Xterra fitness erg600w water rower reviews

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Xterra fitness erg600w water rower reviews

The Xterra fitness erg600w water rower reviews evaluations are among the lowest price water rowers in the marketplace!

Users love the comfortable, robust resistance it offers with the right LCD.

All at a thoroughly low-cost fee!

Xterra Fitness describes the water-resistance as “Zen-like” and boasts a soothing, meditative rowing stroke that’s great for blasting away fat!

The XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower is one of the quickest selling water rowing machines available on the market proper now!

Users experience it’s far a high-quality blend of excellence and price; however, it’s not perfect.

Product Dimensions and Specifications

• 81’’ Length

• 22’’ Width

• 33’’ Height

• 33’’ Length (Vertical storage role)

• 22’’ Width (Vertical garage position)

• Weight: 83 pounds/37.6 kg

• Supports 300 kilos/136 kg most person weight ability

• Transport wheels blanketed

• Console: LCD, displays workout records, HR receiver, programmable modes, restoration characteristic

• Resistance: water-resistance system with six resistance tiers

• The ergonomically designed handlebar that lined with smooth rubber foam for comfort

• Pedals: Large, flexing, and adjustable

• Frame: dual aspect rails made of aluminum; the center body, the element that helps the water tank, and the stabilizer bars made from metal

• The seat is padded, contoured, and connected to the dual rails with six strong rollers


• 5 Years on Frame

• 2 Years on Parts

• ninety Days on Labor

 Frame & elements

The XTERRA ERG600W combines aluminum and metal components in its frame production. The body that trains the water tank, the unit’s base stabilizers, and the middle of the seat rail fabricated from metal. The facet sections of the rail, on which the seat rollers go with the flow, are made of aluminum to provide the seat’s smoothest movement. All the metallic components lined with a rust-resistant paint finish; the coloration used is black, apart from the aluminum beams, which have their herbal color.

The instructor within reason large. With the body fully assembled, it is approx. 80.7″ (205 cm) long, and 22″ (fifty six cm) extensive. It recommends leaving at least two ft of clearance on each facet and at the rear of the gadget for safe and unhindered operation.

The rower’s frame does no more extended fold, but it can be stored vertically, resting at the small stabilizer on the top of the tank’s defense and wheels. The water can continue to be within the tank while the unit saves vertically.

The altogether amassed unit isn’t excessively hefty. It weighs approx 82 lbs (37.5 kg). Be that as it may, its migration facilitates by using its front wheels. All this weight offers fantastic stability, plus, the rear base equipped with adjustable levelers.

The XTERRA Fitness ERG600W rowing machine equips with an oversized seat (approx 14″ huge) with a contoured floor and a top made of high-density foam. It designed to deliver the greatest consolation and extraordinary adherence, preventing the user from sliding off it throughout rowing.

The seat and the device’s rail rated for the most person weight capability of 300 lbs (136 kg). The base of the heart is made from steel parts and integrates six high-grade rollers. These rollers offer an immaculate and quiet movement alongside the aluminum rail—their facets hidden by the seat steel body, which results in better safety.

The rower’s footrests are adjustable. They’re prepared with Velcro straps and feature heel guards to preserve your ft secure in rowing. Their perspective is not flexible, though. They are attached to a steel plate that is ready at an altitude of approx—45 °-50°.

Last but not least, the gadget equips with a slightly curved pulling cope. Although this soft curvature may also seem like a minor detail, it can make an enormous distinction as it reduces the lateral strain to your wrists at some rowing stage. It also included a layer of rubber-foam cloth for a more excellent cozy grip. It’s connected to a heavy-responsibility nylon strap that’s exceptionally resistant to abrasion.

The Seat, the handlebar, and the Pedals

The seat is padded and contoured to provide the tremendous deal-wished consolation that endures via a long time workout. It has this curvy layout that forestalls the butt from slipping or sliding off of the seat during an exercising.

As aforementioned, the seat hooks up to the rail on the frame. It sits on fine six rollers within the dual aluminum side rails, making sure clean and quiet gliding movement. Remember, the core of the body is a product of steel.

The handlebar has a slightly curved layout. Its ergonomic design suits all users in different phrases and provides premiere comfort and protection as it also covered with gentle rubber foam cloth. Therefore, it gives an excellent gripping role that gets rid of needless strain at the palms and wrists.

It anchors to a long-lasting 1-inch nylon rope; this is related to the water tank.

