Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine

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Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine

The adequately designed Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine built to make your elliptical exercise as clean and comfortable as feasible. Features like high adjustability and uninfected controls make running the machine handy, allowing you to attend your attempt on breaking a sweat and firming up. The SOLE E35 capabilities handheld heart price monitoring and additionally comes with a chest strap for arms-loose comfort.

Incline and resistance levels can set with the push of a button placed on the handlebars, and the step length and grade degree choices are a way past what you’ll see in most competing elliptical machines. The stride at the elliptical gadget can be adjusted from 20′ to 22″ and has fully adjustable footrests, while the incline may set up to a challenging 30°.  And that’s just the start.  This Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine is a club-grade machine with the capabilities to match. Read on, and we’ll wreck down the SOLE E35 in our complete elliptical review underneath.

Best Suited for Whom?

Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine is an above access-stage elliptical instructor using one of the central Sole Fitness emblems. The cross-instructor brought to facilitate and inspire the beginners and mid-range trainees to have an everyday exercising at the consolation in their houses by presenting the membership-best build and a few high-quality functions under $1500.

With its 25lbs flywheel, exceptionally Adjustable Foot Pedals, and energy stride with 20″- 22″, E35 elliptical can assist to users of different top and length and can take care of weight up to 375lbs.

Specialized Details and Specifications

• Assembled measurements: 82L x 31W x 67H inches (208L x 79W x 170H cm)

• Assembled weight: 231 lbs (one hundred and five kg)

• Flywheel weight: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)

• Supported weight: 375 lbs (170 kg)

• Stride: Adjustable, 20 inches (fifty-one cm)

• Incline: Automatic, 20 ranges

• Resistance gadget: Eddy cutting-edge, 20 ranges

• Console: 10 exercise applications, Bluetooth, USB charging port

• Extras: Sound device, cooling fan, pill holder, bottle holder

• Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts five years / Electronics five years / Labor 2 years

Frame production and parts

The Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine capabilities a durable metal frame with a couple of A.B.S. covers. All the metallic parts in its construction line with a corrosion-resistant paint finish. The color-related is black, which is the handiest color for this instructor so far. The most effective exceptions are the aluminum pedal rail covers that have their very own natural polish.

The wholly assembled instructor in all fairness huge; it’s far approx. Eighty-two ″ (208 cm) long and 31″ (seventy-eight cm) wide, while the top of the console reaches approx. 67″ (one hundred seventy cm) above the flood stage. It also recommends departing at least two toes of clearance all over the elliptical to get entry to and unhindered operation.

The machine is also pretty heavy. It weighs approx. 231 lbs (one zero five kg), so it’s far recommended to be carried and assembled using folks. However, all this weight is meditating into the unit’s average balance and durability. Once it altogether completes, the device can move using the handiest one person as its front base is prepared with transport wheels while the rear floor functions lifting.

The Sole E35 elliptical teacher functions a set with articulating pedals. They are set at a 2° internal slant so that it will provide an herbal foot positioning and decrease the stress on your ankles and knees. They additionally cushioned. The pedal trays are a product of heavy-duty A.B.S. fabric with a non-slip floor and front guards for advanced foot balance.

The pedals are attached to 2 heavy-duty bars. They designed to help users up to 375 lbs (170 kg) that’s quite remarkable for a device made for domestic use only. The decrease pedal bars are ready with twin rollers that slide on twin rails. This dual rail system gives superior stability and generates a positive-foot feel while you are exercising at the elliptical. The rollers integrate commercial grade ball bearings for a clean pedal motion and outer rubberized covers to reduce noise and vibration.

The machine is ready with two sets of handlebars, one fixed, one cell. The constant handlebars are without delay connected to the console mast. They integrate pulse sensors. The shifting sands of the gadget have a multi-grip design. Also, they combine incline and resistance controls.

Incline, stride, and step-up top

The Sole Fitness E35 elliptical device outfitted with an automated incline machine; this means the unit should link to a power source for you to use the incline. Also, the console can robotically regulate the angle, depending on the program in use.

The unit’s incline system locates on the rear of the company. It includes a small motor and a lift, which elevates the dual-rail device; the design makes available 20 ranges of incline. The incline increments are 1%. The unit doesn’t have quick controls for choosing the favored incline stage right away, which is best for gradual incline adjustment. There are incline controls integrated into the left shifting arm and on the left aspect of the console.

