Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706

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Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706

The Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706 is a medium-range device for anybody that needs to experience low-effect aerobic exercises at home. It gives more in phrases of features than average magnetic recumbent bikes

This system is a model of the ME 709. However, it has a programmable console that functions as a backlit LCD screen. It self-generates the energy it wishes for console operation. Thus, it doesn’t want strength or batteries. 

It is stylish and sturdy, even because it possesses the features wanted for secure and effective workout routines. 

Its customizability enables users of various heights and sizes to be accommodated. 

Product Dimensions and Specifications

•        Length 57’’

•        Width 24’’

•        Height 42’’

•        Shipping dimensions: 38’’ x 25’’ X 14’’

•        Net weight: 102 lbs./46.2 kg

•        Gross weight: 105 lbs./47.6 kg

•        Maximum consumer weight capability: 300 lbs. /136 kg

•        Drive: Belt

•       Power: Self-generating

•        Resistance: Magnetic

•        Console/Monitor: Blue 5’’ x 2.5’’ LED backlit show, tracks Time, Distance, Speed, Watt, RPM, Pulse, and Calories

•        Handlebar: 2 sets of handlebars (armrest and front handlebars)

•        Seat: 2-way adjustable 

•        Pedals: Large anti-skid with adjustable safety straps

•        Frame: Steel

•        Flywheel: 11 lbs. /5 kg

•        Transport Wheels: Yes

•        Sound gadget: Yes

•        3.5mm MP3 jack

•        Tablet holder

•        Programs: 23

•        Recovery Function

•        Body Fat Calculator


•        2 Years guarantee


The Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike is shipped out in a field that weighs 105 lbs./47.6 kg with a measurement of 38” x 25” X 14”. 

Upon buy, Amazon ships it out in a couple of days at no cost. 


The unit is brought with the primary components preassembled. 

However, you want to attach the front and rear brackets, the front publish, the seat, the backrest, the front, and rear stabilizers, the 2 units of handlebars, the pedals, and the console to the core unit. Then, there are more than one beauty plastic covers to be attached as well. 

An education guide with clear illustrations of a way to collect it’s far included within the bundle. 

It takes approximately an hour, extra or less, to fully assemble the bike. 


The protection of this recumbent motorcycle isn’t always complex. 

Use a WD-40 oil to lubricate the shifting parts periodically. Ensure to inspect the unit for any loose or damaged component before use, and act therefore if there may be an issue. 

Finally, hold it clean from dust at all times, and do now not disclose the console to direct sunlight, liquid, or moisture. 

The Frame and Construction 

The Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike is virtually a machine that receives you across the end line of reaching your fitness goals. 

It has a stable construction that features a heavy-obligation metallic body and beauty and safety ABS-made parts that encompass the casings for the pressure and the seat base coverings.   

The machine supports the most user weight ability of three hundred lbs. /136 kg. 

It isn’t always an extensive system that might weigh down your space. Its overall assembled dimensions are 57” long through 24” huge by way of 42” excessive. This manner will require a workout location with perimeters of 4’8’’ duration by way of 2’ width.

However, it’s miles recommended to have a further clearance of 2’ at the rear and on every side of it for safe and convenient exercising enjoy. 

The gadget gives the choicest stability through workouts due to its robust base framework and its internet weight of 102 lbs. /46.2 kg. The base’s rear steel stabilizer bar is integrated with adjustable levelers that help you to stability the motorbike on top surfaces. 

Therefore, you received experience wobbling or tilting all through workout routines. 

The front base stabilizer bar is equipped with shipping wheels for an easy relocation method for storage.  

The Seat of the Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike

The Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike comes with an upgraded and high-density seat with an excessive cozy backrest. Its dimensions are 17’’ W x 11’’ L. 

Both the seat and the backrest are generously padded and protected with a vinyl cloth to offer unique and lasting consolation that could enable you to work out longer and push yourself to the restrict without feeling bored. 