The flex pedals are big, adjustable with safety straps. They even have a protecting border on the heels that maintain the ft from slipping down, simultaneously, as the safety straps make sure they’re in a location without slippage throughout an exercise.

It is crucial to observe that the pedals’ attitude cannot be adjusted; however, they optimize for an appropriate role.


For the XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower to soundly guide as much as three hundred pounds of weight, it needs to constructs like a tank.

Many water rowers manufacturers from wood; that’s a solid fabric; however, the XTERRA Fitness ERG600W made of a great, thick gauge solid metallic body.

In reality, it comes with a 5-year warranty at the body so you can relax assured that it’s constructed to remaining.

Another fine is that the toes are made extensive and in a triangle form.

You oughtn’t to worry approximately the annoying rocking from side to side as you work out this manner. The gadget will stay firmly planted, and you may give it you are all while rowing.


I’ll admit, the display is a piece small on the XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower.

It’s a 5.5-inch LCD, but handiest about 2 inches via one inch shows actual numbers and words.

On a treadmill, this can make paintings; however, while you’re rowing to and fro, it can be tough to concentrate at the small numbers and letters of a 5.5-inch display with this remote information readout.

The relevant news is that this in no way impacts the gadget’s performance, so if you could address a small show, you’re nevertheless in enterprise right here.

The Xterra Fitness ERG600W has five programmable modes. These modes are:

• Race against Computer

• Strokes Countdown

• Calories Countdown

• Time Countdown

• Distance Countdown

Choosing among methods is quick and smooth.

The display indicates all pertinent data like time, energy burned, strokes, clock, or even your heart rate if you get the optional chest strap.

You can also feel loose to freestyle your application.


The water tank at the XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower is what affords your resistance.

There are six levels that you can fill the tank. Level one is the least resistance at the same time as degree six is the most.

These levels are marked off at the tank aspect so you can effortlessly see what degree you’re filling. The water tank is without difficulty removed for emptying after you performed.

The impellers mainly design to make you sense like you’re in reality, rowing in the water.

They deliver off a distinct sound of “whooshing” like oars within the water. Not handiest will you get an excellent workout, but you’ll have a calming experience as well.

Water tank & resistance machine

The XTERRA Fitness ERG600W functions as a water resistance device. It prepares with a polycarbonate tank blue. Its exact maximum capacity isn’t distinctive, but considering its length, it should be approx. Three gallons (eleven liters). The tank integrates a multi-blade impeller. As you pull the rower’s cope with, the impeller spins inside the water tank producing the essential resistance.

As we’ve stated above, the unit’s water tank does not have a mechanical water level adjustment system like the First Degree Fitness rowers. However, there are six water tiers marked on it, only for the Obsidian Surge 500 from Sunny Health & Fitness. In reality, the tanks of these two machines are very similar. The tank has to be now not stuffed over the 6th stage. And that allows you to increase or lower the overall resistance, and you have to add or eliminate water from the tank via the blanketed pump.

Just like other water resistance rowers, the ERG600W gives you a dynamic response all through rowing. In other words, the quicker you pull, the extra resistance you may get. But as a well-known concept, this is a mid-variety rower made for home use, so it may no longer generate the amount of resistance wanted by using a professional athlete, although stuffed to its top 6th degree.

The device isn’t extraordinarily noisy; however the impeller does generate a piece of sound while it spins within the tank. The sound may be in comparison to the rowing of an actual boat through the water.


This XTERRA Fitness rower consists of a mid-variety console providing a 5.5″ LCD show and a tilt mount with a long arm, which offers you the opportunity to get an appropriate viewing angle. Its performance is divided into several sub-sections, displaying most of the exercising metrics simultaneously, so that you don’t have to use an experiment characteristic to change them as for most fundamental gadgets.

The unit tracks all essential exercising metrics, including time, time/500, distance, strokes according to minute (SPM), general strokes, calories, and pulse. It additionally has a calendar feature, a clock feature with an alarm, and a temperature studying function, being able to hit upon and show the modern-day room temperature.

The distance is proven in meters most straightforward and cannot set for English gadgets. For pulse analysis, the device does now not integrate any pulse sensors. However, it can talk with a 5.3 kHz chest strap HR monitor (which isn’t always protected).

The unit gives main workout modes, Manual and Race. In Manual mode, you can choose goal values for time, distance, strokes, calories, and pulse. If a purpose select for any time, space, and calories, the console will show the amount lasts till you reach the chosen goal. If you pick out a pulse plan, the unit will beep in case you exceed or fall beneath the HR interval selected.

