Merax Water Rowing Machine

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Merax Water Rowing Machine

The Merax Water Rowing Machine is one of the several water rowing machines that are appeared as the precise and dynamic indoor rowing system under $500 that offers the open water rowing feeling because it mimics actual rowing within the water due to the splashing sound it makes while using it.

 The Merax Water Rowing Machine’s relaxing float makes the person stay centered and enjoy the Cardio and aerobic exercises it affords. The rowing device’s benefits cannot be overemphasized, and that consists of the truth that it’s far a complete body exercise machine that engages top muscle companies inside the frame.

The Merax Water Rowing Machine has a magnetic resistance that is suitable for every person at each fitness level. Also, you have got the opportunity to customize your rowing experience by filling the water tank to the preferred level that makes resistance easy, complex, or extremely hard.

This Merax Water Rowing Machine is the handiest way to regulate the resistance while the usage of this rowing system because a conventional water rower does no longer offer you the opportunity to grow or lower resistance even as working out on the equal tempo or velocity; however, as a substitute, the resistance becomes clean when rowing slowly while it will increase while rowing faster and this is the reason why it’s far regarded as dynamic.

In different phrases, you get resistance that is proportionate to your degree of health; consequently, reduced tank water will not generate the equal stage of resistance as the only that is complete.

Product Dimensions and Specifications

•        78’’ Length

•        20’’ Width

•        26’’ Height

•        Supports 330 pounds/149.6 kg maximum person weight capacity

•        Resistance: Water resistance machine with 6 water ranges

•       Footrests: 12” long, anti-slip construct with adjustable Velcro straps for safety

•        Handle: 20” long, ergonomically designed and padded

•        Console: Large LCD screen presentations rowing depth in length, strokes, energy burned, distance, and heart charge

•        Transport wheels covered

•        Frame: Steel


The Merax Water Rowing Machine shipping fee depends on the retailer’s delivery policy. Nevertheless, some stores such as Amazon give unfastened shipping and fast performance.


The construction of the Merax Water Rowing Machine isn’t rigid and could be assembled below an hour.

It comes with a guidance guide that walks you via the manner of assembly very clean and healthy.

However, if you don’t want to bring it together via yourself, you may always opt for the ”expert meeting” provider on Amazon, and a person will come over and assemble the device for you at an extra price.


The rower doesn’t require any principal maintenance.

The water inside the blue tank calls for converting and remedy periodically to save your seaweed from developing its inner.

A funnel and a pumping siphon are blanketed inside the package.

Aside from that, you need to permanently wipe the rower easy of sweat and dirt after and earlier than use.

The Frame and Construction

The Merax Water Rowing Machine has a stable production and an appealing viewpoint that makes you want to receive on it and row to higher bodily health.

Its body and the front and rear stabilizer bars are made from solid metal lined with anti-corrosion and scratch paint that preserves their high quality from degradation. Thus, it supports 330 kilos/149.6 kg maximum consumer weight capability.

Its unique, willing-designed water tank ensures efficient and dynamic resistance. This Merax Water Rowing Machine is greater effective than those water rower machines which have a flat function. Moreover, because of this, the rower functions a space-saving design. Although it does not fold up, it can be stored away in a vertical shape while not in use.

It has a flat metallic rail with an overturned T-fashioned rear stabilizer bar with adjustable non-slip PVC levelers that balance even on an uneven floor. While the front base, wherein the water tank sits, has a metallic U-fashioned stabilizer bar that functions transport wheels that help in the relocation manner.

The gadget will require a chunk of the area when used because its typical dimensions of 78 inches lengthy using 20 inches huge via 25.5 inches tall. Differently positioned, the exercise area for the unit could be 6’5” long using 1’7” massive in a room with a 6 ft. ceiling height.  Also, there should be a further clearance of a minimum of 1 foot at the rear and on every side of the rower for protection and convenience.

It will suffice to mention that Merax Water Rowing Machine has a body and creation that make it robust and solid.