Although the SOLE E35 elliptical teacher has a front-pressure device, its elliptical direction is horizontal. When you upload incline, the oval course will become slightly expanded at the front main to a sensation of mountaineering a gentle hill. As a general idea, the device design for maximum consolation and an herbal gait. The pedaling motion gets rid of almost absolutely all the effects on your joints.

The SOLE E35 gives a trendy 20″ (51 cm) stride. This method could accommodate customers up to 6’5″ (196 cm), providing a whole range of movement. The pedal step-up peak is approx—14″ (35 cm). However, if the incline is about to maximum, the pedals will benefit some more inches in top. Thus, it recommended applying this elliptical move instructor in a room with a ceiling that is at least 25″ (sixty-three cm) better than your height.

Drive and resistance

This SOLE elliptical teacher gear up with an automatic resistance device for external energy supply to make the resistance adjustment; also, only as for the incline can the console mechanically alter the pedal resistance relying on the software in use.

The most crucial obstruction components are a servo engine and an attractive brake. At the point when you modify the obstruction, the servo engine changes the magnets’ pull, ending in extra or much less pedaling.

The SOLE E35 makes it to have 20 tiers of resistance. The first few tiers deliver little pedal anxiety, exceptional for low-depth aerobic workout routines, or on the other hand, recovery preparing. The primary 18-20 levels, then again, give extensively more excellent resistance, outstanding for all people who wish a regular exercise and other fats burning opportunities.

The gadget’s inner flywheel weighs 25 lbs (11.3 kg), a touch lighter than the Horizon 7.0 AE flywheel that is a pretty comparable system. The flywheel functions a balanced layout to provide a regular pedaling movement. It is likewise, bi-directional. Therefore, you can pedal in the opposite for you to diversify your workouts. Of course, while pedaling in reverse, the resistance remains identical (relying on the chosen degree), even as the console continues to reveal your calories burned, distance traveled, etc.

The machine’s pressure device makes use of a poly-v belt. This type of transmission comes with some blessings. First of all, it doesn’t want periodic lubrication. And 2nd of all, the pedaling movement may be immaculate, quiet, and vibration-free.


The console covered with the Sole E35 elliptical gadget offers pretty an excellent range of functions. To start with, it has an LCD show with L.E.D. backlight and significant digits for advanced clarity. It tracks time, distance, general distance, speed, R.P.M., watts, and pulse. For speed and range, you can select both Metric and English devices. Space is also proven as a 1/4 mile race track with a lap remember analyzing.

For the heartbeat reading feature, the gadget has incorporated sensors in its constant handlebars. However, the console is likewise telemetric. It can read your pulse through a Wi-Fi H.R. chest strap transmitter. This accessory is protected.

The console unit makes available ten workout programs. The first application is Manual. If you choose this program, you could alter the workload (incline and resistance) manually from the integrated controls. It also gives you the possibility of installing an aim for time.

The following five packages are preset. These are Hill, Far Burn, Cardio, Strength, and HIIT. As their names recommend, everyone has it is personally unique, presenting a specific type of exercise. All the packages robotically alter both the resistance and incline.

The console additionally has 2 User Defined applications and 2 Heart Rate programs. Each User profile offers you the opportunity to create custom software, keep it, and re-use it anytime you want. Also, each consumer can input their age and weight for better data evaluation. The 2 Heart Rate records are preset for 60% max. H.R., and respectively 80% max. H.R. If this sort of application is selected, the device will auto-alter the resistance to help you maintain your heart rate close to the chosen percentage.

Bluetooth connectivity is also to had on the console of this gadget. This Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine said you might sync it with your phone or pill through the free SOLE Fitness App (for Android and IOS). This app permits you to music your development online and transfer your exercise statistics to additional apps similar to Apple Health, FitBit, MapMyRun, or Record.

We can point out the USB port, the sound system, the cooling fan, and the two tablet holders, among other high-quality console functions. The USB port is the most effective charging port. This Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine means it can also serve the reason for charging your telephone or tablet thru cable (cable is not protected); you can’t keep your exercise statistics on a USB stick.

The sound gadget consists of speakers positioned at the pinnacle of the console. An AUX port and a headphone port also are available at the unit. Therefore, you may join your telephone or MP3 participant via cable with a purpose to play your song thru the unit’s console. The unit’s sound device also can function via Bluetooth.