The Race mode has 15 separate ranges. You can pick a distance between 500m and 10,000m, while the timers preset among 8:00 (L1) and 1:00 (L15). When the race starts evolved, you may essentially compete against the computer for the chosen distance and timer.

The console also has a Recovery feature, which required an HR sensor. This capacity measures the amount of time your coronary heart takes to regular after the exercise and totally on its assessment. It will give you a healing or health repute between F1 (tremendous) and F6 (negative).

For the unit’s integrated clock characteristic, you could pick out an alarm so that it will only beep if the console is in sleep mode. This way, you can set up your system to notify you while it’s time to exercise.

Finally, the console expects two AA batteries, which blanketed. It starts up in case you press any of the buttons, or while you start rowing. It will also begin its sleep mode after four mins of state of no activity on the way to shop battery life.

Shipping Assembly & Maintenance


The XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower send in a field that weighs 104.7 pounds/47 kg with dimensions of 45 inches using 22.5 inches using 20.5 inches.

Amazon affords free shipping and supplies inside days from the day order turned into located.

The device’s water tank and resistance machine already assemble and connected to the body’s front part. Subsequently, you just need to click the front stabilizers, the rail with the seat, the back stabilizer, the support, and water within the tank. This Xterra fitness erg600w water rower reviews shouldn’t take an extra than an hour. The guide affords all of the essential meeting commands. Also, a simple toolkit required for the meeting blanketed.

For maintenance, the water inside the tank desires a periodic chlorine remedy. A PC Of chlorine tablets included with the gadget, and you have to drop one pill inside the tank every six months. The rail must save smooth to prevent any harm to the seat wheels. And finally, it’s advocated to periodically look into the unit for loose components or broken components, on the way to re-tighten or update them if wished.


This Xterra fitness erg600w water rower reviews isn’t unusual because most rowers don’t include such accessories. However, it will be crucial to improvise a manner to keep water accessible for hydration throughout an exercising session.


The XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower has a space-saving design that lets you elevate the rear grow to be while you perform the exercise to stand upright at the front base.

You don’t need to cast off the water in the tank earlier than you store it vertically.

The garage region dimensions are 33 inches lengthy by 22 inches extensive. In other phrases, 2’8’’ long through 1’8’’ huge will suffice.

It is portable with transport wheels at the front base. Therefore, it is easy to jump from one vicinity to another other regardless of its weight.

Approval Rating

The XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower is a quite famous rower judging by its approval rating on Amazon.

It has several significant Amazon clients’ reviews. Users have expressed satisfaction and could recommend it.

The Pros

• Sturdy body – can help customers up to three hundred lbs;

• Great aesthetics;

• Can be collected vertically, and the water doesn’t require to eliminate for the garage;

• Transport wheels for clean relocation;

• Rear base adjustable stabilizers;

• Contoured and padded seat;

• Adjustable footrests;

• Water resistance system which presents a dynamic response in the course of rowing and herbal sense;

• Mid-variety health meter which shows time, time/500m, SPM, watts, strokes, distance, energy, and pulse;

• Two exercise modes – Manual and Race;

• Clock, calendar, and room temperature studying function on the meter;

• Alarm feature for the clock, so it may notify you while you need to begin your education; 

• Recovery function;

• Smooth and quiet operation;

• Chlorine drugs for water purification blanket;

• Batteries for the console are blanket;

• Tools for assembly are protected;

• Little renovation required;

• Easy to gather.

The Cons

• The console does now not have backlight;

• An HR transmitter isn’t always protected.


Before I begin convincing you that the Xterra Fitness ERG600W Water Rower is the first-rate rower you’ll discover in the world, there are a few matters approximately rowers which you have to know.

When you’re in the marketplace for a rower, the first aspect you should be privy to is that there are four unique sorts of rowers.

All of them have their execs and cons, and they can come up with a terrific exercise. Choosing one is more significant than a remember of personal preference.

However, understanding is electricity, so it doesn’t harm to realize the four kinds.


• Hydraulic

• Flywheel

• Magnetic resistance

• Water

You’re in all likelihood thinking what the large variations among the four are.


Hydraulic rowers are probable the maximum compact and fee-green.

However, they don’t let you mimic an herbal rowing approach, and they can be a bit loud. The resistance comes from air or fluid located in a piston.


A flywheel rower uses resistance that comes from fanatics and air. The quicker you pull the flywheel ropes, the extra resistance you get.

Flywheels are among the maximum famous varieties of rowers because the motion you carry out on those rowers most intently mimic herbal rowing actions. They often use in competitions.


