighted, with straps

•        Resistance: Eddy modern-day, 24 levels

•        Console: 24 preset packages, Bluetooth, myCloudFitness well suited

•        Amenities: Tablet holder, bottle holder, accessory trays

•        Warranty: Frame 5 years / Parts 1 year

Frame production

The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL features a heavy-obligation steel body. It combines oversized, cylindrical, and square tubes with numerous ABS covers for additional protection and cultured contact. As we’ve noted above, the motorbike has a creation just like various industrial motorcycles, which includes the NordicTrack VR21, for instance. Its substantial chassis is a one-piece component with precision-welded joints, an issue that is reflected in the general sturdiness of the motorcycle as well.

The Recumbent Exercise Bike is rated for a weight potential of 325 lbs (147 kg). It additionally weighs extra than ninety lbs (41 kg), imparting advanced stability.

Speaking of balance, the rear base of the motorcycle is prepared with two huge, adjustable levelers which rest on rubberized pads. There is likewise an auxiliary stabilizer at the center of the body. Therefore, you could flawlessly stage the unit on any ground. Furthermore, the front base functions as a hard and fast delivery wheel while the rear base integrates lifting take care of. These facilitate the relocation of the bike. Also, the body segment beneath the seat is prepared with an ABS tray which can function as a guide for various add-ons, like your phone, earplugs, remote control, or water bottle.

All the steel tubes within the motorbike’s production are covered with a corrosion-resistant end. The shade used is grey, which is the most effective color for this motorbike version. The most specific exception is the seat rail meeting that is manufactured from stainless steel.

The wholly assembled motorbike is relatively large compared to different models. It is approx. 60.5″ (154 cm) lengthy, and 34.5″ (88 cm) huge. It is likewise encouraged to depart at least feet of clearance on every facet of the motorcycle and at least one foot of clearance on the front and rear for ease of getting right of entry.

One ultimate vital aspect that we have to say right here regards the unit’s step-via design. This Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike can be quite a plus for customers with specific disabilities. Due to the fact which you don’t just step over the primary frame of the motorbike, as is the case for the BodyCraft R200, for example, the site at the seat and the site of your toes at the pedals can be finished considerably less complicated.

Seat and handlebars

The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike features an equal seat because the X-Class 310SX. It is approx. 15″ (38 cm) huge, presenting lots of touch floor. The seat pad combines a thick layer of excessive-density foam at the bottom and a layer of air-cellular cushions on the pinnacle. This shape is not the handiest that ends in superior comfort; it facilitates the even dispersion of your weight, improving breathability. In addition, the seat cushion has a durable vinyl weave on top, which additionally improves breathability.

The backrest functions as a mesh structure, much like various office chairs. It is contoured, elastic, and gives fantastic lumbar aid. In addition, the mesh structure offers maximum breathability so that you won’t overheat throughout the workout.

The whole seat assembly is adjustable. It is hooked up to a heavy-duty chrome steel rail and maybe moved comfortably nearer or further from the pedals. The seat rail highlights several adjustment positions and might accommodate customers between 5’0″ and 6’3″ (153 – 190 cm).

It is crucial to mention that the backrest is directly connected to the seat meeting; you can’t adjust it independently from the relaxation of the seat. It does no longer recline, nor could it be set better or lower.

The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL doesn’t possess any handlebars on the front, attached to the console mast. But then again, the ones attached to the seat assembly remind me of the armrest of an armchair. The two side armrests characteristic cushioned pads with the same vinyl weave on the pinnacle as the seat. The front grips are barely inclined forward and feature ball grips at the pinnacle. They also integrate pulse sensors.

Resistance and power

The X-Class 450SL exercise motorbike is geared up with a motorized magnetic resistance gadget. This approach calls for an outside electricity source. Also, the console can car-alter the resistance depending on the application in use.

The motorcycle’s resistance system consists of an internal servo motor and a magnetic brake. As you pick a tension stage from the console, the motor adjusts the placement of the brake about the flywheel, growing or lowering the resistance.

There are 24 stages of resistance available in this motorbike. The first few tiers supply mild pedaling trouble, tremendous for recovery education or low-depth cardio schooling. Conversely, the resistance settings from 20-24 packages offer the possibility to educate on a better level, simulating a hill climb.

