Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike

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Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike

We have for you the Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike right here inside the celebrity trac recumbent motorcycle reviews. It is a pinnacle-stage exercise bike with an award prevailing recumbent design. Moreover, the bike is ideal for people recuperating from damage or in rehabilitation.

Now, megastar trac has earned an excellent reputation with an expansion of exercising system. Star Trac spin motorbike, megastar trac treadmill, and others. In this assessment, we are off path centered at the recumbent exercise bike.

You need to have a hobby on this bike. That is why you’re here reading all this. Well, it is perfect that you observed your manner here because we’ve got a suitable review of the Star Trac S-RBCs.

This overview goes to covers all the components of the motorbike. What functions does this bike offer? Cons you have to be aware of. Pros you ought to sit up for. And so much extra. More importantly, we are moving to help you answer the big query.

Is the Star Trac S-RBx recumbent motorcycle the genuine desire for you?

•        Product Dimension: 66L x 28W x 53H inches

•        Item Weight: 212 kilos

•        Console: 10 applications

•        Display: 15 inches

•        Max User Capacity: 350 kilos

•        Resistance: 20 levels

•        Item Model no: S-RBx

•        Warranty: 3 Years on Parts, 1 one Year on labor, lifetime on frame

Product Descriptions

There is no other workout exercise bike that will look as exact as the Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike. It has an appropriate recumbent design. This ideal design enables in development of all the consolation on this motorbike. In addition, it is extraordinary to exercising for injured humans too. This motorcycle does cost a little money. But, it does offer a specific exercise time.

Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike has the most consumer ability of 350 kilos. That is lots for any excellent exercising bike. Also, this offers you an idea approximately the motorcycle’s sturdy and solid creation or framework.

It is a function-packed motorcycle for sure. It comes with 10 applications at the console. And you could sing all the necessary metrics at the display of the motorbike. It is a four-person window bringing the convenience of easy monitoring of various metrics.

A recumbent motorbike needs to have high resistance ranges. Guess what number this motorbike has? It offers 20 levels of resistance. Now, that is going to offer a few depths for you.

Furthermore, there is no complaint about the seat of this motorcycle. It has the proper layout and cozy seating. You can even adjust the seat for greater handy use of the bike.

There are masses extra about the bike you need to realize. And we’ve best started. So, it allows getting right into an extra-specified evaluation of the Star Trac S-RBx.


This Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike has such a unique console. I don’t recognize where to start. Well, there are 10 preset applications at the console to get you commenced. The bike additionally offers a large 15-inch show to view all the incredible facts of your workout.

10 preset packages? These encompass fats burn, fitness check, quick begin, distance goal, and so forth. Also, the console has motivational tracks. Such tracks help to maintain you prompted in your quest of achieving your health dreams.

The console indeed has each pulse grip and telemetry gadget for tracking your coronary heart charge. There are pulse grip sensors incorporated at the front handlebars. You can use those sensors to preserve the music of the coronary heart fee. Furthermore, there may be additionally the Wi-Fi choice. You can song your coronary heart price using a chest strap.

The heart fee is, of direction, suggests at the 15″ show of the motorcycle. Also, the big show facilitates you in tracking different essential exercising facts. You can hold the tune of pace, time, distance, RPM, and so forth. Moreover, it even presents the resistance level you’re presently on.

It sincerely is a superb stable console that suits best on this recumbent bike. There is no purpose to again out from such a proposal.


Many people are continually arguing that recumbent motorcycles offer little intensity. But, I don’t think that will be the case for the Star Trac S-RBx. This bike goes to fulfills your desire to operate intensively.

It comes with 20 astonishing degrees of resistance. As a result, you get a selection of different intensities in this bike. You can cross for a quick trip with a clean resistance level or choose a better stage for more excellent excessive exercising. So, you could get into shape in a short time.

Now, the bike does assist you in adjusting the resistance yourself. And if you assume it’s far a headache; then the bike can automobile adjust the resistance if you certainly select a preset application. You can work on a fixed stage or allow the motorcycle to adjust the level as you hold pedaling.

