PROGEAR 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike

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PROGEAR 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike

The PROGEAR 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike is simply one to have a take a look. It’s a workout bike with a manual magnetic anxiety device, inside the equal charge class as the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4601 and Exerpeutic 900XL. However, when it involves specs, this exercise bike does offer a specific type of console and 14 levels of resistance in merely 8. However, it’s now not equipped with pulse sensors. Thus, if you need to tune your pulse, you’ll have to use your device.

About ProGear

The PROGEAR 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike manufactured using an enterprise known as Paradigm Health & Fitness. Headquartered in Southern California, this organization is one of the leading healthcare providers, well-being, and health equipment and merchandise worldwide. Their most crucial dedication is to deliver new and revolutionary merchandise to the market that benefits consumers’ wishes.

Specialized Details and Specifications

• Assembled measurements: 49L x 22W x 43H inches (125L x 56W x 109H cm)

• Assembled weight: 60 lbs (27.2 kg)

• Weight limit: 250 lbs (113.3 kg)

• Seat: Adjustable

• Pedals: With ties

• Resistance: Magnetic, 14 degrees

• Performance monitor: Time, distance, speed, energy, RPM, odometer, goal functions

• Amenities: Tablet holder, bottle holder

• Warranty: 12 months restricted


It seems to appear may be deceiving!

It has a metal body creation that appears nicely made and delivers a terrific strong basis for a wobble and rocking free exercise to respect exercise intensities.

To maintain the motorbike balanced on surfaces, the levelers in the rear stabilizer stop caps. You flip these to stage up the motorbike.

They will handiest take care of minor versions inside the floor only.

The motorcycle comes with only a one year guarantee, which is about average for motorcycles in this fee variety.

A gift because the motorbike is a new model. There aren’t any customers’ remarks about the motorcycle’s durability, but they say it is an excellent, dependable motorbike.


Although the motorcycle is smaller than many recumbent exercising bikes, it may accommodate people between the heights of five ft and six toes 3 INS by adjusting the seat’s location.

If you’re under five toes, you’re possible to discover yourself stretching to attain the pedals at some distance quit of the stroke or having to sit ahead to the very the front of the seat. Both of which may be abnormal.

Over 6ft 3ins, you are presumably not going to get your leg’s full development – it has to be barely bent on the far cease of the pedal stroke and sense cramped up.

The motorbike seat slides along the assist/slider below it. The adjustment is continuous, which lets you locate the center inside the vicinity in which you need it and not restrained from pre-setting positions that can result in the middle being just too close or too some distance away to be comfy.

To adjust, you do want to be off the motorcycle. There is a handle under the slider that you extricate; at that point, slide the seat into the role after tightening back into location. It seems to preserve the heart firmly in the area, and there’s no wobbling skilled from clients primarily based on their opinions so far.

The seat moves up barely when you flow the center back for people with longer legs to have it still a relaxed peak and distance for biking and buying on and stale the motorcycle.


The pedals are more extensive than average, finished, and with plastic lashes to offer a superb grasp in your footwear, so there’s no slipping as you pedal.

The ties are the ones with openings in them, which you insert a knob at the pedal side.

They are pleasant for retaining your feet in place; however, they may be challenging to adjust until they melt up a touch from use.


The motorcycle is a great compact length for a recumbent exercising motorbike for a while; you are looking to keep it out of the manner. Its footprint is 43 by 22 INS, and this is the region needed to accommodate it

It doesn’t fold up. If space is an actual issue, then a semi-recumbent folding motorbike may be an option inclusive of the Exerpeutic 400XL – your toes are angled more significant downwards in the front of you, and the seat isn’t as cozy. You can see the overall assessment right here.

There are two small rollers on the front stabilizer bar. To use them, you raise the bike the usage of the again stabilizer bar.

They are pretty easy to apply as most of the weight of the motorbike is on the front. The wheels guide the motorcycle’s burden, leaving you to navigate the bike to wherein you need to go along with it. It allows one man or woman to do that on their personal. It’s much higher than having to hold the 60 lbs weight to your own.

