Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike Reviews

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Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike Reviews

Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike is best for weight capacity and this bike supports up to 400 lbs. This bike is made for a heavy person and its high durability provides excellent workout results. The Exerpeutic 500 XLS folding magnetic upright bike has an awesome feature that will be more beneficial for your workouts. Features are a high torque crank system, magnetic resistance, double-drive transmission system, and hear pulse monitoring for a very cheap price. This foldable exercise bike takes very limited space for storage.

Technical info: Dimensions

Weight Capacity- 400lbs

Product Dimensions and Weight- 39 x 48.4 x 26.4 inches and weighs 51.6

Magnetic Tension Levels- 8

Cushioned seat/Backrest- Large

LCD Computer- Standard

Folded Dimensions – 26.4” Lx 24.8” W x 57.5” H

Shipping Weight- 68 Pounds

Batteries- 2 AA batteries required. (Included)

Special Features- Space saving folding design and super heavy duty.


  • One year limited warranty

Shipping and Assembly of Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS

The Exerpeutic gold 500 XLS folding magnetic upright bikes assemble is very easy and this bike is eligible for free shipping in the contiguous 48 United States. Other sellers of Amazon may be free ship items to Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories. The Exerpeutic gold 500 XLS folding magnetic upright bike is not eligible for international shipping and this folding recumbent exercise bikes shipping weight is 68 pounds.

About Manufacturer

The Exerpeutic gold 500 folding magnetic upright bikes manufacturer is a famous brand Exerpeutic, and the brand owner is Paradigm Health & Wellness. And this company provides other famous brands.

Exerpeutic Therapeutic Fitness

This Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike is an Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness bike. This bike is famous for its high quality and value-oriented prices.

Weight capacity is 400 pounds of Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS 

This Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike is providing heavy-duty and long-lasting durability, this steel frame bike support up to 400lbs weight. This bike has 20% more steel than the Upright bike. This bike folding and opening system is very easy and provides you with a long time effective and comfortable workout

Large seat cushion 

The Exerpeutic gold 500 XLS folding magnetic upright bikes have a large comfortable seat. This lager seat is adjustable for any type of height like 5 feet I inch to 6 feet 5 inches.

8 Level magnetic tensions with LCD display 

This bikes 8 levels of magnetic tension systems ensure the users more challenging workout facilities. And LCD display helps to read time, speed, distance, and calories burned and pulse rate.

Heart Pulse Sensors 

The Exerpeutic gold 500 XLS folding magnetic upright bikes heart pulse sensors helps you for monitoring your heart rate. 

3 piece Cranking System 

This bikes 3 piece cranking system provides you a smooth and continuous pedaling motion. These bikes have safety straps, which is preventing your slipping problem.

Folds to half the size 

This bike is a folding bike. In a folding situation, these bikes dimensions are 26.4 inches L X 24.8 inches W X 57.5 inches H.

Transportation wheel

This bike transportation wheel help you for easy relocation. When you go for long time travel you can able to easily relocate it.

Available accessories

The Exerpeutic gold 500 XLS folding magnetic upright bike have available accessories like super mats heavy duty P.V.C mat for cardio, charger city straps, etc.

Features at a glance

  • Heavy duty and high durability
  • Weight capacity is up to 400 pounds
  • Large seat cushion
  • 8 level magnetic tensions with LCD display
  • Heart pulse sensors
  • 3 piece cranking system
  • Transportation wheels
  • Folds to half the size
  • 1 year limited warranty

What we love about the Exerpeutic gold 500 XLS

  • Foldable frame
  • Large seat cushion
  • Easy relocation
  • Quiet magnetic resistance system
  • 8 level resistance system
  • Large LCD display

What isn’t so great?

  • This bike is some heavier than other foldable bikes
  • This bike has no backrest but, this bike is better when it will well equipped with a nice backrest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dimensions when folded up?

A: Folded dimensions is 26.4 inches L X 24.8 inch W X 57.5 inch H.

Q: I am 6’4” and 210lbs, is this too small for me?

A: I am 6.4” and weight more than you and it works great for me. It’s a great bike.

Q: How big is the seat?

A: This bike is 14 inches wide and about 9 inches deep. It is large.

Q: Do I need any special tools to assemble this bike?

A: The manual will tell you, but it seemed to have all.