The seat is hooked up to a diagonal metal rail and has a lever-based adjustment system. This way, you can adjust the seat effortlessly at the same time as seated. You don’t need to get up, again and again, to carry out the adjustment till it fits. 

Technically, the seat is two-manner horizontally adjustable. However, it goes upward or downward depending on which direction the adjustment is made. As a result, the motorbike supports customers with inseams of 28”-37”.

Differently placed, users between the heights of 4’10 to 6’4’’ can be accommodated with no trouble. 

However, the backrest does not alter independently to a reclining role; as an alternative, it’s far fixed to the seat. 

The Handlebar

The unit has 2 units of handlebars. A set is distinct on the seat, while the other is positioned and connected to the console mast. 

Those on the seat are designed to offer a guide for a competitive and comfy workout, even as sitting back. The Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706 also are integrated with EKG heart price sensors that examine and transmit the heartbeat price statistics to the monitor while held for exercise duration. 

Thus, you may be able to the song and maintain your target heart charge region at all times. 

On the other hand, the handlebars at the mast do not have EKG HR sensors on them, but they may be unique and are multi-grip designed to provide a spread of workout positions.

They are not adjustable; however, because of the curvature design of the mast, they are optimally located to offer general suitability for everyone.

The 2 units of the handlebars are coated with a smooth rubber foam that prevents slippage or blisters inside the arms but lets you enjoy the ease and comfortable grips. 

The Pedals

The Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike is prepared with hard and fast giant and textured pedals with adjustable safety straps. 

They can effortlessly and securely accommodate particular toe sizes with well-known gym footwear. Your feet received slip at some stage in a competitive pedaling. 

The pedals are counter-balanced and are manufactured from long-lasting plastic and a metal middle. 

The Drive

The ME-706 Recumbent Bike is belt-driven. It is geared up with a belt drive device that consists of a long-lasting anti-stretch belt, pulleys, cranks, and a small perimeter-weighted 11-kilos/5 kg flywheel.  

It offers a clean and quiet operation that allows you to exercise sessions at any time of the day without being a nuisance to the ones around you. You can watch your favorite TV display or listen to the tune as nicely throughout workout routines. 

The pressure is bi-directional; this means you can additionally pedal in reverse if you want to tone more excellent muscle companies. 

Since it has heavy-responsibility cranks, it could support stand-up pedaling. However, it’s no longer endorsed because the bike is not designed for that, and consequently, it’s no longer secure. 

Moreover, the force is preservation-free. It doesn’t require you to take the covers aside and try and lubricate or modify them. 

The Resistance

Most recumbent motorcycles typically have a guide magnetic resistance system, but the Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike has a motorized magnetic resistance system with self-generating electricity. 

This Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706 is one function that makes it stick out from the relaxation.  

The resistance machine includes a magnetic brake, a small servo motor, a flywheel, and a slight strength generator. 

Resistance is generated while the servo motor moves the magnetic brake close or farther, far away from the flywheel. So, no friction happens among the mechanisms. Therefore, no part wears out. 

Therefore, the resistance machine doesn’t need any preservatives, and its operation is clean and vibration-free due to the perimeter-weighted flywheel. 

The electricity generator prices the integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives energy for the resistance and console operation. 

The magnetic resistance system offers 24 adjustable levels that might control via the console. 

These resistance stages provide a unique range of exercising intensities. For instance, tiers 1-5 provide low-intensity workouts suitable for recovering from damage and the aged. In contrast, the rest provide unique sunglasses of exercising intensities that simulate hill mountain climbing and extra. 

They can assist you in shed pounds, tone muscle groups, and improve aerobic and lung health. 

The Console

The Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike console features several navigation buttons and a large 5’’ x 2.5” LED show display. The display tracks exercise stats, including Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, Watts, RPM, coronary heart rate, and the selected resistance level. 

The console is telemetry-enabled and has 23 workout packages and a Body Fat calculator.  

The console is compatible with a Polar 5 kHz HR chest strap (HR chest strap now not included inside the package deal). Alternatively, you could nevertheless monitor your coronary heart rate using the EKG touch grips if you don’t have the HR chest strap. 

