PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

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pyhigh indoor cycling bike

The pyhigh indoor cycling bike is a short player inside the fitness industry. Still, their pyhigh indoor cycling bike has controlled to sign up for the arena of the high-quality vendor finances indoor cycling bikes. PYHIGH indoor cycling bikes got here inside the marketplace in 2018; now, 1-12 months later, they were visible in lots of best low-cost spin bikes opinions.

In this pyhigh indoor cycling bike reviews, I am going to cover greater in-depth the professionals and cons of these pinnacle-rated cheaper bikes to help you determined whether or not they meet your indoor cycling wishes or not. I am additionally going to compare the 2 PYHIGH indoor bikes so that you can make the variations effortlessly.

With no similar ado, right here is the assessment table for the PYHIGH indoor cycling bike. To make it easy, if you want to navigate through this PYHIGH indoor cycle evaluation, I even have also created a desk of content beneath.

If you’re looking for a more fabulous low-priced alternative to the right Spinning bike, the Pyhigh S7 is worth having a look. It’s an alternative new workout bike to had on account that 2018. In phrases of functions and specs, it may compare to the Body Craft SPT-Mag, but this one also includes a workout meter and has a friction-resistant gadget.

Technical Details & Specifications

• Assembled dimensions: forty-two.5L x 22.5W x forty four.5H” (108L x 57W x 113H cm)

• Weight: 114 lbs. (fifty-two kg)

• Flywheel weight: forty-eight lbs (21.7 kg)

• Supported weight: 330 lbs (a hundred and fifty kg)

• Seat: four-way adjustable

• Handlebars: 4-manner adjustable

• Pedals: With toe cages

• Drive: Belt

• Resistance: Friction, felt-pad

• Fitness meter: Time, distance, RPM, energy, pulse

• Warranty: 12 months restrained

Frame construction

The Pyhigh S7 is a heavy-responsibility indoor biking teacher, designed to support any spin workout. Its frame made from thick metallic bars, with precision-welded joint factors that render a superior common sturdiness; the motorcycle rated for a weight capacity of 330 lbs. All the frame bars covered with a corrosion-resistant paint end, except the handlebar post and seat post, which have a chrome finish. The hues used the frame are black and white, which is best for this bike (as a minimum For now).

Of direction, the motorcycle’s frame integrates several ABS elements as nicely. However, these most effective have a protective function. Among them, we can count the cover of the belt power, the protection of the brake pad, and some different small covers.

This Pyhigh exercise bike is drastically heavy. With the body absolutely installation, it weighs over one hundred lbs, which is extra than two times the weight of a mountain motorbike. All these weight effects in an excessive balance; it won’t rock through the fastest spin workout routines on the pinnacle each base bar of the unit geared up with adjustable stabilizers featuring huge rubber pads, which also deliver a superior grip at the floor.

Once it assembled, the bike shouldn’t be too difficult to transport. Its front base equipped with a hard and fast of big Silicone wheels. Therefore, using lifting it from the seat or the rear plate and the wheels’ usage, you’ll best be coping with approximately 1/3 of its overall weight.

The motorbike isn’t huge. It is approx. Forty two.5″ (108 cm) long, and 22.Five″ (57 cm) is huge. However, it is endorsed to assign a utilization area for it of as a minimum 75″L x 60″ (190 x 152 cm), so one can execute any spin exercise without a drawback—also, the highest factor of the bike given through the handlebar. When set to its maximum function, its pinnacle reaches approx—44.5″ (113 cm) above the flood stage.

Seat & handlebars

Although the pyhigh indoor cycling bike is a motorcycle made for spin workouts, it comes with a drastically extra comfortable seat than other spin bikes. Its saddle can compare to the one at the Efitment IC031. It is a chunk wider than the universal slender spin saddle, and integrates a thick layer of padding, especially in its rear phase. There are two shock absorption springs at its rear, which additionally enhance cushioning. Its upholstery fabricated. Its long-lasting vinyl fabric principal place features a considerable groove designed to improve breathability and sell a healthy blood flow in the course of seated workout routines.

