Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is among the best design in Precor’s Experience series. Its capabilities and the organization’s top models of E.F.X. cross trainer, A.M.T., U.B.K. good motorbike, treadmill, and climber.

Our evaluation takes a closer study of the ergonomic layout functions, transport alternatives, assembly process, guarantee insurance, exercise packages, and the P30 console. This will help you determine if the Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is the high-quality recumbent exercise bike for your private home health club.

Experience Series top rate design capabilities

One of the key features to focus on with any recumbent bike, beyond the consolation of the seat, is its positioning and angle from the crank.

The posture you hold while using a recumbent bike is distinctive to that of some other aerobic system and doesn’t permit the same stage of adjustment alternatives as upright bikes.

That’s is why Precor has invested time in coming across a friendly manner to make your exercises as secure as viable, even as still retaining your body in a function that’s efficient for biking.

This brought about the improvement of a system called Knee over Pedal Spindle (K.O.P.S.) biomechanics. Even though this is also used on their U.B.K. upright bikes, there’s similar reasoning behind the seat rail design for the RBK 835.

Everything of the seat has also been ergonomically contoured to create the most advantageous seated function that gives enough lower returned aid without sacrificing cycling performance.

For instance, the front of the cushioning tapers downwards to provide extra freedom of movement for your legs, and an attitude that keeps the display screens to your eye line as you lean towards the ventilated air flex again helps.

The 14-inch step-via body design with a low four-inch step-over height will also appeal to the diffusion of age levels and personal health levels, from young adults through to all of us needing low-effect exercising for rehab.

Precor RBK 835 – Features Summary

•        Air flex seat with high-airflow seat returned.

•        Suspension device lets in the seatback to transport with you for the comfort you could feel.

•        The seat has eleven adjustment degrees and can be adjusted while you’re on or off the Bike.

•        Step-via layout with a shallow step-over top (4 inches; 10 cm) so that you can enter and exit effortlessly.

•        Touch and telemetry heart rate monitoring

•        Wide, dual-sided pedals can be used without the pedal straps

P30 Display console layout

Being capable of music your performance is a crucial part of any ordinary exercise. Whether it’s to make sure your heart fee remains inside a positive variety for the duration of your modern workout or make comparisons with your previous workout results, correct feedback can make a significant difference to your consequences in both the short and long term.

With the Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike being part of the Experience collection, this indicates you benefit from the P30 console, which gives a wide variety of feedback metrics, from M.E.T.S. via to R.P.M. and average velocity.

Some groups select to tug all these statistics together and display them on an unmarried display screen or even require you to scroll via the exceptional measurements within the case of low-cost recumbent cycles.

By having a giant show console and grouping their exercise programs into classes, Precor manipulates to create the space needed to cut up this information out right into a format that’s more excellent intuitive and regularly simpler to study.

Having multiple one-of-a-kind screens certainly makes it a great deal easier to find the feedback you’re interested in mid-workout and has been used to organize types of performance metrics; current performance and amassed.

Current overall performance metrics include heart rate and the wide variety of revolutions consistent with minutes. In contrast, gathered metrics are running totals based totally on time, distance, total energy burned, and expected speed.

Suppose you’re looking to enlarge on the standard console and search out a much wider variety of enjoyment options. In that case, the P30 also supports Precor’s Entertainment Cap and Personal Viewing System (P.V.S.) attachments.

Preset exercising programs

Together with keeping a simple workout timetable and wholesome food regimen, the workout version is one of the most influential factors in figuring out how a hit you’ll be in accomplishing your fitness dreams.

Although the resistance may be manually adjusted via the lever motion control on the console, remembering when to do this and which ranges can be complicated. It would also be nearly impossible to measure the type of exercise that gave you satisfying results over the years.

This is why finding a recumbent bike with a wide variety of preset applications is so vital and why Precor has 12 geared up-to-use workouts constructed into the console for the RBK 835.

Precor has grouped them into 6 foremost classes for faster get admission to those applications, then introduced a short-select button for every onto the show console.

Because they use the same P30 console, those will be the identical 12 exercises available with the equal version in their upright motorcycle series (UBK 835).

12 preset exercise applications

•        Manual – One of the completely underrated packages when custom exercises aren’t to be had. If you’ve been following preset programs for a while, it can be easy to retain choosing the equal exercises each week.

The manual does require you to make all of the changes to the resistance yourself so that it won’t be ideal for all workout routines. That being stated, it may be an excellent manner to test yourself and notice if you want to boom the resistance degree while you turn lower back to the preset options.