When you work outdoor on the preset programs, then you can modify the resistance from the console. It is all smooth and simple.

Seat & Backrest

Any good exercising motorbike this is recumbent in layout gives the quality comfort. And this motorbike isn’t exclusive in any respect.

The Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bikehas the perfect recumbent motorbike seat. It offers a cushioned wrap-around seat. You can sit and exercise difficult. And the workout classes could be timeless for you. Moreover, this comfy seat reduces any soreness that you can get with many upright bikes’ seats.

The appropriate element is that the seat is adjustable—the whole seat movements up and down to adjust the peak. As a result, you can shape the seat for a couple of customers. And nobody will suffer from any needless pain in any respect.

Additional assist comes in the form of a fab backrest. The Star Trac S-RBx has a strong backrest that will help you from falling into an again ache. Moreover, there is usually a reduced strain for you’re again. Also, the backrest is nicely coated with foam. So, you could lay lower back and feature a relaxed rest while you want a break.


Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike has one of the unique handlebars across the seat. I even have to mention that you may no longer find such a design in different recumbent bikes. How powerful is it even, though?

Handlebars around the seat have a metallic frame. So, you could expect it to stay robust and intact. It is sloped excessively on the front of the handlebars. And there is a suitable flat spot to keep your hands or fingers on. Now, that is best for taller human beings. But, I trust shorter customers may have trouble with it.

This motorcycle also has a spherical handlebar on the front. It is an excellent addition for users that need to maintain onto and pedal. Besides, this handlebar has the included pulse sensors that provide a big assist. You can, without problems, track your coronary heart rate at the motorcycle with the use of the integrated sensors at the front handlebar.

Also, you could maintain onto the handlebar while pedaling to have an extra balance on your ride.


This motorbike has the proper pedals. I love them. They are broader and provide a vast area to place the feet conveniently.

These pedals might be remarkable on any workout motorbike. You can pedal like crazy, and there is no need to fear approximately any soreness. This Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike is because the pedals provide a large area.

Furthermore, it comes with straps that can be adjustable. As a result, you could, without difficulty, lock your feet after placing the proper strap modifications. There isn’t any way your feet are going to slide off from the pedals.


The Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike has a stroll-thru layout. This Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike provides the convenience of getting admission for you. You can without difficulty use the motorcycle and go away the motorbike.

Are you getting worn out Exhausted? Need to calm down? Well, the cooling fan is an exquisite addition. It is going to make sure you live fabulous in all of your exercising periods. Moreover, there is a cup holder to maintain your favorite drink close by. So, whenever you are feeling the warmth, then take a sip.

Make your workout hours a little more excellent entertaining with the pill holder. You can preserve pills or smartphones in front of the show. As a result, you could watch your favored movie and flip hard operating time right into a fun time too.


•        Product Dimension: 66L x 28W x 53H inches

•        Item Weight: 212 kilos

•        Console: 10 programs

•        Display: 15 inches

•        Max User Capacity: 350 kilos

•        Resistance: 20 tiers

•        Item Model no: S-RBx

•        Warranty: 3 Years on Parts, One Year on exertions, lifetime on body

Product Features

•        10 already set programs while the motorcycle is at your doorsteps. You can advantage lots from all those applications. Moreover, make your own to have the proper fitness exercising.

•        No brief intensity in this recumbent exercise motorbike. It capabilities 20 degrees of resistance which you may alter effortlessly. So, you can pick the appropriate level for proper exercising.

•        You have a big 15-inch show to music them all. Receive all the development of your workouts on the display of the motorcycle. Speed, distance, time, or even your coronary heart fee.


•        Comfortable.

•        Preset programs.

•        Good intensity.

•        Great console.

•        Cup & Accessory holder.


•        Expensive.


I wouldn’t recommend even considering shopping for one if you stay on finance. Your budget might be busted past restore. If you need to have a recumbent bike in your house, go with one of the different, more excellent inexpensive options. Either that or be part of a gym and take your pick from the line of Star Trac recumbent motorcycles along the returned wall.