Q: Does this bike wobble when riding it hard?

A: It is very stable.

Final words

This bikes price is under $250. This bike is an awesome bike and it will be hard to find this bike with the combination of its features and price. This bike will build with solid steel and has 400 lbs. weight capacity.

What do others say about this bike?

To ensure you buy a bike that will give you value for the money, we performed a few research on what others thought approximately this motorbike. We found out that most individuals had a fantastic enjoy. Other customers cherished the remarkable things, including the coronary heart fee screen, comfortable meeting, balance, and durability. So in case you are looking to buy a folding exercise bike that is easy to assemble, long-lasting, and allows you to screen your development. This exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable magnetic upright bike is your primary alternative. You can workout quietly on this bike and perform your exercise even at night time while others are sleeping without demanding them.

Alternatives to the Exerpeutic 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike

So you’ve got a chunk of a reference point, let’s examine some different mid-range upright workout bikes you could don’t forget purchasing.

Nautilus U614 Upright Bike

This model is quite a piece extra high priced than the Exerpeutic Gold 500, but it also has more features. The Nautilus has 20 ranges of magnetic resistance and 22 user programs, whereas the Exerpeutic best has 8 stages of resistance and no personal applications. Moreover, the Nautilus has many extra highlights like media trays, speakers, USB ports, an air fan, and numerous other things. On the alternative hand, the Exerpeutic Gold 500 has a miles higher user weight potential, plus it can fold feathers into a compact package for an easy garage. Both are desirable fashions to keep in mind; however, the Exerpeutic is designed more for convenience and fits tight spatial desires. The Nautilus is all about getting a hardcore cardio workout.

Fitness Reality 210 Upright Exercise Bike

The variations between this version and the Exerpeutic are similar to between the Exerpeutic and the Nautilus. The Fitness Reality 210 has manner extra resistance levels and person packages than the Exerpeutic, plus it has some different functions which the Exerpeutic does now not have. However, over again, the Exerpeutic is smaller and extra compact, plus the folding body is a great deal more convenient and space pleasant than the Fitness Reality ought to ever be. The reality is that the Fitness Reality 210 has a far lower person weight capacity than the Exerpeutic Gold 500. The fee, but, is pretty similar.

What Are the Benefits of Practicing a Recumbent Bike?

Few forms of exercise allow you to lean again and study an e-book simultaneously as you work up a sweat. Pedaling away on a recumbent motorbike would possibly appear like a leisurely hobby at the start look; however, don’t be fooled: with excessive resistance settings and an arduous effort, it’s no longer as laid-again because it appears.

More merciful on the joints than hitting the treadmill or opting for an upright stationary model, a recumbent motorbike’s benefits consist of getting a robust indoor cardio workout. It’s a protected manner to ease into joint motion and exercise at some stage in the recuperation method from an injury-healing perspective. Vint Schoenfeldt, bodily therapist, C.S.C.S., and co-proprietor of Rocky Mountain Spine and Sport in Denver, acknowledges the recumbent bike for how it facilitates his patient’s life energy as they heal or begin to exercise.

 “My sufferers who use the recumbent motorbike have a lower back problem—stenosis, for instance, or degenerative disc disorder—in which they couldn’t tolerate the upright riding function, or it’s tougher for them to get on and off a trendy bicycle,” he says. “The large seat additionally tends to be extra comfy for sitting and balancing, particularly for the aged.”

Whether you’re using this machine for fitness or rehabilitation at bodily therapy, one benefit of the recumbent motorbike’s in part reclined position is a reprieve from the ahead-leaning posture of regular bike using. As a result, you’ll nevertheless be operating your legs (and especially your glutes), but this role allows you to avoid straining your back and hips. This exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable magnetic upright bike indicates a longer exercising with less ache for the ones affected by joint infection or any harm.

Despite the bodily blessings that operating out on a recumbent bike can provide, it’s all about personal choice; some recollect the recumbent bike a chunk too low-depth and now not sufficient of a middle exercising.

“Some people don’t take care of them; they don’t prefer to pedal out the front similar that, and there may be no weight-bearing movement involved,” Schoenfeldt says.

Nine Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

Cycling on a recumbent exercise bike on an everyday foundation is an effective way to lose weight and get in better shape. Using this sort of machine is safe, cozy, and doesn’t undue location pressure on your knees, hips, or lowers back.