•        Heart Rate – The handles on either facet of the seat feature built-in coronary heart fee hand sensors, which transmit your heart charge reading lower back to the console. (Telemetry is also a choice via a Polar chest strap)

As lengthy as the console is receiving comments of your heart charge, the resistance will robotically be adjusted to make sure you hold your target heart charge for the duration of your exercising. Working at precise possibilities of your maximum heart charge has been shown to produce stepped forward outcomes for specific fitness goals.

•        Interval – If you’re no longer already acquainted with c program language period education, H.I.I.T., or the Tabata Protocol, all of them revolve around the concept of an exercise containing some of the work and recovery periods.

These durations change as the exercise progresses, and interval applications on health equipment are usually assigned a ratio. For the Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike, these ratios are 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3. In this approach, you’ll be spending one, two, or three times as a lot of time at the work segment as you’re on the healing.

•        Weight Loss – Although every one of those packages will assist with weight loss to a few diplomae (while blended with a calorie-managed weight-reduction plan), this application is specially optimized for dropping the most weight in the shortest time.

The length is constant at 28 mins, and it’s encouraged that you preserve your heart rate among 50% and 70% until the workout is entire.

•        Variety – Contains the ‘Random’ and Cross Country workout applications, with Random producing an exceptional workout profile to observe whenever it’s used.

Cross Country, to begin with, creates a hard and fast profile, with predefined factors at which the resistance stage will alternate. This workout does permit some customization. Any modifications you make to the resistance level at one hill or valley stage can be remembered for those sections until the program ends.

•        Performance – Some of the maximum challenging exercising applications are available under the Performance category, such as Hill Climb and Watts Target.

As the name shows, Hill Climb will gradually increase the resistance throughout your exercising and is the appropriate choice for all people who desire to boost and tone decrease body muscle groups.

Watts Target encourages you to preserve a steady electricity output, which’s a calculation based totally on the resistance putting and your present-day biking velocity. The target electricity stage can be set to any 10-watt value between 30 and 400 watts, even though most 750 watts are possible at a hundred and fifty R.P.M. and a resistance stage of 25.

Ease of meeting / Maintenance required.

One of the maximum not unusual motives for terrible evaluations in the health gadget enterprise is poorly written / a complete lack of meeting commands.

As you might count on, this isn’t the case with Precor, who offers some of the very best first-class person manuals of any health gadget business enterprise we’ve written evaluations for.

The user manual for the Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is no one-of-a-kind, with detailed textual commands on how to finish each step, complemented via exploded drawings for the ones which might be slightly extra complicated.

With a similar frame design to the earlier 815 and 615 models, you’ll locate that the instructions are equal.

As with the alternative motorcycles, the total assembly time for the 835 models is around 45 mins, from unpacking the bins to taking part in your first exercise.

Low stage of maintenance

If you want to make sure your health device runs efficiently, a sure stage of renovation is necessary. This is authentic to any recumbent motorbike, but Precor’s layout makes it less complicated than most. Thank you mainly for its removable shroud cowl over the pedal crank and resistance gadget.

However, not all renovation responsibilities will need to be performed every day, and most people of them shouldn’t require the shroud to be removed at all.

There are schedules that Precor advises you to observe; one is day by day, and the other quarterly.

Daily can indeed be considered something to do before and after every exercise, and it truly entails cleaning the outside covers with a tender material and their accredited solution. This shouldn’t take extra than a couple of minutes.

Quarterly protection isn’t that instead of more complex, especially while you don’t have to fear belt centering and tensioning the manner you’ll with a treadmill.

For their R.B.K. bikes, this indicates following the same daily duties you usually could, however, eliminating the quilt shroud and vacuuming out any particles that could have gathered across the belt power.

•        External covers – 30 parts water to 1 element Simple Green, implemented with a gentle material

•        Console screen – 91% isopropyl alcohol answers, implemented with a lint-unfastened fabric. You can generally pick out up a bottle of this out of your neighborhood Walgreens for around $2, according to the 16oz bottle.

What’s covered with the assurance?

•        Frame and welds: Lifetime

•        Parts and put on gadgets: 10 years

•        Labor: 1 yrs.

With superior fitness technology and a general level of construct pleasant that makes it appropriate for Precor’s business health club installations around the sector, it’s exciting to look that it’s now been made to be had for home gyms environments as correctly.

Despite the resistance being the handiest managed metric on recumbent bikes, the RBK 835 nonetheless manages to offer excessive depth workout routines through a ramification of popular exercise profiles.