Cycling is a brilliant manner to lose weight. Using a recumbent motorcycle is a remarkable way to trip. The layout will relieve an awful lot of the strain that the ones using conventional motorcycles whine about having. You will no longer need to bend over even as you experience, and the seat will be large sufficient if you want to sit inconveniently.

When it involves workout bikes, you can’t cross incorrect with a recumbent bike and mainly a Star Trac recumbent motorcycle. However, if you are going to shop for one, it will cost you. But if you trust “you get what you pay for,” that is a buy well worth making. If you may manage to pay for it, that is.

If now not, does this mean you are unable to trip a recumbent motorbike? Of route, now not! There are alternatives on the market for as low as multiple hundred dollars. Now with those, you’ll likely not have armrests protected or a cup holder. Chances are, there’ll not be as many programs included (if any). There might not be as many resistance degrees to paintings with either.

But if you are ok with a ‘bare bones’ recumbent bike, you’ve got alternatives. If you’d rather ride the gold fashionable, go along with any of the Star Trac fashions noted in this Star Trac Recumbent Bike Reviews.

Does a recumbent bike burn stomach fat?

Using a recumbent motorcycle burns energy, allowing you to shed pounds throughout your frame, along with your stomach. While spot reduction is a fable, the usage of an aggregate of cardiovascular exercising, including a recumbent bike and uterine strengthening exercises, will help the company and flatten your belly muscular tissues.

Burn the Calories

Riding a recumbent motorcycle is a powerful, calorie-burning aerobic workout. Set a direction for your recumbent bike that consists of several hills to burn greater calories while running out. Pedaling faster or increasing resistance additionally burns more incredible energy. Your calorie burn can even build upon your weight. If a hundred and twenty-pound character cycles for a half-hour, The Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike will burn 190 calories, while a 180-pound man or woman will burn 286 calories. Intend for 30 to 60 minutes, five days a week of cardio interest. It can require up to 60 minutes of everyday aerobics for weight reduction.

Engage the Lower Abdominal Muscles

Suppose you flow the seat nearer the pedals. In that case, it decreases the quantity of electricity your legs can make contributions to pedaling, forcing you to interact with your decrease abdominal muscle mass. You will even work your thighs, glutes, and calf muscle tissues. You can carry out different abdominal strengthening sports, including crunches on a balance ball, to tone your belly muscle tissues.

Recumbent Bike vs. Other Cardio Equipment

Choose the recumbent bike over different aerobic devices if it’s cozier for your body. Using the recumbent bike at a mediocre pace burns extra energy than walking at a three mph pace; however, less energy than the elliptical gadget. Both the elliptical trainer and recumbent motorbike predominantly work the lower body, with much less impact than a treadmill. However, some elliptical trainers have handles that also paintings the higher body.

Recommendations for Use

Spend 5 mins stretching your lower frame earlier than the use of the recumbent bike. Before originating, slide the seat to the point where you have got a moderate bend in your knee while your leg is at the again side of the crank. Perform a mild heat-up to prepare your muscle groups and growth your middle body temperature. Maintain a direct posture; do not lean forward. Consult a medical doctor quicker than beginning any new exercising software

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes for seniors

As we become old, a conventional motorcycle becomes much less appealing. It can require up to 60 minutes of everyday aerobics, put pressure on your hips and knees, are uncomfortable to sit on for lengthy periods, and are simply more exercising than you can deal with. Riding a motorcycle, however, doesn’t need to and shouldn’t be painful. By using a recumbent motorbike, you can experience motorcycle riding once more without the pain. Here are some of the edge of recumbent bikes for seniors and the rest of the populace. 

Recumbent Bike Basics

A recumbent motorcycle allows you to work out your thighs, calves, and glute muscles with much less strain. It has a much broader and deeper seat than a good motorbike. Additionally, recumbent bikes are positioned with much less pressure on your joints, suitable for those with arthritis. They are lots easier to balance on and take a seat without problems.