The wheels work best on surfaces on soft surfaces, such as a few carpets; you can locate they stick as there aren’t quite a few clearances, so you might also come to be dragging it at times. It’d be an excellent concept on wood flooring to check the wheels to ensure they don’t scratch or dent it.


The ProGear 555LXT recumbent motorcycle capabilities a one-piece metallic body, long-lasting to help users up to 250 lbs (113.3 kg), The body and seat are very sturdy. They could guide users even more massive than the required 250 lbs weight capability. However, the seat locking machine won’t maintain too well if the person exceeds this weight limit.

As against other recumbent bikes, this unique model is not extraordinarily significant. It’s 11″ shorter in duration than the IRONMAN H-Class 410, having an assembled footprint of 49 x 22″W (125 x 56 cm). This PROGEAR 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike this specific recumbent motorcycle version may be a first-rate choice over other models, in the case garage area is a problem.

The case does not have a folding design. However, it’s no longer cumbersome, presenting an assembled weight of approx. 60 lbs (27.2 kg) is a front base stabilizer and integrates delivery wheels; hence, if you need to relocate the motorcycle after your workout, its transport is relatively easy. By leaning it ahead on its delivery wheels, you may be managing less than half of the bike’s overall assembled weight.

Both motorbike’s bases feature rotating plastic caps on their ends, which function stabilizers. Thus, it’s no longer necessary to the area this exercising bike on a mat.

As we’ve referred to above, the motorcycle’s frame is metallic-made; however, some parts, such as the protective shrouds of the bikes power mechanism, are made of heavy-responsibility PVC material. All metal parts within the body are powder lined with corrosion-resistant paint. The most effective available coloration (at least for now) is silver.

Last, however not least, the body features a step-thru layout, making it more straightforward for folks with disabilities to sit and use the motorcycle.

Seat and handlebars

Since it’s a cheaper recumbent exercise motorcycle, its seat is not extremely state-of-the-art. It does produce 2″ (5 cm) of cushioning on each the seat component and the backrest, though, supplying remarkable comfort and lumbar support. The entire seat assembly is adjustable. Its adjustment mechanism permits you to trade its function with regards to the pedals. Differently positioned, the motorcycle can accommodate customers among 5′ and 6’3″ (152 – 190 cm). If you’re taller, you may nonetheless use the bike, but you can no longer advantage from a complete leg extension.

The backrest itself does now not provide any adjustability, including for the IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class 410, for instance. It appends to its bar using four jolts and goes in reverse or ahead alongside the seat, as you manage its position.

The handlebars additionally joined to the seat, and their edge and role cannot be adjusted. They’re covered using a thin sheet of rubber foam material to offer a more excellent cozy grip. However, they do now not combine pulse sensors, just like the handlebars of most recumbent motorcycles on this category. The console additionally doesn’t tune pulse.

Resistance and power

The ProGear 555LXT equip with a manual magnetic resistance system. In different words, the resistance mechanism includes a small magnetic plate, connected to the body, close to the bike’s metal flywheel. A metal twine makes the association between the attractive plate and the opposition handle on the comfort tube. Hence, by turning the handle, the beautiful plate will modify its role about the flywheel, increasing or reducing drag.

Since the resistance device does not combine a servo motor, being absolutely guide, the motorbike doesn’t need to connect to an energy supply. Additionally, the support is battery controlled and does no longer manage the motorcycle’s resistance in any way.

The motorcycle’s resistance knob features 14 “clicks,” or in another way, positioned 14 obstruction settings. The top obstruction settings gracefully a lot of hysteria, providing the opportunity to undergo a more excessive workout. But as a well-known concept, since it’s a recumbent motorcycle, it’s made for light to medium depth cardio exercises.

Because the resistance is magnetic, the resistance elements do not contact, including a motorbike with a felt-pad brake. Therefore, the damage and tear of the resistance elements are virtually inexistent.

This ProGear exercise motorbike functions a belt drive system, which comes with numerous blessings. First of all, the bike’s operation is extraordinarily quiet. You can slightly pay attention to a soft whirring sound while pedaling. Second, the transmission (the belt) doesn’t require any lubrication like a chain might.