Magnetic resistance rowers are the quietest of the four kinds. This Xterra fitness erg600w water rower reviews is as it uses a magnetic braking device for resistance. This Xterra fitness erg600w water rower reviews means no friction; this means that no noise.


The remaining kind, the water rower, is favored by many people because using water for resistance gives the same experience as the rowing exterior in water.

Water rowers are also quiet. You’ll just hear the graceful of the water.


Rowing machines can provide you a full-body training session; this is a common effect.

If you’re seeking to shed pounds or improve your universal bodily fitness, a rowing device is an entire workout that goals each of your full body and lower body.

It can be an excellent selection for those who need to live active but presently rehabilitating or energetic rowers. They need to get a further consultation in while it doesn’t indeed make feel to head outside.

Your frame’s various components are engaged throughout a rowing exercise and may get your coronary heart charge up.


The real element about rowing machines is that they’re all pretty sincere.


There are smaller features that could make your revel in comfy. For example, size is essential.

Rowing machines are a quite lengthy piece of device, even in case you get a compact one. If space is an issue, you can need to remember a folding machine.

You additionally want to make sure you have a terrific bit of clearance around you as you figure out.


Seat length is vital additionally. We’re all shaped otherwise back there, so one size does now not fit all.

Getting a seat that’s too small may be uncomfortable or even painful.


This Xterra fitness erg600w water rower reviews leads to every other point – weight restriction.

You need to ensure that whoever makes use of it isn’t extra than the maximum weight that the device can manage.

You may think you may break out with it, but all you’ll do is smash down the system and void your assurance.


Pay close interest to the body.

You don’t need to get some reasonably-priced plastic frame that will shake and rattle each time you row. That’s a sure sign that it’s now not very long-lasting.

Aim for consolation objects like padded seats and handles, and willing footpads. All of these will make running out miles more at ease enjoy.



The MaxKare Water Rowing Machine is remarkably similar to the ERG600W system and could almost be considered a “good buy” version of the Xterra gadget.

As with any good buy purchase, there will be some sacrifices; however, the exceptional isn’t always considered one of them. It’s an entirely sturdy, durable device that constructs to ultimate with a heavy-duty metallic body.

I don’t recommend this for tall humans – you best have about 43 inches of bench space. Besides that, it’s a good buy.

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine       

• measurements: 78″ L x 17.3″ W x 35.4″ H

• Weight: 86 lbs.

• Weight Capacity: 264 lbs.

Xterra ERG600W       

• measurement: 80.7″ L x 22″ W x 33″ H

• Weight: 82.7 lbs.

• Weight Capacity: three hundred lbs.


The Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing gadget is one of the strongest available on the market.

The seat is likewise a great distance from the ground, 17 inches tall. With such similar options, you could store a few greenbacks and get about equal satisfaction because of the Xterra rower and barely lower fee points.

However, this bench is a chunk on the fast aspect, so that I wouldn’t propose it for tall human beings.

Sunny Health & Fitness

• measurements: 80” L x 22” W x 34” H

• Weight: 91.9 lbs.

• Weight Capacity: three hundred lbs.     

Xterra ERG600W

• measurements: 80.7” L x 22” W x 33” H

• Weight: 82.7 lbs.

• Capacity: 300 lbs.


The Mr. Rudolf Water Rowing gadget is a reward satisfactory timber rower to make you feel outside.

It’s designed like an actual boat to provide you proper rowing enjoy. The natural all right finish gives the rower a hint of elegance while the covered dirt cover protects the wood from damage.

The rower is Bluetooth successful and has a brightly lit LCD. The display is a sensor smaller than the others, but it’s less complicated to examine.

Mr. Rudolf Machine

• measurements: 82″ L x 22″ W x 20″ H

• Weight: 58.5 lbs.

• Weight Capacity: 320 lbs.

Xterra ERG600W

• measurements: 80.7” L x 22” W x 33” H

• Weight: 82.7 lbs.

• Capacity: three hundred lbs.


The XTERRA Fitness ERG600W is a water resistance rower providing a long-lasting creation, a mid-range console with exercising modes (Manual and Race), and multiple other functions. Like every other rower with a fluid resistance machine, it gives a dynamic response that simulates a ship’s rowing thru the water. It’s a fantastic gadget for complete-body aerobic exercise, muscle firming, stamina benefit, and weight loss. In all, it’s an extraordinary teacher, presenting a first-rate charge/first-rate ratio.

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