The preset exercise programs provide different sorts of exercises that consist of Steps, Hill, Rolling, Valley, Fat Burn, Ramp, Mountain, Intervals, Random, Plateau, Fartlek, and Precipice. 

P2-P13 are the preset programs, while P14-17 are the person placing applications. These permit users to create the values for and within the order of Time, Distance, Calories, and the Resistance stage in 10 columns. After set up, can save the values and the profiles inside the memory. 

You can exchange the continued loading inside the column without converting the resistance stage already saved inside the memory. 

The P18-P22 are coronary heart price-based packages that focus on 55%, 65%, 75%, 85%, and custom. While P23 is Watt manipulate, that is a velocity-independent software. This way that the resistance will increase while your pedaling is gradual, and it decreases while you’re pedaling turns faster. 

P24 is the Body Fat calculator. This Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706 is a unique program that calculates the customers’ body fat ratio.

Then, you may activate the heart price Recovery Function by using the urgent PULSE RECOVERY key. This Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706 calculates the fitness of your heart and produces a result that is usually among F1 (splendid)-F6 (negative) at the end of the workout. 

The reveal goes to a snoozing mode after four minutes of state of no activity. It may grow to become ON through urgent any button at the console. 


The Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike has extras that can be designed to make your workouts fun. They consist of an integrated pill holder and audio system at the console and a 3.5mm jack for connecting a telephone or an iPod. 

These add-ons allow you to entertain yourself while running out. 


The unit isn’t always foldable, however, nor is it overly prominent. It is integrated with transport wheels on the front base to help you circulate it to the garage. 

Increase it from the rear base and tilt it over at the transport wheels, and there you cross. 

The garage vicinity perimeters needed are 4’8” duration by using 2”. Ideally, we could store it in storage or next to a wall. Better nonetheless, it can be left on a secure devoted exercise vicinity if you can find the money for it. 

Pros/Features Overview

•        It is sturdy, stable, and portable

•        It helps a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs. /136 kg

•        Users among the heights of 4’8’’-6’4’’ tall can be accommodated due to its customizability

•        The seat and the backrest are ergonomically designed and generously padded to provide enduring most useful comfort

•        There are 2 units of handlebars that offer consolation and the liberty to work out in exclusive postures

•        Its operation is smooth, quiet, and vibration-loose

•        The pedals securely and effectively accommodate exceptional toes sizes and standard health club shoes

•        The magnetic resistance machine with 24 adjustable ranges provide an extensive range of exercising intensities that focus on weight loss, muscle firming, and aerobic and lungs improvement

•        23 workout programs are designed to help you achieve unique fitness dreams

•        Body Fat calculator is included 

•        Recovery Function for coronary heart charge covered

•        The LED reveal tracks exercising development and simultaneously display them 

•        Telemetry-enabled and EKG touch grip available for coronary heart price tracking

•        A Tablet holder is included

•        A sound system is protected with a 3.5mm jack

•        The bike is protection-free

•        Not hard to assemble

•        Easy step-via design


•        No water bottle holder

•        HR chest strap now not covered (to be purchased separately)

•        A device located at the pill holder may block the view of the display


The Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Recumbent Bike is a value-powerful bike that gets you to exercise with ease and productively within the comfort of your house. 

The incorporated LED monitor, 23 workout applications, the ergonomic seat and handlebars, and plenty of additional guarantees you experience.  

Q: What makes a recumbent motorbike a magnetic recumbent bike?

A: The use of magnetic eddy currents within the braking mechanism (ECB).

A magnetic eddy modern-day brake or “magnetic ECB” capitalizes at the magnetic subject anomaly known as an “eddy present day.”

Much like how eddy currents form in water, the eddy currents around a magnetic discipline create their swirling outcomes and magnetic discipline. Those eddy currents may be used to create a braking impact by using the resistance of those eddy currents to oppose the rotational route of the flywheel at the recumbent workout motorbike.