Can You Still Get a Cardio Workout in on a Recumbent Bike?

Yes! You can get a first-rate cardiovascular workout on a recumbent motorbike. As opposed to an upright, the benefit of this motorcycle is that it takes less effort to stabilize and move the pedals. This method less pressure on your joints while allowing you to get good cardio exercising.

What Muscle Groups Does a Recumbent Bike Help?

A recumbent bike works for similar muscle businesses as a good motorbike. However, you are using the muscles differently. This Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike allows for strain-loose exercise to your joints; however, the same potential to extend your leg and butt muscular tissues.

Workout Length

If you are locating that you revel in riding but can’t do it for as long as you used to view it on an upright, you could need to consider attempting out a recumbent motorcycle. Because recumbents are simpler to experience, in the sense that they put much less pressure on soft joints, you may often ride them for longer intervals.

Riding for longer intervals has validated fitness advantages for each bodily and intellectual outcome. Exercising releases herbal chemicals on your mind that reinforces your mood. When you experience higher mentally, you will need to sense higher physically. Using recumbent motorbike lets, you have basic fitness enhancements with much less bodily pain and suffering.

Balance & Stability

As we age, our stability tends to be worse than it was in our more youthful years. Some sense that they aren’t as strong on a good motorbike as they may be on a recumbent. With a more feel of safety, you could get excellent exercise in with little worries.

The design of a recumbent motorbike offers a way to a more prominent seat in a semi-reclined function. While you aren’t lying down, you aren’t in an upright and ahead position, both, like you will be with an upright bike. This seated position places less strain on you again. It additionally places less strain on your hips and knees.

Additionally, because you aren’t status upon a recumbent, no longer most effective are you greater at ease, you also are much less likely to harm using the exercising equipment.

While you don’t want to sell or deliver away your upright motorcycle, you need to be aware of how you sense riding it as you become old. If you start noticing which you have more significant body aches and pains after your experience, you would want to try out a recumbent motorbike and spot if that enables you to relieve a number of your soreness. You might also discover that you feel better and can journey longer on a recumbent motorcycle than you can on an upright. While there’s nothing towards using each sort of motorcycles, be sure that you aren’t setting yourself up for future injury need to you still use your good motorbike.

Nine Tips to Obtain the Most of Your Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

Cycling on a recumbent exercising motorbike on an everyday foundation is an effective way to shed pounds and get in better form. Using such a machine is secure, relaxed, and doesn’t undue pressure on your knees, hips or decrease returned.

Unfortunately, I see plenty of human beings using recumbent bikes inefficiently, now and again, even simple old incorrectly. And even as every person is allowed to do their very own component on the fitness center, I wanted to proportion some of the tops guidelines I’ve discovered from years of the usage of a recumbent exercise motorcycle on a near day by day basis.

Take the following tips to soul to make the maximum of your recumbent workout motorbike workout to lose weight and gain muscle more correctly.

1. Adjust Your Seat

Undoubtedly, the maximum not unusual recumbent exercise motorcycle mistakes I see humans make fails to modify the gadget’s seat. Adjusting your bike’s seat takes seconds. Not most straightforward does it make things greater comfortable, it additionally increases the effectiveness of your workout. Adjust your seat (via sliding it ahead or backward) till your extended leg has a mild bend while at the far aspect of the pedaling cycle.

2. Stretch It Out

Riding a recumbent workout bike is like every other sort of exercise – you want to be well stretched out before beginning.

I’m a huge fan of dynamic stretching (shifting at the same time as you stretch). The blessings of dynamic stretching are several; particularly, it warms up your muscles and improves their range of motion. Spend 5 mins or so performing stretches together with lunges, toe touches, leg swings, and trunk rotations to get fully stretched out.