On the pinnacle of all that, the bike’s saddle has a smart connected device to its slider. This pyhigh indoor cycling bike stated compatible replacements for it are broad to be had.

The bike’s seat gives 4-way adjustability (up, down, forward, backward). It is upright submitted offers approx 8″ (20 cm) of adjustment, from 32″ (81 cm) above ground degree to 40″ (102 cm). Plus, its horizontal slider presents some inches off the front-to-back journey. So, those said, the motorbike can accommodate customers between 5’0″ (153 cm) and 6’5″ (196 cm) with no hassle, permitting A complete variety of motion.

This pyhigh indoor biking bike consists of a multi-grip handlebar. It’s pretty a plus that it has drop-down grips; many other spin bikes do no longer offer this feature. It additionally has integrated aero bars, which can also double as a tablet shelf.

A layer of rubber material includes the complete handlebar meeting to provide a comfortable grip. Its pinnacle sidebars combine metallic pulse sensors. Just because of the seat, the handlebar is 4-way adjustable. It gives An upright adjustment span of approx 4. 5″ (eleven.4 cm), from forty″ (a hundred and one.6 cm) above floor level to 44.5″ (113 cm).

Resistance device

The pyhigh indoor cycling bike is ready with a friction resistance gadget. This method does now not need to connect to a power source. Also, the resistance adjustment accomplished manually, and the covered console does now not manage the pedaling issue in any manner.

The bike’s resistance system includes a big felt pad, attached underneath the primary frame tube, and related to the tension dial on the pinnacle of this tube. Therefore, with a purpose to grow the resistance, you need to flip the dial clockwise, so that the brake pad will observe more friction to the flywheel. Only as for any other bike with friction resistance, this pad will wear out after some time and could need replacement.

The anxiety dial doesn’t have any pre-determined resistance settings marked on it. You tighten it till you got the favored pedaling difficulty. It additionally functions as an emergency brake. By urgent it down, you may right now prevent the flywheel from spinning. This pyhigh indoor cycling bike might also actually be necessary, especially when pedaling at an excessive speed, as the pedals preserve to turn for as long as the flywheel is spinning.

Drive gadget

The first detail from the bike’s power gadget that we need to point out is the flywheel. The pyhigh indoor cycling bike comes with a further-heavy wheel, which weighs 48 lbs (21.7 kg). It has a perimeter-weighted layout, which allows it to deliver high inertia that is extremely good for spinning.

Since the motorbike’s force machine is simple, with none derailleur as street bikes, or without a drum brake, pedaling in the opposite is possible. You cannot coast the motorbike as the pedals move for as long as the flywheel is transferring.

The pyhigh indoor cycling bike transmission makes use of a durable rubber belt that concealed through the ABS cowl for added protection. Since it’s a belt power, it does not need periodic lubrication. It also delivers a smooth and quiet movement, and drive-related vibration is almost inexistent.

The pyhigh indoor cycling bike integrates a heavy-duty crankset with solid steel arms and metal pedals. Its whole assembly designed to help the person in full status up the role, so long as they don’t exceed the 330 lbs. (a hundred and fifty kg) weight limit of the exercise bike.

The pedals have a non-slip design. They are ready with toe cages for added thrusting electricity at some point of high-depth spin workout routines. They do no longer have SPD clips for spin shoes. However, their threads are popular 9/16, and so like-minded alternatives are broadly available.

Exercise meter

The pyhigh indoor cycling bike includes a health meter proposing a 6-panel LCD show. It tracks time, distance, speed, RPM, energy burned, and pulse. It does no longer have any preset packages; however, you may installation desires for time, distance, and calories. To grow/decrease the cost of an exercise intention, you may use the facet Up/Down buttons, while the middle Enter button permits you to pick out the preferred value. Also, the Enter button has a Reset feature. By pressing and keeping it for a few seconds, all the benefits reset to zero.