Unfortunately, I see many human beings using recumbent bikes inefficiently, now and then even undeniable vintage incorrectly. And even as everyone is allowed to do their issue at the health club, I desired to percentage some of the tops tips I’ve found out from years of using a recumbent exercise bike on a close today by day basis.

Take the following suggestions to heart to get the most of your recumbent exercising bike exercise to shed pounds and advantage muscle more correctly.

1. Adjust Your Seat

No suspicion about it, the most common recumbent exercising bike blunders I see humans make is failing to alter the gadget’s seat. Adjusting your bike’s seat takes seconds. Not best does it make things more extraordinary comfy, and it also increases the effectiveness of your exercising. Adjust your seat (by way of sliding it ahead or backward) until your extended leg has a mild bend when on the ways side of the pedaling cycle.

2. Stretch It Out

Riding a recumbent workout bike is like another type of exercise – you need to be well stretched out earlier than starting.

I’m an enormous fan of dynamic stretching (transferring even as you stretch). The benefits of dynamic stretching are numerous; significantly, it warms up your muscle tissues and improves their range of movement. Spend five mins or so performing stretches consisting of lunges, toe touches, leg swings, and trunk rotations to get stretched out.

3. Warm Up on the cycle

Never soar proper right into a workout. After you’re all stretched out, spend an extra 5 minutes pedaling gently on your recumbent exercising bike. I start slowly at a regular pace. I gradually pick up velocity for roughly five mins. After the five mins are up, I like to rise, stretch once more briefly, after which I get again within the seat for a real workout.

Warming up is essential because it loosens up your muscle mass and increases your core body temperature earlier than exercising starts off evolved?

4. Maintain Proper Form

Proper form is essential while riding your recumbent exercise motorbike. Not most effective does it help prevent harm; it also allows you to burn even greater energy. The maximum critical aspect of preserving thoughts isn’t always to lean ahead. Keep your lower back aligned with and tight against the back of the seat. It’s ok to keep the handles at the edges of the seat for the duration of biking’s severe duration.

5. Select the Right Resistance

Many entrants to recumbent bikes have no clue which resistance to pick. It’s all too familiar for human beings to set the resistance too excessive. Riding a recumbent workout bike is like any different form of exercise. You don’t need to move all in proper away. Select a relaxed resistance as you discover ways to use the bike. The higher the resistance, the more excellent difficult it’s far to pedal. Naturally, this indicates your leg muscle mass has become a better strength education exercising. Yet, you want to ensure that you may pedal fast sufficient to get your coronary heart fee up as well.

I recommend adjusting the resistance to multiple instances at some point of your exercising. Pedal for high resistance terms and switch them up with low resistance durations to get the excellent universal workout.

6. Try Interval Training

Just growing on a recumbent bike and pedaling is a brilliant start. Yet, c language schooling is the key to unlocking the maximum health advantages possible. I’ve discovered c program language period training to be the handiest method of using my recumbent exercising bike – and research, like this one from the American College of Sports Medicine, lower back me up.

The key to c language schooling is blending brief but very excessive bursts of pedaling with more extended and much mellower durations of light pedaling. You could comprise resistance modifications into your c programming language schooling exercise for even extra intensity, as I stated above.

7. Select the Right Duration

The key to getting the full blessings from using your recumbent workout bike is pedaling for lengthy enough. Accommodate to the American College of Sports Medicine, and you ought to purpose for a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio per day. They pass on to the nation that 60 to ninety minutes of aerobic per day (5 days in step with the week) is great for weight loss.

8. Visit a Gym

There are 2 advantages of traveling to a gym to experience a recumbent exercise bike.

First, exercise with other humans around present’s big motivation. I recognize I continually pedal harder while human beings are watching me. There’s additionally the opportunity to enroll in a biking class. Testing out a recumbent exercising bike at the gymnasium helps you to get a feel for this particular kind of exercise. These bikes are luxurious, and also you don’t need to spend money on one for your house unless you’re sure it’s right for you.

If you determine to shop for one, my put up at the pinnacle 5 recumbent exercise bikes is for you.

9. Keep Busy While Cycling

My favorite tip on making the most of your recumbent exercising bike is to live busy while you’re cycling. Unless I’m doing a painful c programming language schooling exercise, I want to study a mag or glance through my telephone simultaneously as biking. It makes the time move via so much faster! Some human beings I realize even solution emails on their laptop during their workout.