The Xterra Fitness SB 540r Indoor Stationary Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Fitness Bike

I’m now not an electrical engineer, so I thought a diagram would help illustrate how a recumbent exercise bike will become a magnetic resistance recumbent exercise motorbike using magnetic ECB for resistance.

Magnetic Eddy Current Braking Diagram

The eddy currents which are generated are perpendicular to the flywheel’s path of journey. In magnetic eddy present-day brakes, the metal flywheel is exposed to a magnetic area from an electromagnet, creating eddy currents inside the flywheel. The eddy currents meet resistance as charges flow through the flywheel, and this acts to sluggish down the rotation of the flywheel. Interestingly, the faster the flywheel is spinning (RPMs), the more influential the impact. As the motorbike slows, the braking (resistance) pressure decreases, generating an immaculate ‘braking’ action, leading to effortless transitions among resistance degrees.

Let’s use the XTerra SB540R Stationary Recumbent Bike (which has an enormous flywheel), for instance. When you use a preselected software or set up your software – you may specify the resistance tiers for each segment of the health software.

So, permit’s say you operate the control panel and pick to start your workout with a resistance level of five for the primary segment, nine for the second one section, and sixteen for the 1/3 section via the sixth segment, after which step the resistance back down to heat down; as opposed to feeling abrupt and rapid modifications within the transition between the unique resistance tiers – you’ll experience a sluggish exchange inside the resistance level this is very comfy to adapt to.

Knowing how every type of resistance mechanism works will help you’re making an informed choice earlier than you’re making a purchase.

Magnetic ECB resistance mechanisms are becoming increasingly more famous. In the SB540R magnetic recumbent motorcycle, the magnetic currents music the resistance degree so that you can make the essential modifications depending on your selected stage of depth. A magnetic resistance motorbike offers greater because it may be less complicated to adjust, have an extra sophisticated resistance stage, smoother to use, and are quieter than different styles of resistance mechanisms.

Direct Tension and Direct Friction resistance mechanisms decrease in reputation and are more challenging to discover. They are awkward, noisy and use natural friction of shifting elements to modify the tension level, and that they required the rider to make manual modifications.

Wind Resistance mechanisms had been very famous earlier than the flip of the century; however, they also decreased in recognition—air resistance motorcycle paintings using a fan blade to create resistance.

The Xterra Fitness SB540R has an extra closely weighted flywheel resistance and a straightforward belt-pushed feature – Very Quiet to experience – very smooth to alter with a few touches on the manage panel. Smooth transitions, quiet and cozy, easy to alter on the fly, cheap, dependable, and coffee-preservation recumbent cycling inside the consolation of your house.

Proper Seat Adjustment

With your heel at the pedal, your leg needs to be immediately or a bit over prolonged. Then you pedal with the ball of your foot at the pedal and may leave a piece of flex on your knee.

•        Pain in the exterior of your knee generally way an excessive amount of leg bend.

•        Pain within the returned (rare) generally approach to slightly bend.

What’s That Noise? 10 Solutions for Common Bike Noises

Squeaks click and clunk all through a ride can power you nuts. These sounds can also flag an underlying problem of a more significant mechanical difficulty affecting your bike’s performance.

To solve the hassle and maintain your sanity, right here are 10 signs and answers to the most common motorcycle noises.


Dirty Chain

Symptoms: If the squeak happens while you pedal, you in all likelihood have a grimy, grimy chain — specifically in case you haven’t oiled or wiped clean your chain lately.

Solution: Use a few degreasers and a vintage toothbrush to smooth your chain. Once you’ve removed all of the filth, apply one drop of chain lube to each hyperlink. Remove any excess lube with an antique rag.

Loose Cleat Screw

Symptoms: If you have got a squeak within the identical preferred place as your chain and also you’re approving a dirty or worn chain isn’t the problem, a loose cleat screw may be the wrongdoer.

Solution: Check every of your cleat screws and see if any have come free. Retighten to peer if it solves the problem. If it’s nonetheless taking place, it can be a problem together with your pedal. If this is the case, attempt some drops of lube on the pedal spindle.