The meter is not telemetric. Therefore, so that it will advantage from a pulse analyzing at some stage in your exercise, you need to hold on to the steel sensors constructed-inside the sidebars of the motorcycle. The unit cannot examine your pulse through a Polar or coronary chest strap transmitter.

The exercising meter is battery-powered. It begins while you start pedaling but also has a vehicle-shutdown feature that initiates after a couple of minutes of inactivity on the bike.

Assembly & Maintenance

The internal frame of the bike comes pre-assembled. Therefore, your most uncomplicated need to connect the bottom stabilizers, the seat and handlebar posts, the seat, the handlebars, the health meter, and the console. All the gear wished for the assembly is protected. The guide affords step-through-step assembly instructions, so the project shouldn’t take extra than 30-40 mins.

Since the motorbike has a belt-drive, its transmission would not want lubrication. The brake pad can also require a chunk of silicone lubrication if it emits a noise With the flywheel. Other than these, you have to hold the motorcycle. Other than these, you should keep the bike secure, and periodically check for loose or broken elements.


• Handlebars permit improving frame coordination utilizing extraordinary grip positions.

• With the cellphone bracket in your tool, your workout will be extra attractive.

• Sturdy body and additives with 330 pounds person weight capacity.

• Easy pyhigh indoor cycling bike assembly system w/ protected gear and instructions.

• The cushioned seat adjusts fore/aft with minimal attempt.

• KP belt drivetrain ensures rugged durability and decreases renovation.

• Free transport on pyhigh indoor cycling bike.

• Small footprint, pyhigh indoor cycling bike takes up little or no space.

• Good guarantee; body, parts, and electronics included for one year, which is an excellent deal for the $450 fee.

• The pyhigh indoor cycling bike laptop shows your exercising time, distance, RPM, and energy burned. It also can display your heart fee through built-in pulse sensors.

• pyhigh indoor cycling bike has heavy-duty delivery wheels for smooth mobility and TPI bearings that run easy.


• pyhigh indoor cycling bike 48lbs stationary exercise bike schooling is ready with friction resistance.

• The handlebars are best vertically adjustable.

• There is no SPD elements on the pedals.

Know Before Buying PYHIGH Exercise Bikes:


pyhigh indoor cycling bike is ready with felt cloth brake pad gadget. Unlike a magnetic resistance device found on a number of these EFITMENT bikes, the friction wears out and make a piece of noise. So, if the sound is an only important component for you, you could want to recall a magnetic spin bike as a substitute.

Note: One of the advantages of friction resistance is that it is limitless so that you can alter the resistance level as you want for a higher effective exercise to burn more calories.


Indoor cycle trainers are generally mild on console functions, and that’s the case with those price range S7 and S2 PYHIGH indoor cycling bikes. Still, you get an LCD screen with the following readouts: time, speed, (RPM with S7), distance, calorie, and heart fee. The fundamental problems with these monitors are the ability to music your watt/power and the shortage of Wi-Fi connectives to allow you to store your exercises. Unfortunately, the PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bicycle Exercise Bikes with LCD Monitor for Home Cardio Workout Bike Training don’t have back-light. So, you want to maintain the room’s light on to peer the stats in low-mild condition.


The lateral distance among the pedals is called q-component. Spin bikes with narrower q-aspect (much less distance between pedals) tend to hold the ft. in an herbal role aligned with knees and hips. Unfortunately, this Fitness Equipment brands haven’t disclosed the q-element sizes for the pyhigh indoor cycling bike. Usually, manufacturers don’t reveal these records because of their bikes characteristic wide q-elements. Hopefully, it isn’t the case with pyhigh indoor cycling bike-48lbs Flywheel Belt Drive Stationary Exercise Bikes with LCD Monitor for Home Cardio Workout Bikes Training.