The Seat, the Handle, and the Footpads

The Merax Water Rowing Machine seat is a large and contoured seat designed to offer health and comfort. Its covering and the contoured layout make sure that the person feels relaxed and does not slip out of the seat through rowing activity.

There are rollers and sealed bearings below the seat that assure easy and unhindered gliding movement.

The seat travel distance enough to deal with taller users quite simply.

The seat’s measurements are 12.5 inches wide with the aid of 10 inches lengthy, a recipe for relaxed longer rowing.

The take care is 20 inches lengthy, ergonomically designed, coated with soft rubber foam to save you slippage and blisters inside the hands, and instead promotes comfort and comfy grips.

The handle is fastened to a stable and heavy responsibility 1-inch nylon rope whose different end is hooked up to the water tank over a pulley.

While the footpads are oversized, anti-slip designed and 12 inches lengthy, and feature adjustable Velcro straps that ensure that the toes are in the area and secure for the duration of an intense rowing second. The pedals pivot and are bendy, which reduces the strain that could in any other case be felt within the ankles.

The pedals are nicely used with fashionable gym footwear or barefoot.

The Resistance

It is critical to note that an air rowing gadget is a but some other rower that provides extreme and dynamic resistance. The Merax Water Rowing Machine no longer provides or mimics the real rowing expertise.

That said, the Merax Water Rowing Machine features a water resistance system. ThisMerax Water Rowing Machine is made of a plastic water tank with high-density hydro blades that generate dynamic resistance in rowing classes.

Usually, water or air resistance device hardly ever features resistance adjustment however as a pioneer, the Merax Rowing Machine allows the users to ascertain and fill in the level of water this is appropriate for his or her exercises.

There are 6 water stages, and the more water inside the tank, the more resistance is generated. Moreover, the faster you row, the greater extreme the resistance will become, no matter the water level. If you pull gently, the resistance intensity reduces, which is why it’s far known as dynamic resistance. Appropriate for anybody at any fitness degree because the resistance generated is continually proportionate to the customers’ rowing capability.

The resistance is smooth and offers a splashing sound that is hardly a problem or distracting but, as an alternative, offers the actual rowing revel.  The family or the pals received be disturbed by way of your rowing hobby, and you may also watch your favored TV display without showing the volume too excessive.

 The Console

The Merax Water Rowing Machine is a console that capabilities a large LCD screen that presents information suddenly.

The screen display has outstanding visibility and capabilities five control buttons for easy navigation.

The monitor correctly displays your exercise records consisting of the rowing intensity in the period, strokes, energy burned, distance, and the coronary heart fee.

Interestingly, it allows task yourself underneath the competitive race mode where you could get on an excessive rowing competition and, in the end, burn heaps of energy and tone a couple of muscle organizations as well.

The console/monitor is nicely located wherein it can be regarded without any trouble, and you could also adjust it to a role appropriate in your top.

The reveal is powered with the aid of batteries.


There is not any accessory on the Merax Water Rowing Machine. Therefore, to stay hydrated, you need to improvise to keep water within reach in the complete workout session.


The Merax Water Rowing Machine storage is easy and handy as it has shipping wheels that help with the relocation procedure.

Moreover, it doesn’t soak up space all through the garage because it’s far saved upright or vertically with the water tank under.

Basically, in a proper function, it has a small footprint with 71 inches in peak. It is usually recommended to uprightly region it against the wall.

Approval Rating

At the time of this overview, the Merax Water Rowing Machine has multiple Amazon clients’ reviews which are effective with a mean approval rating that suggests that customers strongly suggest the rower.

This Merax Water Rowing Machine shows that actual users are inspired by the layout, first-class, and general overall performance of the rowing gadget.