The flywheel is border weighted, which implies that the accelerating movement is exceptionally consistent, presently not jerky, regardless of whether you utilize one of the top obstruction settings. The flywheel isn’t too heavy but does offer a quite regular momentum.

The bike permits opposite pedaling, and while pedaling in reverse, you may nonetheless enjoy the present-day resistance placing. Also, the console will retain music distance, pace, and all the different workout indicators.

The motorcycle prepared with a durable, metal crankset; the pedals are nylon-made, offering adjustable straps.

Fitness laptop and amenities

The laptop unit provided with the ProGear 555LXT magnetic recumbent bike functions a three. Five″ LCD, with massive digits, easy to read. It tracks velocity, time, distance, energy burned, and RPM. It has a SCAN characteristic that enables it to mechanically cycle thru the values, displaying everyone on the display screen for several seconds. However, you may select any of the costs shown on the display screen. It additionally has an Odometer feature, which presentations the overall distance traveled up to the prevailing moment. And in the end, this health pc lets you set up goals for space, time, and calories, a function that actually location it a piece above the primary motorbike pc unit.

The pc is simple to perform. Has the most straightforward three keys: RESET, MODE, and SET MODE, essentially used for navigation, SET for deciding on values, and RESET used for resetting all of the costs. The console makes use of 2 AAA kind batteries, which are protected.

In terms of facilities, the primary to mention is the tablet holder incorporated inside the console. This element is substantial sufficient to help any tablet. The motorcycle functions a bottle holder, molded into the top part of the drive mechanism enclosure.

Assembly and Maintenance

The force and resistance mechanisms come geared up-assembled, and connected to the main chassis of the motorbike. Nonetheless, there’s still some get together required. You should append the base cylinders to the principle frame, collect the seat, upload the console submit, join the tension twine, and eventually add the console and the pedals. Assembly is some distance from being complicated and shouldn’t take more than thirty-forty min. The manual provides step-by way of-step assembly instructions, and tools for meetings also are blanketed.

When it comes to protection, there’s little or no required. You have to check the bike’s joints periodically, to ensure that the bolts nevertheless hold nicely in their places, and re-tighten them if necessary.

The Pros

• Solid body for a mild recumbent motorcycle;

• Adjustable seat role, for users among 5″ – 6’3″;

• Padded seat and backrest, supplying exquisite consolation;

• Quiet magnetic brake device;

• 14 degrees of magnetic resistance;

• Pedals with adjustable straps;

• Fitness computer that tracks velocity, distance, time, RPM, and energy burned;

• SCAN, odometer and intention putting features;

• Tablet holder protected;

• Bottle holder protected;

• Easy to bring together and function;

• Lightweight, clean to deal with;

• Little to no preservation required.

The Cons

• No pulse sensors – console doesn’t tune pulse;

• No the front handlebars;

• A tablet located on the holder will cover the console display, which can be an inconvenience.

Progear 555LXT Price

Compared to different recumbent exercise bikes, it has a few benefits not continually available.

It does encompass a higher console with the ability to add objectives, a water bottle holder, non-public electronics holder. It seems like it has an extra at ease seat, and the seat adjustment is a lot less complicated.

When I checked at Amazon, it can qualify free delivery.

The ProGear 555XLT Exercise Bike vs. A Similar Product

We compared the ProGear 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike to the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike. Right off the bat, it grows clear that the former is higher than the latter. Let’s shed some light on their differences.

The Marcy exercise motorcycle is small and very uncomfortable for a person who desires to exercise sessions for longer intervals for starters. There is not any back guide; neither is it gentle at the joints. Furthermore, its production is not as stable because the ProGear motorbike and subsequently gained final as long both.

Lastly, the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike features the handiest eight resistance tiers too, which comes best 2d to the ProGear’s 14 resistance degrees.

Is This Recumbent Bicycle for Large or Small People?

You can push the seat farther again and farther forward by using the usage of a slider to alter it. There are no pre-set holes drilled, so you can set it to the precise position that fits you.