The cooling fan locates between the two audio systems. It’s not incredibly massive however does offer fairly first-rate breeze during a more excellent severe workout. And ultimately, one of the tablet holders is located at the console’s pinnacle, even as the second includes a small shelf under the console show.

Assembly and Maintenance

The essential body of the device comes pre-assembled. However, there, nonetheless, are quite some components that require personal meetings. As a popular idea, you ought to join the two primary base pieces, add the console mast, the transferring arms, the pedals, the console, and more than one small covers. This Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine will take an extra than an hour. However, the manual offers step-by using-step assembly commands, and all of the necessary gear also are protected.

Maintenance calls for the periodic cleaning and greasing of the rails and joints. Other than that, you have to preserve the machine smoothly, take a look at the bolts every so often and re-tighten if necessary, and make sure no liquids attain the console.

Customer reviews

Despite slightly decreasing ratings than the E95, the Sole Fitness E35 is presently the maximum popular gadget within the range, with an excessive standard score from dozens of opinions submitted to online marketplaces, including Amazon.

It’s not just the amount of standard score that makes the evaluations so surprising; however, the distribution of ratings within that common.

Whereas many of the health equipment we evaluate tend to have a reasonably even upwards trend towards the whole five big-name ratings, most reviewers have rated the E35 at the overall five stars.

But even after reading this evaluation and hearing approximately how popular this elliptical is amongst domestic gymnasium users, it could nonetheless be useful to discover why human beings have selected to fee the device the manner they have.

Precise of the professionals and cons that have to refer to most customarily within the online opinions

If you’ve got a question about the E35 that we haven’t spoken back, you can usually ask current proprietors of the device any questions you might have over at the Amazon internet site. This Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine is wherein you’ll also find the overall reviews used to assemble the lists beneath.

The Pros

• Sturdy frame with a weight ability of 375 lbs;

• Aesthetic design;

• Adjustable stabilizers all base bars;

• Lifting deal with integrated into the rear base;

• Transport wheels at the front bottom;

• Ergonomic pedals;

• Dual rails for extra balance;

• Smooth and quiet belt pressure;

• Automatic incline, 20 degrees;

• Automatic (E.C.B.) resistance device, 20 levels;

• Incline and resistance controls incorporated into the cell handlebars;

• Pulse sensors integrated into the constant handlebars;

• H.R. chest strap protected;

• Large LCD, LED-backlit, imparting first-rate readability;

• 10 exercise packages;

• Each software has its button;

• Bluetooth connectivity;

• Compatible with the unfastened SOLE Fitness App;

• USB charging port;

• Sound device included, Bluetooth capable;

• Cooling fan had;

• Tablet holders blanketed;

• Bottle holder blanketed;

• Little maintenance required;

• Excellent guarantee.

The Cons

• The cooling fan isn’t too useful;

• No short selection keys for incline and resistance.

Is this product for?

Like all elliptical, the Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine is suitable for folks confined by joint ache and comparable troubles. Selling for near $2,000, this elliptical is excellent-suitable to those extreme about their workouts and recognize they’ll get their money’s well worth through years of everyday use.

If you’re an elliptical novice or don’t have a lot of cash to commit to workout equipment, you should look for a much less luxurious alternative. Sole fitness designed this elliptical to be as quiet as possible, so it must be high in your list if you choose to work out in the course of the early morning or past due at night time.

What’s covered?

Elliptical naturally don’t come with an entire lot of additional accessories, so it shouldn’t come as plenty of wonders that while you purchase the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical. You may receive the elliptical and no longer plenty else (you’ll get an accessible consumer’s manual to expedite the assembly procedure). Sole fitness is so confident in this product’s first-class that it includes some beneficent warranties with every buy, consisting of a 5-12 months assurance on electronics and elements and a -year warranty on hard work.


The Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine is one of the best elliptical available on the market. As we stated a bit earlier, its excessive rate means it isn’t a possibility for everybody. Thankfully, some of the much less high-priced alternatives to pick from if you attempt to shed pounds on finance. The ProForm 150i Elliptical is extra or less a newbie’s elliptical, but it has long been among our favorites despite that.