This is a motorbike that also benefits from a low degree of protection and informative error feedback via the console and an excessive degree of customer support and complete warranty coverage.

Overall, in case you’re seeking out a high fine recumbent motorcycle with an aesthetically appealing and modern-day design but affords the hard workouts, and leisure options you’ll desire for at this rate factor, the RBK 835 could make an incredible choice.

Product dimensions: 67″ (L) x 23″ (W) x 50″ (H) Product weight: 210 lbs Weight limit: 350 lbs


The above evaluation of the Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike Experience™ Series makes it clear that this model is widely utilized in nearly all the fitness golf equipment, mainly due to its 12 exercising programs, 25 resistance degrees, step-via layout, robustly built, dual-sided pedals, AirFlex seat with eleven modifications, and exceptional Biomechanics.

It can provide a low impact due to its two-level pressure gadget and eddy-cutting-edge resistance device. This device can supply low intensity in addition to exquisite high-intensity exercise. It is an amalgamation of comfort plus innovation. It is built with proper pedaling biomechanics and the load calmly for a comfortable experience.

MUSCLE GROUPS – What Muscles Do Them Work?

Recumbent Exercise Bike vs. Upright Bike

Both of those exercising bikes focus primarily on working out your lower frame. They concentrate on giving your quads, calves, hip flexors, glutes, and hamstring a run for their money.

Upright bikes have the gain of focused on more excellent upper frame muscle companies than recumbent models do not. Recumbent models hit positive decrease body muscle mass harder. Let’s test which muscle companies every one of those motorcycles targets pleasant.

Upper Body

Upright exercise bikes provide little to no guide in your top torso. The drawback of that is that they cause more top body stress, which we’ll communicate approximately more in the beneath section on ‘Pain.’ The upside of this is that they have interaction more top body muscle tissues.

Besides giving your legs a killer exercise, upright bikes permit you to tone your abs and decrease returned. They inspire a stiff posture which could do wonders for your core muscle tissues.

One of the most significant benefits of upright motorcycles and spin bikes over recumbent bikes lies in their ability to help you stand on the pedals or even lean ahead a chunk while using the most challenging settings.

These more disturbing positions positioned a secondary consciousness for your shoulders, hands, and even positive muscle tissues in your neck. If you’re interested in an extra of a complete frame exercise, an upright exercising motorcycle may be better desirable in your wishes.

Hamstrings and Gluts

On the alternative side of the aisle, the comfy posture of a recumbent workout motorcycle will take a load off your entire body. I don’t anticipate that it is going to be a smoother experience throughout the board.

2014 take a look at the usage of ergometers by way of beginner cyclists found that recumbent biking goals the hamstring muscle mass better than good biking.

Good motorcycles make you push your legs downward, in opposition to gravity. This continues the principal focus on the muscles in the front of your legs.

Recumbent bikes stretch out your legs in a horizontal function rather than a vertical one. They make you push your legs sideways, perpendicular to gravity. These call for the muscle agencies in the front and back of your legs to do more or less identical work.

If you think what this means for the one’s all-essential gluts, you’re on the right track. Recumbent bikes provide extra of a boost to the gluteus Maximus muscle organization than upright bikes.


In summary, each motorcycle will rip your decrease body to shreds.

If you’re interested in singling out your hamstrings and glutes, a recumbent version may be higher in shape for you.

If you decide on giving yourself a mild full-body workout that includes your arms, shoulders, and center muscles, you could prefer an upright version.

PAIN VS. PAMPERING – What’s Better For Pain?

Recumbent Exercise Bike vs. Upright Bike

Let’s face it, everybody who physical games may additionally sometimes enjoy a few forms of pain; I name that “precise ache.” This type of ache can specifically upward push when you start a brand new exercising recurring or push yourself along with your present-day exercising. This ache is frequently referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness)

However, “bad pain” is an ache that originates in ligaments and tendons and results from an excessive amount of strain, too little relaxation, or negative exercising form.

To a significant deal, ache may even pressure you to cut your exercise ordinary short. Let’s see how those exercising motorcycles perform in terms of pain and comfort.

Joint Pain

The pedals on a good motorbike are placed underneath your frame in such an attitude that forces your hips, knees, and different joints to work against gravity.

The up and down pedaling motion involves a better diploma of load and launch, which can pressure your joints.

In the recumbent motorbike, the pedals are placed in front of you and further away from your frame. In a recumbent motorbike, your legs are working extra in parallel to the ground.