The manufacturer says the bicycle is constructed for humans from 5’0″ to 6’3″ tall. However, a few customers say they or their kids can use it even though they’re below five toes on top. It would possibly depend upon how long your legs are on the subject of your total height. And if you’re taller than 6 foot 3 inches, you may now not be able to amplify your legs as tons as you’d choose.

The manufacturer also says its miles built for humans no more massive than 250 pounds or 113 kilograms.

However, based totally on my evaluation and research, customers document it’s nicely-constructed and sturdy, so there’s undoubtedly a margin allowing more massive humans to apply it. But that might grow put on at the device in the end.

The seat is big enough to hold most users unless they may be too massive (over 250 pounds).

Is This Bike Comfortable?

As noted, the seat is massive enough to accommodate folks who weigh as much as the producer’s limit of 250 pounds. It’s plenty larger than a standard bicycle seat—16″ inches wide, tapering to eleven″ where your thighs begin.

Some users point out the seat is hard, although it cushioned. You can area a cushion or pillow on it.

The backrest leans returned at an angle, which is typical of recumbent exercise bicycles. It does provide help in your decrease returned.

Some document handles at the seat’s extent are too far down to keep on until your hands extended quickly.

Most user’s document it’s healthy and secure. There is an Adjustment Leveler you could screw down to make sure the motorcycle sets level and at ease on the floor. And it has extra adjustable floor stabilizers.

The handlebars sit low, close to the seat-stage. And they gentle grip handlebars so that you without problems maintain directly to them even as pedaling.

Can I Use the Progear 555LXT is an Apartment?

This recumbent exercise bicycle is smaller than the maximum, so if it doesn’t suit your house, no recumbent motorbike will.

Plus, its miles quiet, so it’s going not to disturb other humans.

The front stabilizers contain embedded journey wheels. You can move it nearby with the aid of lifting the seat and rolling it to a brand new role the use of the front tour bikes.

Is It best for The Disabled and Elderly?

Yes, this is a simple workout bike that offers incredible value to people who need to pedal without procuring many costly gizmos and complicated gadgets.

The sections are held together by way of a chrome steel bar that’s close to the floor. This PROGEAR 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike creates a step-through design so humans can get on and off with minimal chance so long as they could enhance one meal better than the bar.

You can song your pace, time, and the variety of miles.

The one drawback is that the manufacturer says it’s now not for every person over 250 kilos. So it’s miles for shorter, smaller human beings than some fashions.

How Explores the PROGEAR 555LXT Pedaling Mechanism Work?

This motorcycle has 14 degrees of resistance. You flip a knob on the front stand to set it to the amount of resistance you need.

It employs magnetic tension. The pressure comes from magnets performing on the metal flywheel. This equal generation utilized by Japanese bullet trains to preserve them raised a millimeter off the track.

Unlike technologically older structures in which the wheels slowed through a few brakes or friction, there’s no physical touch between the magnets and the wheel.

That is the reason this bike is so calm; electromagnetic powers make no clamor. There’s just the wheel turning as you pedal.

If you wish to pedal in reverse to paintings your muscle mass in a one-of-a-kind way, you can. The magnets gradual the wheel no matter which manner it’s far turning.

The foot pedals are massive and have pedal straps (adjustable in length) to suit your ft to keep them on the petals.

It uses a “Quiet Drive” belt device to turn the flywheel as your feet turn the pedals. You’re just spinning the flywheel internal as you pedal. The opposition originates from the magnets pulling at the flywheel.


The ProGear 555LXT is a recumbent workout motorcycle with magnetic guide resistance, presenting 14 exclusive tension tiers. It capabilities a healthy frame production, with a step-via layout, padded seat and backrest for maximum consolation, and a console offering numerous more excellent capabilities than the most fundamental health meter devices. It’s a splendid motorbike for mild to medium cardio workouts, muscle firming, and stamina construction. It also can help you lose weight; you can genuinely burn 4-500 energy per hour in this motorbike, depending on how speedy you pedal and the resistance settings used. And ultimately, considering that it prices less than $200, it’s relatively safe to say it offers a notable fee for the charge.

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