Water rower vs concept 2

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Water rower vs concept 2

When deciding between the Water rower vs concept 2 RowErg, it’s essential to consider each rowing machine’s unique features and benefits. Here’s a comprehensive comparison to help you understand the key differences and choose the best rower for your fitness journey.

Design and Aesthetics

The Water Rower is renowned for its elegant wooden frame, which contributes to a beautiful design and ensures a smooth and quiet rowing experience. Water resistance creates a sensation similar to rowing on water, providing a soothing sound and feel.

In contrast, the Concept2 RowErg features a more industrial design with a metal frame and an air-powered flywheel. It’s a staple in rowing clubs and gyms worldwide and is known for its durability and performance.

Resistance and Feel

The WaterRower uses a water flywheel to simulate water’s natural resistance, offering a smooth, consistent stroke that closely mimics on-water rowing.

The Concept2, however, utilizes air resistance, which is adjustable via a damper setting. This Concept2 allows for a broader range of resistance levels, catering to beginners and elite athletes.

Noise Level

One of the WaterRower’s most significant advantages is its quiet performance. This WaterRower makes it ideal for home use where noise might be a concern. The sound of the water can be quite therapeutic for many users.

Concept 2 is known to be noisier due to its air resistance mechanism. While this may not be an issue in a gym setting, it could be a consideration for home users.

Technology and Functionality

Concept2 rowers come equipped with the PM5 monitor, which tracks workout data, offers custom workouts, and has Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with fitness apps.

The WaterRower also includes a performance monitor, though it may not be as advanced as the PM5. However, it still provides all the necessary data to track your workouts effectively.

Price and Value

The Water rower vs concept 2 are similarly priced, with the WaterRower being slightly more expensive due to its wooden construction and aesthetic appeal.

While less expensive, the Concept2 offers exceptional value given its robust build and preferred choice among competitive rowers and CrossFit athletes.


The Water rower vs concept 2 RowErg are excellent choices for anyone investing in a high-quality rowing machine. Your decision will likely hinge on personal preferences regarding design, noise level, and the type of resistance you enjoy. The WaterRower is a fantastic choice if you prioritize a quiet machine with a natural rowing feel and aesthetic appeal. Conversely, if you’re looking for a rower with a proven track record in performance and versatility, the Concept2 RowErg might be the better option. Ultimately, both machines offer a great workout and will be a helpful addition to your fitness regimen.

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