Typically promoting a touch over $300, it offers a stride duration of 17 inches, a weight capacity of 250 pounds, and a smooth-to-read LCD. Those who purchase the 150i can have 12 resistance tiers to select from, that will boom the intensity in their exercises as they expand, and will also have the choice to attach the system to the iFit app for simple monitoring of their progress. ProForm built this elliptical to final for years on cease, despite its low rate, and promises a 5-12 months frame warranty with each buy.

Why You Want a Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer?

The Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer is your pleasant mid-market choice to fill your property health club’s aerobic corner. For just a little more significant than the price of a low stop elliptical, the E35 offers you the various functions of tons more pricey elliptical running shoes. This near club perfect oval makes an excellent anchor piece for your private home health system collection.

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer

Like each decent elliptical system, the Sole E35 gets your blood pumping and raises your heart price with low-effect, non-stop foot movement that simulates strolling or running. But the E35 indeed rises above the % and differentiates itself with an innovative design, triumphing features, an unbeatable assurance, and a brilliant fee. And all the reviews appear to agree the E35 is extremely good, leading to several “Best Buy” scores. Let’s dig a touch deeper and spot what makes the E35 Elliptical Trainer so brilliant…

Read much greater information underneath.

Sole Design Innovations

The building at the outstanding reputation they evolved for their treadmill line’s excellent sturdiness and price, Sole entered the elliptical marketplace with a head start. And even though Sole engineers had over forty years of enjoy designing high-quit workout machines, they made an exhaustive study of each high satisfactory elliptical on the market to look at how they may progress. And to make sure they got it proper, they collaborated with Richard DeKok, P.T., M.T.C., a prominent physical advisor and sports medication professional at the St. Bernards Industrial Rehabilitation Center.

The Sole E25 elliptical teacher sports adjustable, articulating foot pedals.

This Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine led to many advanced features, including the Sole’s unique diploma inward foot pedal slope, a part intelligently designed to keep your frame in neutral alignment and lessen sore backs, knees, ankles, and hips all through elliptical workout routines.

For accelerated comfort, the foot pedals are extra-large, and their attitude is adjustable. Do you have grand arches or flat feet? No problem. While this will frequently lead to numb ft or knee ache, with the E35, you may reduce or eliminate these capacity stresses with the aid of genuinely adjusting the pedals to the proper perspective for your body form and gait. Many elliptical producers manage this by using honestly imparting articulating footpads. Like most excessive high-quality elliptical, the Sole E35 does have those articulating footpads. But Sole is going a step further by using making the footpads adjustable. If you revel in numb ft, regulate the footpad perspective better. If you feel pain in your knees, modify the attitude lower. You also can control the angle to maintain your workout: a lower view works your hamstrings more, at the same time as a better perspective focuses the exercise more for your quads.

You are winning Features You’d Only Expect from Higher-cease Machines.

The Sole E35 pack’s several functions, many of which you might count on only from better-end elliptical.

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer Console

The complete-featured digital console is simple to use. It consists of a blue lower backlit LCD, a water bottle holder, a built-in cooling fan, and an MP3 participant connection constructed-in speakers. There are eight workout packages (7 pre-described and one user-defined) to provide a selection of health challenges. The desk-bound handlebars have integrated pulse sensors to monitor your heart fee. But this Sole elliptical additionally includes a telemetry belt, and a wireless coronary heart price reveal for palms-unfastened coronary heart price tracking — another function you wouldn’t expect on this charge variety!

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer Handle Bars Include Resistance and Incline Controls

The upper body cope with-bars offer a total body workout. These handlebars encompass controls for resistance and incline so that you don’t have to break your stride and reach for the console to regulate your activity. The Sole E35 offers 20 tiers of resistance and an adjustable ramp angle incline from 15 to 40 degrees, supplying you with fantastic workout variety and permitting you to target any most important lower-frame muscle group at the touch of a button.

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer Wheels and Tracks

The whisper-quiet power gadget presents the fluid, herbal elliptical movement in each forward and reverse. Four wheels journey on heavy rails to lessen facet-to-side foot pedal movement and offer a smoother, more reliable experience. You don’t commonly see this on elliptical in this charge range.

Proven Durability and Spectacular Quality Backed by using an Awesome Warranty

Sole has a long record of constructing durable, high pleasant fitness machines. Hilton and Omni Hotels selected Sole because of the one-of-a-kind issuer of in-room exercise machines. If they have proven themselves in rigorous, hi-quantity motel use, they will stand up nicely for your own home health system needs.