The upright bike function is different. In a good motorbike, you figure extra perpendicular to the floor. Hence an upright bicycle puts more pressure on your knees than a recumbent motorcycle.

The recumbent motorbike’s horizontal pedaling includes more excellent muscle groups in your legs, however, without putting needless stress on your joints.

To summarize, a recumbent motorbike will paintings more splendid of your leg muscular tissues with minimum strain on joints. A good motorbike will paintings your leg muscle mass and a few top body muscle mass. However, there may be plenty of extra pressure on your joints.

Recumbent Bike = stresses the muscle mass, negligible stress on the joints

Upright Bike = stresses the muscular tissues; however, additionally stresses the knees

Back Pain

Recumbent motorcycles have a padded or mesh backrest that provides an accurate again guide. Padded fashions offer more cushioning for your decrease lower back muscles. This may be a lifesaver if you be afflicted by decrease back pain or pain due to a herniated disc or other spinal discs harm.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis, you may surely prefer an upright bike. Upright models allow you to lean forward while pedaling. This takes a large quantity of strain off your spinal wire.

Using an upright model can help lessen the returned cramps due to degenerative joint diseases frequently located in men & girls over 50.

General Comfort

Even within the absence of specific joint &, again, pain, the recumbent motorbike is the clear winner when it comes to all-round comfort.

Recumbent models have wider seats and extra padding. The separate returned help affords different angles that you may personalize to your preference. This permits you to distribute your weight more frivolously throughout your buttocks and returned.


The recumbent model is palms down the extra at ease choice for most people. The upright version may additionally fit you better if you have a particular returned hassle that alleviates while you lean forward.

WEIGHT LOSS – What’s Better For Weight Loss?

Recumbent Exercise Bike vs. Upright Bike

As a standard rule of thumb, recumbent motorcycles burn barely fewer calories according to an hour than good motorcycles.

A two-hundred-pound individual can burn about 600 calories in keeping with an hour on a good motorcycle.

The identical individual putting in the identical amount of attempt on a recumbent motorbike will use the most effective burn approximately 500 energy.

The reclined role of the recumbent version makes it more excellent hard to get your heart price up. These general outcomes are about 20% fewer calories burned in a given amount of time.

But it’s now not all terrible news for recumbent bike lovers.

Recumbent fashions tend to be greater comfy than upright models and are much less likely to purpose joint ache and discomfort.

These benefits mean that you might be capable of exercise sessions for more extended periods on a recumbent motorbike than you will on a good motorbike.

So, in the end, you could burn extra calories on a recumbent motorcycle using being extra inclined to hop at the motorbike and use it.


If you opt to work out in shorts spurts of strenuous activity (or H.I.I.T.), purchase an upright bike. If you opt for a training session at a relaxed pace for more significant extended intervals of time, get a recumbent bike.

Ease Of Use – What’s Easier To Use?

Recumbent Exercise Bike vs. Upright Bike

Recumbent motorcycles are closer to the ground, which makes them less complicated to mount and dismount. Their step-over frame lowers your likelihood of having an accident while hopping over the motorbike. If you are new to biking or have issues with balance, you’ll be less likely to fall off a recumbent bike in the middle of an exercising consultation.

It’s additionally easier to multitask on a recumbent bike.

Recumbent models leave your palms free to do other things while your legs are busy burning energy if you like to observe television or get work executed while workout, that is the motorcycle for you.

If you’re an avid cyclist, a good motorbike will offer a miles better simulation of the intensity and thrill of cycling exterior.

The Bulk Of The Bike – Which Is More Compact?

Recumbent Exercise Bike vs. Upright Bike


Good motorcycles tend to be smaller than recumbent models. If you’ve got limited space in your makeshift domestic gym, you may discover it easier to squeeze in an extra compact upright version.


Foldable upright bikes are more common than foldable recumbent fashions.

Recumbent bikes are by using nature bulkier and have more shifting elements. Although there are pretty some folding semi-recumbent bikes in the marketplace, we observed no recumbent exercising motorcycle that we could fold.

If you need to fold up your workout system and positioned it away while you’re not using it, an upright model may be handier and cost-powerful.

Light vs. Heavy

Good motorcycles tend to be lighter. Recumbent models have sturdier frames that use more metal to supply them extra stability and guide greater weight. Unfortunately, it additionally makes them heavier and more difficult to transport than upright bikes. However, some new light recumbent bikes are just like the Marcy ME-709, which might be comparable in weight to upright bikes.


If you have confined space or carrying capacity, it’s possibly better to go together with an excellent folding motorcycle.

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