So there you have it – nine of the top pointers on the way to make the maximum of your recumbent exercise bike workout. Are you previously a fan of recumbent bikes? Do you have had any other suggestions to add? Let me realize inside the comments beneath (I’m continually trying to exercise to the following level) and be sure to percentage this article if you discovered it helpful!

Will Recumbent Bike Exercise Flatten the Stomach?

Using a recumbent bike burns energy, allowing you to shed pounds throughout your frame, consisting of your belly. While spot discount is a fable, the usage of an aggregate of cardiovascular workout, including a recumbent bike and belly strengthening sporting events, will assist the company and flatten your stomach muscle mass.

Burn the Calories

Riding a recumbent bike is a practical, calorie-burning cardio exercise. Set a route for your recumbent bike that consists of numerous hills to burn extra calories while running out. Pedaling faster or increasing resistance also burns more energy. Your calorie burn can even depend on your weight. If a hundred and twenty-pound person cycles for a half-hour, she can burn a hundred ninety calories, even as one hundred eighty-pound individuals will burn 286 energy. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes, 5 days every week of aerobic pastime. May require up to 60 mins of everyday aerobics for weight reduction.

Engage the Lower Abdominal Muscles

If you pass the seat nearer the pedals, it decreases the amount of energy your legs can contribute to pedaling, forcing you to interact with your lower abdominal muscle tissue. You may even work your thighs, glutes, and calf muscle mass. You can perform different stomach strengthening physical games, including crunches on a stability ball, to further tone your belly muscle mass.

Recumbent Bike vs. Other Cardio Equipment

Choose the recumbent bike over different aerobic gadgets if it’s more relaxed on your frame. Using the recumbent bike at a slight pace burns more incredible energy than taking walks at a 3 mph pace, but less energy than the elliptical gadget usage. The elliptical bike and recumbent bike predominantly decrease frame, with much more impact than a treadmill. However, a few elliptical trainers have handles that still work the higher frame.

Recommendations for Use

Spend five mins stretching your lower frame earlier than using the recumbent bike. Before starting, slide the seat to the point in which you’ve got a mild bend on your knee while your leg is on the deeper backside of the crank. Perform a light warm-up to put together your muscles and increase your core body temperature. Maintain a straight posture; do not lean forward. Consult a medical doctor initial than beginning any new workout program.

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes for seniors

As we get older, a traditional bike turns much less attractive. The exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable magnetic upright bike can put a strain on your hips and knees, are difficult to sit on for lengthy intervals of time, and are just more workouts than you may cope with. However, riding a bike ought not to and shouldn’t be painful. By using a recumbent bike, you may experience bike using again, without the ache. Here are a number of the blessings of recumbent bikes for seniors and the rest of the population.  

Recumbent Bike Basics

A recumbent bike permits you to exercise your thighs, calves, and glute muscle tissues with less strain. It has a broader and lower seat than an upright bike. Additionally, recumbent bikes are positioned much less stress on your joints, which is right for people with arthritis, and are lots less complicated to stability on and sit down effectively.

Can You Still Get a Cardio Workout in on a Recumbent Bike?

Yes! You can get first-rate cardiovascular exercising on a recumbent bike. As opposed to an upright, the advantage of this bike is that it takes much less attempt to balance and move the pedals. This approach less pressure on your joints, all the same time is permitting you to get a terrific aerobic exercise.

What Muscle Groups Does a Recumbent Bike Help?

A recumbent bike works for the equal muscle corporations as an upright bike. However, you’re the use of the muscle tissues in another way. This exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable magnetic upright bike lets in for pressure-unfastened exercising to your joints but the equal potential to strengthen your leg and butt muscular tissues.

Workout Length

If you’re finding which you enjoy riding but can’t do it for as long as you used that allows you to on an upright, you may need to recollect trying out a recumbent bike. Because recumbents are less challenging to experience, they feel that they put much less pressure on tender joints; you can regularly ride them for longer durations.

Riding for more extended periods has confirmed health advantages for bodily and intellectual results. Exercising releases herbal chemicals for your mind that reinforces your temper. When you sense higher mentally, you will need to feel better physically. Using a recumbent bike permits you to have regular fitness enhancements with much less bodily ache and suffering.

