Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike

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Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike

The Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike comes at an excellent price and accurate recognition too. It indeed allows you to get into shape without spending a fortune on equipment or fitness center fees.

It is an easy recumbent bike with most spartan primary consoles coming as an extra. Fan motorcycles can give you perfect low effect aerobic. The quicker you pedal, the higher resistance you push against as nicely exercising each of your legs and arms simultaneously.

There is an excellent opportunity to like approximately the bike, with it seeming to provide all you need for schooling and operating out within the comfort of your home.

In our evaluation, we undergo just what to expect, what it could do, and what it can’t so you can determine if that is the right bike that allows you to get your workouts to help you obtain your health goals.


The Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike frame is made from metal and affords an excellent strong base for low effect aerobic exercises. People of all ages and expertise can use it.

It doesn’t rock or wobble even as you pedal. You don’t feel like it’s miles going to tip you off so that you can get on along with your workouts.

The frame has been powder-lined to assist it from rusting. From customers enjoy with the bike, it’s miles durable and provides many years of loose problem exercises.

The frame warranty is 2 years, a set average for workout bikes under $500 in this fee variety.

To save you rocking on choppy surfaces, there are 2 levelers on the lower back help bar you use to level up the motorcycle for a solid platform.

Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike Adjustability

can move the seat up and down to accommodate a ramification of various heights. It may be diminished to 29 inches off the ground and risen to forty-one inches off the ground. As a rule of thumb, the seat ought to be stage along with your hip, but it does also rely upon getting it, so your leg is slightly bent when fully extended on the pedal.

It can suit people among 5 toes 1 ins and 6 feet 3 ins primarily based on client comments, even though taller humans find they need to lean down to hold the handlebars and don’t extend out sufficient for a complete top frame exercise.

It can most effectively move the seat vertically; can adjust it horizontally. This Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike can result in the gap from the seat to handlebars being too close or too long, causing you to feel cramped or stretching extra than you have to when handlebars are at their furthest point.

The adjustment is fast and easy to do so that multiple customers of various heights may utilize it. You release the lock knob and pull it out and flow the pole to the dimensions at the pole. Then release the lock knob, which fits the pin into the preset hollow. You then tighten it back up in a location to preserve it securely.

The preset holes are approximately 1 – 1/2 inches apart so that you may additionally grow to be with the feeling of slightly too high or slightly too low because the quality suit may be in among.


Resistance is supplied through the fan wheel pushing in opposition to the air as you turn it with the pedals and handlebars. The quicker you go, the more resistance there may be – it is going up/down constantly based on the speed you gain.

It isn’t always possible to alternate the resistance with a spin motorcycle using a resistance knob. If you need this kind of training or exercise, you are higher with a spin motorcycle.

You do get a breeze flowing on your decrease frame and for your face. It does boom as you’d expect the faster you pedal; however, it isn’t that much more of a breeze than a gale – it does assist in preserving your cool while it’s hot or while you’ve been working hard. It may be a touch cold when you first begin in the wintry weather; however, it doesn’t take long before you’re grateful.

Drive Type

The motorbike has a belt power with a chain for supplying tension to hold the belt tight to prevent it from slipping as you pedal. It is quiet and requires no renovation for the maximum component (besides the consumer rankings underneath). After use for several years, the belt will spread and need replacing.

The fan motor, handlebars, and pedals are all linked, so they all move collectively, or they’re all stopped. There is no capacity to freewheel. Stopping is achieved by lightly pushing again on the pedals and handlebars – it doesn’t take an excessive amount because the fan wheel isn’t weighted.


The pedals are like popular pedals with a strap to tighten your feet in location. They are designed for well-known athletic shoes, most straightforward.

When you need a top frame exercise, you could rest your feet on the footrests on the forks to hold them out of the manner of the pedals.

When you want a lower body workout, you may either rest your arms on the handlebars or relaxation them at your face.


Seat. Like all motorbike kind seats, numerous people find it very uncomfortable, and some human beings discover it appropriate. If you’re new to driving, you can try a gel seat cowl and padded motorcycle shorts that may assist with assuaging the strain on the sit-down bones. It simply takes time to acquire used to it (however, not all do find this).