Worn Brake Pads

Symptoms: When there’s a squeak proceeding from the wheel vicinity, and your wheels are natural, it may be caused by dirty or worn brake pads vibrating in opposition to the rim.

Solution: Clean the braking exterior of the rim. Then update your brake pads if they’re worn and toe them in toward the rim. However, if the brake pads aren’t worn however are grimy, remove any dirt with rubbing alcohol or different solvents designed for cleaning motorbike brakes. Once clean, tough the pads with sandpaper.


Loose Headset

Symptoms: If you pay attention to a clunking sound coming from the front stop of your motorcycle, a loose headset can be the problem. Please take a look at it, take hold of your front brake lever, and rock the bike the front to back. If the headset is loose, you ought to be capable of sensing motion.

Solution: Loosen your stem bolts and stretch your headset bolt. Once you’ve tightened the headset, comfy your stem bolts and look at the brake lever to check usage.

Loose Bottom Bracket

Symptoms: A clunking sound on the bikes bottom-most effectively occurs when your pedal can come from the bottom bracket.

Solution: If it isn’t a loose pedal, possibilities are you may have an unfastened backside bracket. To tighten the behind bracket, you’ll need to dispose of the crank palms. If you have bottom bracket gear, you could make the wished repair via tightening the bottom bracket cups and adjusting the bearings. For less skilled domestic mechanics, or if you lack the tools, you could want to go to your neighborhood motorbike store.

Creaks & Clicks

Bent Derailleur

Symptoms: The series acts as if it wants to pass up or down your cassette when pedaling in positive gears, even while you aren’t trying to shift.

Solution: Most modern-day bikes can have barrel adjusters at the cables to modify the tension. If the chain seems like it requires to fall onto a smaller cog, turn the barrel adjuster 1 / 4 turn at a time clockwise until the hassle is fixed. If the chain jumps to a more significant cog, flip the barrel adjuster a quarter flip at a time counter-clockwise. If your issues persist after you’ve finished a complete flip of the barrel adjuster, an unethical derailleur hanger will be your hassle, and you may need a brand-new derailleur.

Seat post And Saddle

Symptoms: Sometimes, it can be tough to decide if the creaking sound underneath your bottom is coming out of your seat post or the Saddle itself.

Solution: Look at the clamps at the seat post first to see if it’s shifted ahead or returned from the markings on the track. If it has, reposition the seat to the proper role and tighten the bolts on the seat post clamp. If the squeaking keeps, the seat post can be your hassle. Remove the seat post of the frame and smooth it earlier than reapplying grease. If your seat post is carbon, you’ll want to use a carbon-particular paste as an alternative.


Loose Bottle Cage

Symptoms: Out on the street, it could be tough to decide where that loud rattling sound is coming from. One familiar hassle spot is the bottle cage. Luckily that is a smooth restore.

Solution: Check the bolts that connect your cage to the body to see if one’s come loose. Tighten as vital, careful not to over-tighten beyond the producer’s specs if you’re dealing with carbon elements.

Too Many Wires

Symptoms: A steady rattle or clicking sound on the front of your motorbike can be due to your cables. This Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706 is often due to a terrible preliminary setup wherein excess cord was left at the front give up of the motorcycle. During your journey, the cables can click against each different or body. It can also happen with internal cable routing, in which case your damn sound maybe even louder.

Solution: If you aren’t comfy changing and rerouting your shifter and brake cables, take your bike to your neighborhood motorbike store (LBS) and allow them to recognize the problem.

Short Valve Stems

Symptoms: If you have deep phase rims with a long valve stem, the rattle could be coming from your wheels — especially if it handiest occurs while you hit a bump or trip over rougher surfaces.

Solution: For a smooth fix, vicinity some electric tape over the pinnacle of the valve stem and comfortable it to the rim. This Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-706 will maintain it from moving around facet-to-side throughout your journey and cancel out the noise.

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