Choosing the Right Flywheel Weight for Your Indoor Bike

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Choosing the Right Flywheel Weight for Your Indoor Bike

Choosing the Right Flywheel Weight for Your Indoor Bike, When it comes to shopping for an indoor cycling bike when performing a workout from the comfort of your private home, you ought to examine all its specifications and get the only one that most fits your necessities.

Among all of the specifications, the only that topics the maximum is the flywheel weight.

As an amateur, you might face problems in choosing the proper flywheel weight on your spin exercise bike.

So, in this article, I’ll help you find out what a flywheel is and how it comes out to be the foremost essential thing to keep in mind even as buying a spin motorcycle. 

What is a Flywheel of an Indoor Cycling Bike?

Choosing the Right Flywheel Weight for Your Indoor Bike, A flywheel is the coronary heart of an exercising motorcycle. The vast spherical disc-formed mechanical tool is positioned on the front of an exercising motorcycle to store rotational electricity and guarantees easy operation.  

A flywheel is hooked up to the pedals through a series or a belt pressure. As you pedal, the Flywheel rotates. 

Why is Flywheel Important in an Indoor Cycling Bike?

Choosing the Right Flywheel Weight for Your Indoor Bike, The absence of a flywheel in an indoor cycling bike results in a useless and uncomfortable ride and might motive extreme injuries. The Flywheel helps to maintain a clean and safe operation at some point in your workout.

The weight of the Flywheel limits the rotation. The flywheel weight also performs a critical position in controlling the Resistance and inertia of the motorbike.

Hence, while buying a spin bike, whatever that subjects the maximum is the flywheel weight. So, permit’s find out how flywheel weight topics, and what elements should be kept in thoughts while choosing the weight of the Flywheel of a spin motorcycle.

The Working Principle of a Flywheel 

For a flywheel to carry out efficaciously, it has to shop a positive amount of kinetic power. Kinetic energy is a characteristic of mass and velocity. This kinetic power is needed to simulate the clean pedaling operation and deliver a street-like sensation like riding.

The flywheel physics states that a flywheel will store two times as plenty as a strength if you double the weight of a heavy flywheel retaining the same rate.

Which Flywheel is good?

For a flywheel to be called ‘proper, it should take a little pressure to set it spinning. It also calls for a positive quantity of strength to get it stopped.

Heavy flywheels with huge diameters keep more strength compared to shorter ones. Similarly, the wheels that spin faster save a whole lot greater power compared to those that turn slower.

Heavy Weight Flywheel VS. Low Weight Flywheel

Flywheel weight is the essential component to be considered while buying an indoor cycling motorbike.

Let’s talk about all the facts that you must know regarding heavy and light flywheel weights.

Heavy Weight Flywheel Indoor Cycling Bikes

Choosing the Right Flywheel Weight for Your Indoor Bike, When it involves choosing the flywheel weight, it’s far recommended that heavier flywheels are higher than lighter ones: the higher the flywheel weight, the smoother the operation.

A heavy flywheel guarantees safe movement via generating greater power at a constant rate.

A heavier flywheel makes the motion maintained and much less jerky.

The heavier the Flywheel, the better the combination of Resistance and momentum that you may generate for the duration of your exercise.

That’s how you could experience a more practical feeling of traveling uphill.

However, there are some drawbacks of a heavier flywheel:

•        The motorcycle turns into greater burdensome, which makes its motion hard.

•        Another problem associated with a heavier flywheel is that it calls for more incredible momentum and electricity to get it commenced and into movement.

•        Furthermore, as the wheel receives heavier, the motorcycle will become high-priced.

The encouraging flywheel weight for indoor bikes is about 18-20kgs, while for business motorcycles, the burden can be around 20-22kg.

Two fantastic home spin bikes that I would advise are:

In the United Kingdom – Is the JLL IC400?

This Indoor Bike has an extremely easy 22kg flywheel; it’s a beautiful business motorcycle you may use from domestic.

In the United States – Is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901/B?

This Indoor Bike has a beautiful 40lbs (18kg) Flywheel.

These are wonderful, strong, and sturdy bikes that offer an indeed easy and quiet trip.

Ideal for someone who desires the quality from the spin consultation simultaneously as maintaining noise to a minimal.

A bike with a flywheel weight of much less than 16kg isn’t advocated.

Hence, I constantly choose to select a motorcycle with heavier flywheel weight so you can avoid choppy pedal stroke.

Low Weight Flywheel Indoor Cycling Bikes

A lighter weight flywheel calls for the minor attempt to get commenced. These flywheels are not capable of creating sufficient inertia wanted for smooth pedaling.

This Indoor Bike can result in the riders experiencing pressure on the joints, resulting in damage. 

However, lighter flywheels assist hamstring and gluts recruitment in pedaling, making your legs pedal faster, assisting you to paintings tougher.

Flywheel Positioning

Bikes with heavy flywheels typically have flywheels placed underneath the sweat area of the rider.

This Indoor Bike is carried out to make sure the clean movement of the motorcycle.

However, placing the Flywheel inside the sweat quarter isn’t considered ideal because it will increase the hazard of damage and tear, which means that the motorcycle would require extra protection.

Many indoor cycling motorcycles nowadays generally tend to place their Flywheel at the rear of the motorcycle, i.e., Away from the sweat zone so that the chance of damage and tear receives removed.

Bad Pedaling Technique and Bike Setup

There isn’t any doubt inside the reality that the flywheel weight performs a crucial role in your successful workout session.

However, a few other precautions have to be determined to make sure a smooth-riding operation.

For instance, awful pedaling technique, proper form, and terrible motorcycle setup (despite the Flywheel being heavy or light) can also motive injury.

To keep away from such harmful situations, you should make sure you have set up the bike efficaciously and make certain that the pedaling operation is clean.

You can try this using looking at online video tutorials.


So, after searching in any respect this we can finish, the motorcycles with heavier flywheel weights are relatively better when in comparison with those with lighter ones.

Heavier weight flywheels make sure:

•        Faster Cycling

•        Smooth Riding Operation

•        Enough Inertia

•        Comfortable Ride

Moreover, to fulfill the gold standard layout issues for an indoor biking motorbike, its wheel needs to be located on the motorbike’s rear away from the sweat quarter. That’s how to put on, reduce tear, and the motorcycle is transported without problems.

However, flywheels positioned at the front of the motorbike additionally carry out a remarkable job – it’s only a count number of taken that more care to preserve it clean and tidy.

Although this entire information became concerning deciding on the bike based on the Flywheel, however, be very clear that flywheels need not be the most effective element to be saved in thoughts even as shopping for a spin bike.

You should maintain an eye on different essential elements properly, including pedaling technique, cloth durability, and simplicity of driving operation.

If you’ve got some questions, drop me a comment, and I’ll make sure to get lower back to you.

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