The seat is fixed in the area using three bolts, so it may be tilted (until you operate washers – not supplied) as you might with a motorcycle seat. This Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike also makes it difficult to update without editing the bike or shopping for additional adapter elements to accommodate other more “comfortable” seats.

Noise. The most significant supply of noise is the fan wheel. It will appear like an electric fan and get louder the quicker you pedal. In all likelihood, you’ll need to turn up the TV to listen to it, and people in the next room may also hear it but no longer clear to a degree this is demanding. Also, at night time, it could be loud sufficient to keep humans awake; however, if you’re family aren’t light sleepers, you could break out with it.

Handlebars. The handlebars are in a movement when the pedals and fan wheel are transferring. It isn’t viable to forestall them shifting. The handles have a foam rubber overlaying. This Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike is comfortable on the hands, prevents blisters, and forestalls them from slipping once they get moist from sweat. Some people locate that the variety of movement isn’t always as long as they need. They don’t quite get the full extension inside the arms needed for a full higher body workout – mainly taller humans locate this.

Dust and Dirt. The bike is exceptionally smooth; however, the fan wheel does blow dust around. There can be some lubricant that drops from the motorcycle, but it should be minimal. The most significant trouble is likely to be sweat from the rider once they push themselves difficult. It will land on the motorbike and ground. It is a superb concept to wipe the motorcycle right down to forestall the corrosive effects of sweat adverse the motorbike. To save you harm to the ground, it’s excellent to put the motorbike on a rubber workout mat.


This Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike is a pretty compact piece of equipment with a footprint of 25 by way of 45 INS, permitting it to be healthy in most houses and apartments. It can also be suit into a large closet while not in use.

There are 2 shipping wheels at the front stabilizer bar that you can tip the motorbike on to when you need to transport the motorbike. They are freewheeling and keep most of the bike’s weight, making it easy to move the bike on most surfaces such as carpet besides for people with a deep pile.

The delivery wheels are close together, just on either side of the fan wheel. You do want to be cautious that the motorcycle doesn’t overbalance as you round corners and tip over because of the wheels staying close together.

With a bit of care, this shouldn’t be a trouble however is more likely to occur than those bikes in which the wheels are further aside.

It is recommended within the instructions that 2 human beings are needed to flow the bike – this will decrease the chance of it falling over as you pass it.


The motorcycles come in the main assembled, leaving you with the activity to complete this (it makes it cheaper and easier to supply).

It May complete in less than an hour, The instructions are clear, and the gear wished for the process is protected.

It is an awful lot easier than kitset furniture. The hardware has been blanketed in packets that might be numbered using the step they’re wished for, stopping the frustration of running out which bolt/nut is wanted.

The body, force, crank, and flywheel are collected when you get hold of it. You are obligated to add the handlebars, seat pole, seat, pedals, and console.


The motorcycle comes with a console with a good length display that makes it clean to peer the measures as you trip. It displays time, pace, RPM, distance, and calories.

At the pinnacle half of the show, it scans through the measures every 6 seconds while in a lively mode which is easy to peer. Along with the lowest show’s lowest, the measures are proven to be small and tricky to peer when you’re operating out.

Distance and speed are in miles.

The measurements are approximate best, so they are desirable for assessment purposes rather than to be taken as gospel.

When it’s the far idle mode, it shows the date, time, and temperature.

The console is on a pole that facilitates raising it towards your eye line, so you don’t want to bend your head to look at it. The screen is not backlit, making it hard to study while using low or poor light conditions.

The rotating thru the numbers do make it tough to apply for interval education as it is the handiest on time for 6 seconds; consequently, if you intend to use it for periods, you want to locate some other manner to time them.

The console uses 2 AA batteries which might install again. It is predicted that the batteries will close in three months.

It doesn’t include preset exercises or the potential to set your very own. There is no manner to record your workouts robotically either on the gadget or add to an account. Keep the music of your effects and progress calls for using a magazine or spreadsheet or manual inputting right into a health account.