Pro/Features Overview

•        It has a robust construction that provides stability

•        It functions as a steel frame that supports 330 kilos/149.6 kg maximum person weight ability

•        Its resistance is dynamic

•        It mimics a real rowing boat

•        The water tank has 6 water stages that provide extraordinary resistance depth

•        The rower fits for all users of all fitness tiers

•        The seat is big, padded, and contoured to offer consolation and protection

•        The footrests are wide and anti-slip designed; they characteristic Velcro straps that comfortable the feet in place, and they swivel so that the ankles don’t harm

•        The manage is lengthy and padded so that your grip can be comfy and comfortable

•        The rower features an LCD screen that shows all exercising facts concurrently and its miles battery powered

•        Despite its splashing sound throughout an exercise, you need to be able to watch TV without having to inflate the volume too high and own family, or the friends gained experience disturbed via your rowing hobby

•        It is transportable because it functions delivery wheels

•        It may be stored in an upright function so that handiest a bit space is taken

•        Relatively smooth to gather


•        It calls for a bit little bit of space for the exercise area


The Merax Water Rowing Machine is a rower that gives incredible resistance even to the robust because of its unique slanted/inclined water tank. It is elegantly designed with stable metallic construction that helps 330 pounds/149.6 kg maximum user weight capacity.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are an effective means of staying in form interior while preserving yourself healthfully. Here are a few blessings of doing Rowing Machine sports.

1. Improves Cardio

Indoor rowing is low-impact Cardio that engages all most important muscle businesses. This Merax Water Rowing Machine, in the long run, directs the coronary heart to pump more difficult, which enhances the ability of the lungs to provide oxygen to the blood. This Merax Water Rowing Machine makes it a super alternative to weight-bearing sporting events.

2. Engages Full Body

Rowing covers each upper-body and lower-body workouts. It mainly targets the shoulders, fingers within the full-body, thighs, calves, and buttocks in the lower frame. It increases persistence, develops a more robust center, and improves muscle electricity.

3. Aids in Weight Loss

An unmarried exercise in a rowing device already sheds 600 calories an hour. That is ready 18 minutes shorter than the time required to burn as much energy on a stationary bike. That makes rowing machines greater effective than different domestic health club machines.

4. Creates Convenience

Most importantly, indoor rowing machines are on hand. You don’t need to set some time for scouting rivers and renting a boat. You can start rowing right in the comfort of your dwelling room, even at the same time as watching your favorite TV display.

Merax Rowing Machine


The bundle weighs ninety kilos and has 46.1 x 26 x 23 inches. the unit weighs 72 pounds and takes a scale of 78 x 20 x 25.5 inches. It also takes up exceedingly small floor space; this is approximately 78 x 20 inches.


Expect the water tank to be already pre-assembled and connected to the unit’s exterior. However, you may want to connect the seats, rails, console, footpads, frontal frames, and rear stabilizers. That might sound overwhelming. However, the package deal consists of a simple toolkit and guide to get the activity finished. Allot at the most minor 30 to 40 mins for meeting time, and your gadget might be up and running.

Build Quality

The system has a solid metallic production, which offers the most durability and performance. While no longer extremely heavy, it’s far solid and has a super ground grip. During an extreme workout, your unit is not going to slide or circulate across the ground. The body, most influential in black, also has a paint end that is anti-corrosion and abrasion-resistant.


•        Pulling handle. This ergonomically designed deal with 19 inches in the period, helps gentle gliding movements. Its tender rubber foams prevent blisters at the same time as providing you with a comfortable grip.

•        Footrests. The 12-inch-long footrests can suit foot sizes and encompass heel guards and a fully adjustable Velcro strap. Along with the anti-slip footpads, this selection will cozy your ft. in the vicinity. Thanks to the footrests’ pivoting design, you could slightly move your ft. at each stroke.

•        Water tank. This willing plastic water tank gives resistance. It is possible to fill 3 to 4 gallons of water. You will need to use chlorine tablets, which are also included in the package deal for maintenance.


The system is very compact; it takes up best a footprint, which makes for easy storage. While the system does not fold up, you may keep it vertically while not using it to keep up on space. When saved vertically, the unit will best take up 25 x 20 inches.