There are mainly forms of spin motorcycle pedals, the dual-sided SPD compatible with clip-in biking footwear and the toe cage pedals for regular athletic shoes. The SPD pedals permit you to put on spinning footwear and clip into workout extra conveniently and effectively without the fear of slipping. Unfortunately, the PYHIGH S7 and S2 are ready with toe cage pedals. So you can most effectively use them with the ordinary gymnasium footwear, no longer with clipless spinning footwear. However, each of those Pyhigh cycles functions the same old 16/9″ pedal thread length, so the SPD replacement pedals are broadly available.

Handlebar Adjustments:

To effortlessly accommodate all customers, horizontal and vertical seat and handlebar adjustment are very vital for indoor cycling bikes. Thankfully the PYHIGH workout bikes characteristic 4-way adjustable seats; however, Alas, their handlebars are handiest vertically adjustable. That, plus the compact frame, are the reasons the S2 pyhigh indoor cycling bike can’t match riders taller than 6’1″ tall and the Pyhigh S7 can’t in shape passengers taller than 6’3″ tall. Note that, in case you are shorter than the stated heights, the pyhigh indoor cycling bike will fit you without trouble.

PYHIGH Fitness Advantages:


PYHIGH home use exercising bikes are ideal for those households who’ve one person on each day basis. These are a number of the sturdiest budget bikes around and feature excellent warranties that tend to be tons greater generous than a typical cheap workout bike. As you examine before in this PYHIGH indoor cycling bike evaluations, the corporation gives 1-12 months part and body warranties for these bikes, which isn’t bad in any respect compared to other spin bikes in this fee elegance.

Sturdiness and affordability:

The pyhigh indoor cycling bike trainers function very sturdy frames. Additionally, these pyhigh indoor cycling bike belt-driven have superb ergonomics and balance. Equipped with substantial stabilizer feet and adjustable base levelers, the S7 and S2 PYHIGH exercising bikes offer customers with notable sturdiness all through all spinning workout routines, which include out of the saddle rides. Unlike many different home use indoor cycles, the PYHIGH cycles, specifically the pyhigh indoor cycling bike S7 lets in for an exchange in which your exercise focuses. From isolating precise muscle groups to an overall toning of the body, the S7 pyhigh indoor cycling bike features multi-grip handlebars that provide the potential for a higher workout.

Heavy Flywheels:

Flywheels weighing in at about forty-eight pounds continues things secure and reliable. These pyhigh indoor cycling bikes include low-upkeep TPI bearings, alongside an additional-heavy wheel to ensure smoothness. Try the PYHIGH Indoor Bikes, the latest bike that gets rave reviews from customers. PYHIGH bikes offer a low-impact exercise with weighty flywheels. With pyhigh indoor cycling bike belt driven, you’ll enjoy the clean, herbal motion of the indoor cycling, which you might get with spin motorcycles like Body Craft SPX.

Saddle Comfort and Adjustment:

The PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike trainers come with a unisex extensively relaxed saddle for males and females in comparison to different spin motorcycles in this charge tag. They are also more fabulous padded cushions and have dual suspension that will help you revel in your rides for miles and miles, especially in case you journey each day. Additionally, the pyhigh indoor cycling bike healthy established seat adapters. So, the well-matched seat replacements are wide to be had. On top of that, to in individual shape riders, the bike saddle moves up/down and forward/backward. Making modifications is quick and clean with a knob pin.

Belt Driven System:

Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike S7 and S2 feature stable leather-based transmission belt (PK Belt). PK belts recognized for durability, the multi-ribbed belt design features the power transmission talents of a V belt with the power of a flat belt. These belts run cooler and last longer than a trendy V belt observed on maximum pyhigh indoor cycling bike. Another precise factor about the belt system is that it doesn’t need lubing and frequent preservation like chain-driven bikes.