The dimensions and weight of the motorbike are:

Height 47.5 INS

Width 25 INS

Length 45 INS

Bike Weight eighty-two lbs

Max User Weight three hundred lbs


There are not any accessories for the motorbike, no longer even a water bottle holder. If you need water near handy at the same time as your journey, you’ll want to join your holder or experience close to the table.

There is nowhere to location your MP3, pill, or an e-book, and if this is something you want, you need to return up for your very own because the agency doesn’t offer any of those add-ons.

The proprietor’s guide doesn’t offer any coaching on setting the bike for the fine using form and comfort. Also, it doesn’t encompass any steering on how to get the fine out of the motorbike, for example, workout routines or even well-known guidelines. Fortunately, there is steering that can discover online on the internet and YouTube.


•        Quick and clean to assemble

•        Provides a terrific strong base for workouts that all ages may use

•        Low affect exercises that exercising the whole body

•        You can choose to exercise the decrease frame or higher body

•        People of diverse heights can use the motorbike because of the brief and straightforward technique of changing the seat peak

•        Console has massive numbers which are easy to see at the same time as you experience (top a part of the show)

•        It is the correct value for the fee


•        Can’t adjust the seat horizontally to deliver you nearer or similarly far from handlebars as required for a cozy experience

•        Many human beings find the seat uncomfortable. It isn’t possible to trade seat without making changes to how a seat fits onto the motorcycle or the use of an adaptor

•        You can’t lock the handlebars in the vicinity to use as an indoor bike

•        You can’t manually regulate the resistance

•        There are not any accessories covered or able to be bought one by one

•        There are not any preset exercising applications or any manner to automate monitoring of measures from exercising to exercising

•        Top half of console rotates via measures every 6 seconds making it hard to apply for c language education – even though the measures are displayed at the lowest of the show however that may be hard to look

Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike Consumer Ratings

The adulthood of customer opinions for the bike is excellent where they feel they got a terrific deal for the price. They like the smooth ride and the sturdiness is the bike. People from various backgrounds consisting of people recovering from surgical treatment, senior residents, and younger and middle ages have all observed they get loads of proper use out of the motorcycle to get in form and help with dropping weight.

Many humans do hate the seat but do control to get used to it.

There are a few human beings who have had trouble with it. The hassle (in these few times) has been with the belt pressure slipping off. It seems they’ll have had trouble with manufacturing at one point, but that now seems to be had been rectified with it no longer being said currently. The agency appears to make a fantastic response in sorting this kind of issue out fast.

Having pointed that out, most evaluations say they determined the bike long-lasting and trouble lose.

Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike Price

This Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike is a lower-priced air motorbike and gives a reasonable fee. It is a great strong motorbike that more than one human can utilize in a household to assist in getting in shape.

When I checked at Amazon, it certified at no cost transport.

Review Summary

This cheap fan bike is excellent for folks looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or assist with losing weight or maybe more excessive schooling.

Exercising is low impact, so there is much less stress on the joints you get on a treadmill or walking outdoors.

It is excellent for mild workout routines to more extreme workout routines in people who extreme athletes look for (it could do those but isn’t always indeed constructed to sustain them). If you buy it for pretty critical workouts, you have to get many “satisfied” years out of the bike and be thrilled together with your results. Resistance seems to increases less at a fee a little less than the more excellent highly-priced fan bikes.

The Assault Air Bike is a higher alternative for those searching out extreme workouts, although it costs more (it can also cater to mild workout routines).

This Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike is a great bike that offers cost for the cash that all and sundry can use in a family as may quickly adjust for numerous heights. When used for what it’s been designed for – mild low effect cardio schooling.

Alternative Possibilities to the Marcy Air 1 and Schwinn Airdyne

Assault AirBike

The Assualt AirBike is a heavy-duty air motorbike designed for the usage of comments from athletes and coaches. It reinvents loads of additives within the traditional fan bike.

This motorbike is famous in the CrossFitness community because of its use in CrossFit video games and sponsorship activities. The chain pressure makes it one of the noisier models, and it calls for a variety of protection.