3. Warm Up on the cycle

Never bounce proper into exercising. After you’re all stretched out, spend a further 5 mins pedaling gently to your recumbent exercise motorbike. I start slowly at a consistent pace. I steadily choose up speed for more or less 5 mins. After the 5 mins are up, I like to arise, stretch again briefly, and then get returned in the seat for an actual workout.

Warming up is crucial because it loosens your muscle groups and increases your core frame temperature earlier than your exercising starts.

4. Maintain Proper Form

Proper form is crucial while riding your recumbent exercise bike. Not handiest does it help to prevent damage; it also facilitates you burn even more energy. The maximum vital aspect of preserving in thoughts isn’t always to lean forward. Keep your back aligned with and tight against the back of the seat. It’s ok to preserve the handles at the edges of the seat during excessive periods of biking.

5. Select the Right Resistance

Many novices to recumbent bikes don’t have any clue which resistance to pick out. In reality, it’s all too common for humans to set the resistance too high. Riding a recumbent workout motorbike is like every other shape of exercising. You don’t want to move all-in proper away. Select a comfy resistance as you learn to use the bike. The higher the resistance, the extra hard it is to pedal. Naturally, this means your leg muscular tissues have become a better electricity training exercise. Yet you need to make sure that you may pedal fast enough to get your heart rate up as nicely.

I propose adjusting the resistance more than one time at some stage in your exercising. Pedal for durations with high resistance and transfer them up with periods of low resistance to get the first-class regular exercising.

In addition, if you need to teach your frame up, consider training with a resistance band. Grab this unfastened resistance band workout plan 30 Day Resistance Band Full Workout Challenge and attempt!

6. Try Interval Training

Just getting on a recumbent motorbike and pedaling is a brilliant start. Yet, c language education is the key to unlocking the maximum health advantages viable. I’ve observed c programming language schooling to be the best technique of using my recumbent exercising motorcycle – and research, like this one from the American College of Sports Medicine, again me up.

The key to c programming language schooling is mixing short yet very severe bursts of pedaling with longer and lots of mellower durations of light pedaling. As I mentioned above, you could incorporate resistance modifications into your c language schooling, exercising for even more depth.

7. Select the Right Duration

The key to getting the most significant blessings from riding your recumbent exercise motorcycle pedals for lengthy sufficient. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, your must goal for at least 30 minutes of cardio according to today. They go on to nation that 60 to ninety minutes of cardio per day (five days in step with week) is high-quality for weight reduction.

8. Visit a Gym

There are 2 benefits of traveling from a fitness center to trip a recumbent exercise motorbike.

First, exercising with different human beings around affords enormous motivation. I understand I usually pedal harder when human beings are looking at me. There’s also the opportunity to join a biking elegance. Testing out a recumbent exercise motorcycle at the gym lets you get a sense of this particular kind of exercise. These motorcycles are highly-priced, and also, you don’t want to put money into one for your own home except you’re positive it’s right for you.

If you determine to buy one, my put up at the pinnacle 5 recumbent exercise motorcycles is for you.

9. Keep Busy While Cycling

My personal favored tip on making the maximum of your recumbent exercise bike workout is to stay busy while you’re biking. Unless I’m doing an intense interval schooling workout, I want to read a mag or glance through my phone even as cycling. It makes the time pass by so much quicker! Some people I understand even solution emails on their pc throughout their exercising.

So there you’ve got it – 9 of the top hints on the way to make the maximum of your recumbent exercising bike exercising. Are you already a fan of recumbent motorcycles? Do you have had every other suggestion to add? Let me recognize inside the comments beneath (I’m constantly seeking to take my exercise to the following degree), and produce sure to share this article if you found it helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

•        Does the seat alter?

Ans: Yes, you can adjust the seat to exclusive top positions.

•        Does the backrest adjust?

Ans: The backrest itself does not alter.

•        Where is the resistance adjusting knob at the Star Trac S-RBx?

Ans: There is not any knob in this bike. You can modify the resistance from the console of the bike.

•        Does this motorcycle need batteries to run?

Ans: No need for batteries. It does not necessitate any external power supply.

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