Exercise bike assembly prices around $70, but I don’t trust you would want to buy assembly for the pyhigh indoor cycling bike for domestic use. Because PYHIGH indoor motorbike meeting within reason easy. Following the PYHIGH indoor cycling motorcycle guide, it shouldn’t take one person extra than 30-40 minutes to position any of those cycles. Only the seat, handlebars, pedals, and toes want a meeting. You can even acquire the practice and the meeting gear when shopping for Pyhigh spin bokes for the domestic fitness center.


These pyhigh indoor cycling bike for novices additionally encompass loose transport when bought from Amazon. If you need faster shipping, you may receive those pyhigh indoor cycling bikes for home use quickly in just a few days.

Note which you might pay a delivery fee if deciding to buy those pyhigh indoor biking motorcycles for weight loss from different stores.

What are the advantages you may get via exercise at the workout bike?

Weight loss:

Will overweight have a severe impact on fitness? It can motive illnesses like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cancers. It can also impact someone’s joints, breathing, sleep, and mood.

To cast off overweight, exercise on this pyhigh indoor workout bike. It will let you lose weight by burning fat and energy of the frame faster and without problems.

You can burn more considerable energy in less time with the aid of working out in this workout bike and enhance the user’s aerobic health. It is an entirely valid way to lose body fat and calories.

 The exercise bike facilitates improving the drift of blood and oxygen through the frame. It improves memory and brain functionality and the blood sugar stage of the body lowering the risk of diabetes.

Injury-free and coffee impact workout?

Exercising on this motorbike provides a low impact workout. This exercise is gentler on the joints and muscle tissues of the frame. It gives clean motion and strengthens the bones and joints and legs. It improves each and top and decreases structure and muscle groups as well as strengthens calves, hamstring, quadriceps, the middle, returned, and glutes.

If you need a complete frame exercising, then the pyhigh indoor cycling bike is excellent for you. This pyhigh indoor cycling bike is satisfactory for each higher and lower frame exercise.

Working out on this bike is harm-lose, and it does not offer harassed ankles, hips, joints, etc.

Interval training:

This pyhigh indoor cycling bike allows one-of-a-kind forms of interval schooling. This pyhigh indoor cycling bike permits various degrees of resistance like low, medium, and high intensity. This pyhigh indoor cycling bike makes this motorcycle best for a c program language period education.

Working out outside can be dangerous for inattentive drivers, uneven road surfaces, and other avenue problems. Again, weather, warm and humid, or cold and moist can make your exercising difficult and unsafe.

But you may exercise anytime at any temperature without difficulty on the pyhigh indoor cycling bike accurately.

Final Word on pyhigh indoor cycling bike:

Pyhigh Fitness isn’t a famous fitness system brand like Sunny Health and Fitness. It is due to the fact Pyhigh is an entirely new name inside the fitness world. Another motive is that there are two simple indoor cycling bikes by way of PYHIGH in the marketplace, in contrast to different corporations with tens of different fashions.

With that stated, the PYHIGH low priced spin bikes rated manner better than many famous manufacturers that have been production exercising bikes for years. Thanks to robust additives and shape used on each PYHIGH finances indoor cycling bike.

Quality mixed with low-price has helped them collect pretty the following that purchase their bikes and suggest them to others. These indoor cycles have very little protection, heavy flywheels, and quiet drivetrain.

Thankfully, you shouldn’t address maintenance problems each day as every PYHIGH less expensive indoor cycle is created out of suitable, excellent substances to remain for years, inspiring multiple days by day users.

The warranties are also excellent, offering tons of extra beneficent alternatives than many other manufacturers. If you’re searching out an indoor cycling bike (within a low-cost fee range) that won’t help you down, then the spin bikes through PYHIGH would possibly simply be what you’ve been anticipating.

As expected for this fee elegance, every pyhigh indoor cycling bike desk bound bicycle comes with sure cons. They are not deal breakers for maximum riders, mainly for beginner trainees who don’t expect Watt tracking, SPD pedals and bells, and whistles.

If you haven’t already, I propose you scroll up and study the pyhigh indoor cycling bike review to make sure you the professionals and cons for these spin bikes.

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