For CrossFit trainers who don’t enroll in pushing yourself to the restriction, notwithstanding the accidents worried about, upload a pair of Crossfit gloves on your exercising session. In the quit, there’s no denying that the Assault air motorbike gets the activity performed.

Xebex Airmill AirBike

The Xebex airbike’s frame is a product of first-rate elements that improve durability. The bike gives a complete frame for exercising. The pushing, pulling, and pedaling activates a sequence of muscle tissues on your fingers, legs, lower back, and event center and boosting the intensity of your exercising and burning greater calories.

The motorcycle resistance is not machine-managed, which means you can manipulate the intensity of your exercise. The final noteworthy function of the Xebex air motorcycle is the four-manner adjustable seat. The seat can be connected to the left or proper and up and right down to fit various height preferences.

Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo Bike is constructed for heavy-responsibility use. Weighing at 127lb, the motorcycle can face up to the most potent outbursts from athletes.

The motorcycle offers balance, is easy to maintain, and is short to respond thanks to its belt pressure. The best drawback to this bike is its beefy appearance. If you plan to practice it in a public health club, you’ll observe maximum users live away from it because it seems more challenging to apply than other bikes.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Airbike

Purpose of Use

The first issue to determine your preference for a motorbike is how regularly you need to use it and what you want to apply it for.

People seeking out a little cardio exercise to get into shape must not forget the Marcy Air 1 motorbike. But for others looking for intensive, heavy-obligation training motorcycles, then the Airdyne AD6 is a higher alternative.

Weight Limit

It could be a depressing situation to shop for a bike that can’t help your weight. A motorbike’s weight restriction is another factor we do not forget important when looking for an air motorcycle to buy.

Fortunately, both the Marcy motorcycle and Schwinn bike offer a perfect weight restrict of 250-350 pounds.


The Marcy bike is a compact portion of the device that fits snugly into most homes and residences. It may even be saved in a big closet while not in use. It sports a pair of shipping wheels that make it easy to transport the motorbike from one factor to another on quite a few surfaces together with carpets.

Schwinn bikes are approximately the same length as Marcy motorcycles making them similarly compact and easy to shop. They additionally include delivery wheels that make transporting them from one point to any other without difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marcy Air 1 Vs. Schwinn Airdyne: Which is Easier to Assemble?

Both bikes are introduced partially assembled, making the meeting manner easy for the consumer. The guidance manuals are clean to follow, and the assembly probes can be completed in under an hour.

However, we think Marcy Air 1 is simpler to collect while in comparison to the Schwinn Airdyne. Customers have stated the Schwinn motorcycle is less difficult to collect with a further pair of palms. This Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike is because of the motorbike’s general weight of 115lbs. Handling that quantity of weight on my own can be challenging and will likely cause damages.

Marcy Air 1 vs. Schwinn Airdyne: Which is Easier to Maintain?

Both motorcycles tie as low preservation bikes. The Schwinn bike features a belt power which presents a clean and quiet using revel in. And is likewise low protection. The Marcy motorbike also has a belt drive but with a series to offer to assist the chain. It is likewise quiet and calls for little maintenance.

Marcy Air 1 Vs. Schwinn Airdyne: Which is Better Suited for Tall People over six foot?

Both motorcycles come with seats that can be adjusted better or decrease to fit your peak possibilities.

Based on this, we will say that both motorcycles can serve tall folks correctly over six toes tall.

Is the Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike noisy?

The Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike is a bit noisy due to the flywheel. It does supply the sound of an electric-powered fan. The noise can get louder in case you pedal the motorcycle quicker. However, it isn’t always very annoying until there are mild sleepers in the own family.

Does the instruction guide on Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike suggest the workout routines that may be completed – as there are not any preset workout plans?

The practice guide that comes with this bike does not have any information at the first-rate shape of using, or the vicinity wherein the motorbike must be set or the consolation ranges. It does not offer any recommendation on working out using the Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike. There aren’t any instance workout routines protected or guidelines. However, you could try getting data thru YouTube or on the internet.

What is the fee of the Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike?

The Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike is a pretty inexpensive health device priced below $500. It is good to be used in families where many people might use the device to live healthily and get in shape.

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