The weight of the inner flywheel isn’t always targeted. However, thinking about the motorcycle’s average weight probably weighs 20 lbs (nine kg) or greater. It is a balanced flywheel designed to implement a smooth pedaling movement. It also permits reverse pedaling; however, coasting on the motorcycle isn’t feasible. The pedals retain to spin for as great as the flywheel is spinning, mainly if a decrease degree of resistance is selected.

Like most other exercising motorcycles with a magnetic resistance gadget, the X-Class 450SL uses a belt transmission. However, this Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike stated that you don’t need to worry about its lubrication. Also, it generates substantially much less vibration than a chain.

Last but now not least, the motorbike is equipped with a durable crankset featuring steel crank palms. The pedals have a weighted design; this indicates they usually flip face-up while removing your toes from them. They’re a product of durable nylon fabric; they have got a non-slip floor and adjustable straps.


The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL workout motorbike includes a mid-variety console featuring a multi-window LCD show with an LED backlight. It tracks distance, total distance, time, velocity, RPM, watts, and pulse. Regarding the pulse reading characteristic, it can track your coronary heart rate via the sensors combined into the handgrips, but it is also telemetric. This manner may tune your pulse via a Wi-Fi chest strap, but this accent is not covered.

The console has integrated Bluetooth technology. With this method, you can sync it with your pill or cellphone and song your development online or plan each exercise via the unfastened myCloudFitness app. This app is convenient for IOS and Android.

Nonetheless, if you don’t need to apply the net characteristic, the console has its personal 24 exercise packages to preserve your prompt. Each program has its personal specific; the list consists of applications for weight reduction, c program language period training, hill mountain climbing, or programs that require you to preserve within a given heart price c program language period. You can also pick desires for time, distance, and energy burned.

A Recovery characteristic is likewise to be had. This program has its button on the console. It includes how long it takes your pulse to return to regular after the exercising and based on the result, and it will provide you a fitness score among F1 (excellent) and F6 (bad).

Finally, the console does now not have a sound gadget or a cooling fan. However, it does combine a tablet holder.

Assembly and Maintenance

Most of the motorcycle’s frame comes pre-assembled, with the primary drive and resistance elements already of their area. However, you still need to connect the 2 base bars, the seat factors, the console mast, the console, the accent trays, and the pedals. Thus, this Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike may additionally take more significance than an hour. However, the included manual offers obvious meeting commands, and a primary toolkit is likewise blanketed.

Once the bike is assembled, you ought not to fear too much approximately maintenance. All you have to do is preserve the unit quickly, keep liquids far from the console, and periodically take a look at unfastened bolts. The internal mechanism doesn’t want lubrication.

The Pros

•        Light-industrial production – can preserve users up to 325 lbs;

•        Aesthetic layout;

•        Transport wheels on the front base;

•        Adjustable stabilizers at the rear base and middle;

•        Air Soft cushioned seat;

•        Cushioned armrests;

•        Ball grips;

•        Mesh backrest supplying advanced airflow, perfect for extended workouts;

•       Adjustable seat – can support users between 5’0″ and 6’3″;

•        Pulse sensors integrated into the handgrips;

•        Weighted pedals, with adjustable straps;

•        Smooth and quiet belt power gadget, and superb device for condo use;

•        Automatic magnetic resistance device;

•        24 excellent resistance tiers;

•        24 preset workouts;

•       Bluetooth function and adaptability with the myCloudFitness free app for IOS and Android;

•        Goal settings for time, distance, and calories;

•        Telemetric console (works with wireless soul rate transmitters);

•        Improving test characteristic;

•        Tablet holder blanketed;

•        Accessory tray protected;

•        Bottle holder covered;

•        Little upkeep required;

•        Fairly easy to assemble.

The Cons

•        A pill placed at the pill holder will partly cover the console show;

•        HR chest strap isn’t protected;

•        No front handlebars.


The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL is a heavy-responsibility recumbent motorcycle that excels in consolation, presenting an Air Soft cushioned seat with a screen backrest and cushioned armrests. It’s prepared with a 24-stage motorized magnetic resistance system and a console with 24 preset exercise packages. It is. Likewise, Bluetooth enabled and compatible with the myCloudFitness app. It’s a splendid exercise bike for mild to medium-depth aerobic training, restoration education, periods, stamina development, and weight loss.

How do I pick a recumbent exercise bike?