Sole backs up the E35 elliptical with one of the first-class warranties inside the industry. They provide an in-domestic warranty covering the components and electronics for five years and the body for life! The challenge is the handiest two years of coverage for labor. This Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine compares to a laughable ninety-day guarantee furnished by many producers, including ProForm, Reebok, Image, and Weslo. Unlike those machines, the Sole E35 will rise nicely to excessive use.

Customer Ratings and Other Reviews

Take a look at what others are announcing about the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer.

Amazon.Com patron opinions deliver the Sole E35 a mean patron score of five stars — that’s the quality rating available!

A famous client mag (we’re not allowed to mention) gave the Sole E35 Elliptical a “Best Buy” rating for price and excellent. Numerous different online and offline assets have also put the E35 inside the Best Buy category.

The Treadmill Doctor says Sole Fitness has determined to be the only corporation this 12 months (2009) to deliver consumers a realistic price for their money.

What’s the Downside?

Compared to many ellipticals with a 14-16 inch stride, the Sole E35 has a 20-inch stride. For the general public, that is an upside because the more extended stride period creates a smoother, extra fluid movement. The footpad at some stage in the stride, decreasing the effect in your ankles and knees. But in case you are under 5’4″, you might recall a smaller stride. In this situation, you ought to hit a nearby carrying items or health save that includes Sole and take a look at the feel of the 20″ inch stride on a ground version before you purchase one.

Regarding the console, the fan isn’t super powerful, and the LCD and audio system could be slightly better pleasant. But they may be quite right, considering this is a domestic health gadget and that they need to be satisfactory for most everyone.

Great Price and Free Shipping

While the Sole E35 lists for $2,299, you may get it from Sole or many different assets for $1,299.99 with free shipping covered. But the word that the standard transport is to the scale down so that you’ll likely want to either find a few helpful (and robust) friends; otherwise, you’ll want to pay the optionally available inner transport price.

To sum it up, Sole says its quality: the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer is a “revolutionary system designed for health-conscious humans.” It’s an exceptional fee, and it needs to serve you thoroughly.

Do you have a Sole? Leave a remark below and allow us to know what YOU suppose!

Sole E35 Elliptical F.A.Q.

Is Sole E35 Elliptical noisy?

If all is walking well, the Sole E35 Elliptical is extraordinarily quiet and shouldn’t bother other human beings in your own home or neighbors that stay near.

You can effortlessly watch T.V. or concentrate on music while not having to show the quantity as much as too high tiers.

Which is the main characteristic of the E35 elliptical machine?

As you all recognize, we’ve put in quite a few research in the back of every evaluation we have written. Our pro athletes and health specialists have physically tested the machines, after which we have compiled the inputs from them within the shape of the review. All our researchers shared one common opinion, approximately E35 elliptical, that it’s pretty simple to use on a regular foundation.

The change of resistance and incline tiers at the handlebars did the workout at ease and handy. Also, the design of big-sized foot pedals, which might be tilted inwards to 2-degree, no longer makes your knees and ankles hurt or sore even after strenuous exercising.

What is the principal point of distinction among E95 and E35?

There are not several differences between these two workout machines. E35 has a barely smaller LCD than E95, and the flywheel also weighs 29 lbs related to 40 lbs to that of E95. The best-allowed weight on E35 is 375 that is simply 25 lbs less than that of E95, which lets in 400 lbs.


The Sole E35 elliptical gadget enables you to exercise longer and lets you reach your desires faster. You get a high-depth workout with a low-effect from Sole E35 elliptical. You design in cooperation with engineers and physiotherapists for the particular ergonomic functions.

You can regulate the device on your length and frame form. Wherever feasible, the Sole fitness e35 elliptical machine chose to modify, so you sense extra relaxed while using the Sole E35. It’s tranquil and has a few desirable functionalities. Sole E35 requires to plugged into the power, and it’s no longer Self-strength.

It method it’s going to add around $150 yearly for your strength bill. Sole e35 also has four rear wheels on heavy-duty rails to provide a smoother, greater definite sense and decrease facet-to-side foot pedal motion. Last but not least, Sole e35 is bidirectional so that you can see paintings on specific muscle tissues.

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