Relocation must not be a hassle because the unit’s silicone wheels at the front base help, without difficulty, roll the device inside and out of a room. With the wheels in place, you will need to hold approximately 20 kilos while transporting the unit.

LCD Monitor

The massive LCD monitor has five manipulate buttons and more than one mode that displays your rowing intensity in duration, coronary heart rate, calories, distance, and strokes. You can stop and start exercising with an unmarried push of a button. You may even mission yourself in a competitive race mode.

The console isn’t compatible with fitness apps and does no longer encompasses online connectivity. Aside from workout facts, the monitor also displays the clock, calendar, and room temperature. You will need two AA batteries to strengthen this device.


Unlike other water rowers, Merax has an inclined water tank that offers more resistance. The tank has six water levels that provide specific intensities of resistance. It also includes a funnel and a pumping siphon; you can modify the resistance by adding extra water to the tank.

Weight Capacity

The rowing system can guide up to 330 pounds. It additionally has a protracted seat rail that can guide individuals as tall as 6 foot 3 inches.


Long exercises tire you out as plenty because the rowing device comes with a 12.2 x 10-inch contoured seat. This enormously massive seat affords consolation and maximizes overall performance. However, the seat does not include cushioning. Instead, it’s far made of ABS cloth. This Merax Water Rowing Machine is strengthened with the aid of fiberglass. It is also suspended approximately sixteen inches above flood stage, making a smooth entry and going out for every age and ability.

Customer Reviews

So far, clients are taking part in the Merax Water Rowing Machine. It is simple to gather, mainly with clear manual commands. While it creates a low water sound, it gained compete with the low volume degree of the TV set. In truth, the gadget-generated sound may be very soothing and relaxing. Dynamic water actions also make customers sense like they’re in the water.

However, it’d be exceptional for the gadget to consist of pulse sensors at the management or, at the least, a wireless chest strap. This Merax Water Rowing Machine ought to permit users to record heart fees more effectively. Other than that, many nevertheless revel in the productivity, convenience, and health advantages that include the Merax Water Rowing Machine.

Using a Merax Rowing Machine

You don’t need to hike up a trail or swim inside the ocean for a chunk of exercise. For an affordable rate, Merax Rowing Machine permits you to supply maximum exercise. Convenient, intense, and smooth to use, this sturdy exercise gadget exams all of your outside fitness dreams while staying indoors.

Concept2 vs. Water Rower – Which Indoor Rowing Machine need you to select?

Concept2 vs. Water Rower, for some rowers, it’s an age-vintage question! Indoor rowing has ended up vastly popular, which isn’t surprising because of its several advantages. Rowing is a fantastic cardio workout for aerobic and anaerobic training, burning around six hundred calories in step with hour.

Along with aerobic, it also gives power training, running 84% of muscular tissues. Indoor rowing goals are leading muscle agencies, including shoulders, abdominals, and quads, the correct system for a complete frame exercise.

Unlike other gadgets, rowing machines are perfect for those who require low-impact exercising, with no jarring and clean transitioning. Whether you are a competing rower or looking for an alternative workout, indoor rowing is appropriate for all degrees of health.

Keen rowers are often divided on which system is satisfactory for indoor rowing. Here at Gym Marine, we’ve got in comparison the overall performance, mechanisms, and design of two of the maximum popular rowing machines available on the market: Concept2 vs. Water Rower.

Concept2 vs. Water rower: The Case for Concept2s

With over forty years’ enjoy, Concept2 knows how to make pinnacle-first-rate indoor rowers. There are 3 exclusive styles of Concept2 rowers: Model D, Model E, and the Dynamic, allowing you to select an appropriate shape in your desires.

Concept2 – Performance

Performance monitors are protected with all Concept2 rowing machines, called PM5. Easy to perform, the PM5 statistics your exercising as soon as you start. Alternatively, you can pick out your pre-set, preferred, or beyond exercises earlier than you start.