Things to recognize before shopping for a recumbent workout bike

The recumbent exercise motorbike is an incumbent motorcycle wherein the rider could be positioned within the laid-again function simultaneously as using it. This comfortable indoor bike has won loads of reputation among all stages of athletes within the closing a long time. What is unique about a recumbent workout motorbike is that it’s relaxed and easy to use for individuals with again trouble and can’t do outdoor cycling, indoor spin motorcycle, or upright bike.

Benefits of recumbent workout motorbike

Indoor recumbent exercising motorcycles are constructed. The user sits on a seat decrease towards the ground with the legs in the front and a relaxed backrest, unlike other bicycles where your legs come below you.

All indoor and outdoor bicycles have several advantages in not unusual (burning energy/offering cardiovascular exercise, additionally called cardio exercising, that will help you live fit and healthful), however further to cardiovascular workout, the recumbent workout bike presents comfort and protection to the again and joints.

•        Recumbent bikes make use of the muscle groups in the legs and thighs and assist in toning your legs and glutes, advantage self-belief and expanded power, and is also a rehabilitation exercising to assist older adults in combining the sit-and-stand motion.

•        Recumbent cycling is safer than good biking and spinning due to the large seat, backrest, and lower ground.

•        Low effect workout on knees and hips, unlike many physical activities that strain your decrease body and again.

Things to realize earlier than shopping for a terrific indoor recumbent exercising motorcycle

Recumbent motorbike weight and peak capacity

It’s always better to have broader alternatives in top and weight, particularly if someday you decide to promote it or let someone else use your recumbent motorcycle.

Adjustable seat and backrest

The recumbent exercise motorcycle is famous for being secure and instead advocated for people with again issues because using the spin motorcycle or upright bike can place an excessive amount of strain on them, frequently with the result of discouraging to start with committed customers. So, it’s essential to make sure it’s each adjustable and has a soft seat. Preferably, the backrest is a mesh to let the air flow into your back at the same time as cycling.


When shopping for recumbent exercising motorcycles inside the UK or US, Heavy flywheels and preferably perimeter-weighted flywheels are better for experiencing an avenue sense-momentum.


Go for an extended strong assurance covering each frame and all parts of your recumbent motorbike, especially electric-powered parts.

Step via layout for handy mounting and dismounting

It may not be as large of a deal for a few at the same time as for a few customers; it’s critical as they couldn’t raise their legs across the bike. Stepping thruway that, you could stroll onto the motorbike and, without any trouble, take a seat at the seat (just as you would take a seat on a chair) instead of lifting your leg and go it over the motorbike.

Backlit LCD and laptop/pill holder

When using the indoor recumbent bike, you would be leaning backward and a bit some distance from the show screen, so if it’s no longer backlit, it might be a chunk hard to peer the development of your exercise. Keep additionally in mind that every so often you may need to use the motorbike in dark light. Most indoor recumbent bikes include a second display holder so you can put your smartphone, pill, or even pc to look at a film. However, it’s continually better to test that and make sure it has this beneficial characteristic.

Preset programs

I love preset packages, specifically if there are types apart from only some options. Some recumbent motorcycles under $1000 come with tens of preset packages that keep you influenced and challenged; it’s something you would sincerely admire throughout the paddling session.


It’s verified that magnetic tension resistance offers you a smoother journey, so it’s higher to look for a recumbent motorcycle with this option. Preferably recumbent motorcycles in Canada or the United States include electromagnetic resistance as they may be greater specific and green.

Cooling fan and speaker

Some fashions, frequently not those recumbent bikes under $500, come with a cooling fan to hold the consumer cool and a set of high-quality speakers to hook up with your device and concentrate on the song. The cooling fan comes in many stage speeds, and the more its miles, the higher.

Bluetooth and USB connectivity

It’s critical to ensure your recumbent bike comes with USB and Bluetooth in case you want to stay connected for your devices to upload and download statistics or, without a doubt, rate your device while being attentive to it.

What muscle tissues do a recumbent bike work?

Cycling a recumbent bike gives you excellent aerobic exercise. This Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike is clean and smooth on your body. Plus, it also offers the threat for a few resistance training. Mainly, while you set the pedaling resistance at a high degree, then you could see vast effects over numerous muscle tissue organizations of your body. Such as for your calves, thighs, leg muscle tissues, and buttocks, and many others. Riding a recumbent motorbike gives you nicely subtle muscle mass because it calls for a steady effort with no bump. So, a recumbent motorbike is ideal for firming your muscle tissues, weight reduction, and leaning your body. Now nowadays, we will talk about what muscle groups do recumbent motorcycles work with?