Balance & Stability

As we age, our stability tends to be worse than it changed into our younger years. Some feel that they aren’t as reliable on an upright bike as they are on a recumbent. With a different safety experience, you can get superb exercising in with little worries.

A recumbent bike’s design offers a manner to a larger seat in a semi-reclined function. While you aren’t mendacity down, you aren’t in an upright and ahead position, either, like you will be with an upright bike. This seated function puts much less pressure on your lower back. It additionally puts much less stress on your hips and knees.

Additionally, because you aren’t standing up on a recumbent, not only are you more comfortable, you are also much less possibly to get hurt using the exercising device.

While you don’t want to sell or throw away your upright bike, you have to be aware of how you experience riding it as you become old. If you start noticing that you have more body aches and pains after your trip, you might want to attempt out a recumbent bike and see if that facilitates relieve some of your soreness. You can also locate that you feel better and may journey longer on a recumbent bike than you may on an upright. While there’s nothing in opposition to the use of both kinds of bikes, be sure that you aren’t placing yourself up for future damage has to you still used your upright bike.

Best Exercise Equipment for seniors

Many seniors are used to keeping a healthy exercising habit and want to hold this on as they age. Choosing an exercising device, green, fun, and secure for seniors may be challenging. Fortunately, a few first-rate options for senior-friendly exercising machines to burn calories, get the coronary heart pumping, increase flexibility, and standard improve bodily endurance! Here are a few super forms of exercising equipment for seniors:


The elliptical capable of standing for long intervals of time, a chance to torch some energy, and improve balance and persistence. The elliptical is a hybrid between move-united states skiing and taking walks without the extra effect. The protected arm levers give seniors a security characteristic to hold directly while also adding a further muscle burn. Adjustable resistance can boom heart charge and also build more muscle. It’s genuinely a fantastic all-around senior-pleasant system!

Stability Ball

Core energy is crucial for status, balancing, and posture. Simply sitting on a stability ball is an excellent pastime to reinforce senior center, muscle groups! Several different sporting events can be finished effectively with the ball, such as stretches to improve flexibility. The stability ball can help increase seniors’ typical bodily health in many methods.

Let Pulldown Machine

One of the most not unusual proceedings is concerning backaches, rounded postures, or unaligned backs as seniors age. This exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable magnetic upright bike reduces returned to strength and weakened muscle mass. It’s crucial to note those muscular tissues before it becomes trouble.

One excellent piece of equipment used for the top again strength is the let pull-down device. In a seated role, you truly pull down a bar in front or at the back of your frame. May adjust weights based on fitness electricity. It’s a first-rate device that can help seniors’ backs stay robust and ache-unfastened!

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a fantastic piece of workout equipment for seniors to reachable because it lets them perform a sequence of low-effect exercises on their feet, knees, or lying on the floor. Yoga mats regularly use to stretch physical activities, including Pilates and yoga. These are splendid exercising options for seniors because they help reinforce their middle and enhance their stability, therefore supporting them to continue to be more secure no longer simplest while they are exercising and while they may be doing ordinary activities.

Wrist Weights

If a senior wants to add a bit more weight to undertaking themselves while they’re on foot, going for walks, on the elliptical device, and many others. They can achieve this using wrist weights. These weights can be connected to their wrists or held in their palms if desired. These weights are very light, which includes 1-3 kilos, so that they upload enough weight to make matters extra tricky, however no longer too much so that it becomes demanding on their wrists.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Cycling has been a source of healthful aerobic exercises for human beings for centuries, and recumbent bikes are a perfect way to cycle in consolation. These types of workout bikes are characterized by a chair-design that makes them relaxed and non-strenuous on the body. Seniors can quickly get on and off of workout bikes, as well as customize pace. As a low-effect hobby, the danger of damage is slim, and it’s first-rate for seniors who be afflicted by diffusion of joint or bone troubles.

Rowing Machine

When the frame rows, it creates resistance by using pulling far away from the body while additionally strengthening the center. The excellent component about rowing machines is that they’re entirely customizable for everybody and placed minimal strain on critical joints. Seniors can competently stretch, work muscle tissues, increase patience, and get an exquisite aerobic workout by using choosing the proper strain, set-quantity, and repetition for personal functionality.

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