Your distance, speed, tempo, energy, and watts are recorded and displayed at the PM5. Wireless connectivity permits you to file all your facts on Concept2’s Erg Data app and heart fee video display units. Can save data at the device itself or on a USB, which may be up to date on Concept2’s software.

If you want motivation or just a bit of a laugh, PM5 consists of games. Or, in case you’re looking for competition, you could race your pals inside the equal room or distinctive international locations!

Concept2 – Mechanisms

All Concept2 fashions include a damper, permitting you to adjust the airflow to change the feel of the stroke depending on what exercise you want.

If you want a comparable revel in rowing on water, Concept2’s Dynamic version has a floating footrest. You are moving back and forth alongside the monorail calls for identical strategies as rowing in a boat and top-notch for sports schooling. Its mild weight, excessive-strength wire is handy if you are aiming for excessive stroke rates.

Model D and E are alike. Both with adjustable footrests for separate foot sizes, nickel-plated chains, and a relaxed take care guide your herbal arm and hand positioning. They are outstanding for beginners to aggressive rowers.

Concept2 – Design

Each model is easy to shop for. Model’s D and E separate into two sections, whereas the Dynamic rower is saved as one because of its most straightforward measures at 76in (193cm).

Concept2 has also taken into consideration all degrees of accessibility. Model D’s seat top is lower, while Model E is 6 inches better. Perfect for people with restricted mobility or who enjoy a raised view.

Concept2 vs. Water rower: The Case for Water rower

The official water rowing device of British rowing, Water Rower, changed into shape in 1988. Since then, they’ve accelerated from us to the UK, Australia, and Asia, developing in reputation.

Water rower – Performance

All Water Rowers include a display to measure your performance on every exercise. They provide two video display units, S4 or A1.

Measuring time, distance, velocity, intensity, stroke price, and coronary heart charge, the S4 is the full inclusive display because the A1 doesn’t record heart rate. Another characteristic consists of exercise programs, which may be set for A1 and distance on S4. The S4 monitor additionally lets you to analysis your exercise performance online via downloadable software.

Water rower – Mechanisms

The particular characteristic of Water Rower machines is the Water Flywheel. It reproduces the proper dynamics of a shifting boat, similar to water moving over the boat’s hull. The self-regulated resistance of the Water Rower manner you are in control, the more difficult you row, and the quicker you pass. Allowing you to set the tempo, the system is appropriate for all ages and capacities.

Comfort is vital at some point in your exercise, and the Water Rower is designed with this in thoughts. With adjustable footpads and straps for flexibility and a lightly gliding cushioned seat.

Water rower – Design

Aesthetically alluring, Water Rower is crafted with sustainable hardwood sourced from the Appalachian Mountains. Available in distinct designs, which include steel if desired.

The superbly designed Water Rower is one you need to display. It can keep upright, the usage of minimal space and no wider than a dining room chair. You are integrating your health club equipment with the relaxation of your fixtures.

Ready to Row?

Quite sincerely, when it comes to Concept 2 vs. Water Rower, the decision could be based on your desires.

If tracking your overall performance is prime, Concept2 is the machine for you. The Water Rower performance screen does provide valuable records, but now not to the level of element that Concept2’s PM5 does. The capability to attach wirelessly to the PM5 manner quickly get admission to your information, fantastic for those that experience their gadgets.

Concept2’s machines are designed likewise to most rowing machines. However, if you want a chunk of gadgets fantastically crafted, which fits in together with your surroundings, then select the Water Rower. The replenished timber and tranquil Water Flywheel can be the correct addition for any area.

Lastly, it’s far purely based on your dreams regarding Concept2 vs. Water Rower based totally on their mechanisms. If you are a competing rower, Concept2’s Dynamic rower is super for the practicing approach. The Water Rower’s Water Flywheel is a barely specific mechanism than rowers due to its self-regulated resistance.

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