The recumbent motorcycle:

It is a desk-bound exercise motorcycle with a bucket seat and a backrest. The pedals are established in front of your frame. So that you stay in a horizontal role on every occasion, you exercise on the motorcycle. This Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike takes to the additional air stress from your decrease back and averts you from reclining so that you can training session for an extended length on your bike with total balance.

What muscle does a recumbent exercise bike target?

The workout motorcycle firstly works out the most critical of all muscle of our frame; this is the heart. Cycling a recumbent motorcycle has many fitness advantages. Such as improving your patience and stamina, a perfect recreation for weight loss, building muscle tissues, and so forth. So, this bike permits you to construct up muscle groups and goal-specific regions of your frame. One of the most extraordinary facets of a recumbent motorcycle is choosing and adjusting your muscle groups to exercise. Thus, the extra the pedaling resistance of your motorcycle, the more your muscle groups get labored on, and so that you broaden more fantastic muscle tissues.

Along with the heart, the recumbent motorbike additionally works first off at the legs, thigh muscles, butts, and then the abdominals and back muscular tissues.

Lower part frame muscle tissue:

Quadriceps: It is the muscle that runs alongside the front of your thigh or femur bone. The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Recumbent Bike acts as knee extensors. As a result, quadriceps are constantly working while you are pedaling the motorcycle.

Gluteal muscle tissues: The muscular tissues that compose your butt are known as gluteal muscles or glutes. We have 3 glutes (huge, medium, and small buttocks). It also allows you to transport your motorbike—the glutes paintings with the hip to rotate your thigh even as biking.

Hamstrings: It is located at the lower back of the top thighs. These muscle tissues are the opposing muscle tissues institution of the quadriceps. Their fundamental characteristic is to flex the knee. It permits the knee to bend at the same time as pedaling the workout bike.

Calf muscle: The calf is situated on the lower part of the legs, below the knees. You work on the principal calf muscle named gastrocnemius while using a recumbent motorbike. It enables you to boost your heel and amplify your ankle so you can pedal while the knee is straight. The soleus is a minor calf muscle that boosts the heel to cycle the bike while your knee is bent.

Upper element body muscular tissues:

Abdominals: The bucket seat and leg perspective position inside the recumbent motorbike boosts your decrease belly muscular tissues to work while cycling. You will enjoy your decrease abs operating a chunk more challenging if you fix your leg angle function in the pedal direction. A strong middle balances your body and helps you provide strength from your quads while pushing against the pedals.

Arm muscle tissues: The biceps and triceps are the front and back muscle of the arm. Exercise bike function arm crank that uses many upper extremity muscular tissues. The biceps assist in dragging the manage toward the body, and the triceps facilitate pushing it far away from the body.

Back muscle mass: The quadrates lumbered muscle and iliopsoas assist in maintaining your function and supporting your spine.

The muscle tissues at the upper part of your frame also are running even as riding the recumbent motorcycle. But pretty much less in assessment to legs, thighs, calves, and buttocks.

How long it takes to accumulate muscular tissues on a recumbent exercise bike?

Getting beautiful skinny legs or the best buttocks are the dreams of many. However, you may get it overnight. For that, you have to work out frequently and be steady. You are probable to peer the outcomes inside a few weeks. If you want to maintain tune with your muscle tissue evolution, you may use a body fats scale.

Generally, you’ll begin seeing the consequences of your exercise at approximately 4 to 6 weeks. You will note your legs, thigh, and buttocks have become more company. Plus, your workout will start to sense a great deal more straightforward after 4 to 6 weeks. So, after 6 weeks, exercise on an equal tempo but increase your period and depth for a fantastic result.

In 2 to 3 months, you’ll note that your thighs, buttocks, and legs have become an awful lot firm and more muscular than ever before. You will also see your fat mass has decreased and muscle groups have expanded a lot. As a result, your body will obtain an athletic shape.


A workout motorbike could be precise exercising equipment for you. Because it’s miles mild on all of your joints, easier on decrease backs has large seats, and commonly secure. Plus, now you know what muscle tissues do in a recumbent motorbike painting. So, I wish you could easily decide whether you can purchase one or not. Thanks for studying.


Description: A recumbent motorbike is very effective in working and firming various muscle agencies of your body. So, examine out what muscle tissue does a recumbent motorbike painting.

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