Concept 2 Vs Water Rower

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Concept 2 Vs Water Rower Comparison – Which One Is Better?

concept 2 vs water rower: In the web age, purchasers today have a more impressive assortment in the items they purchase than at any other time. Organizations are continuously concocting new highlights to drive interest for their items or tracking down ways of reducing expenses to make their item accessible to a more extensive crowd.

However, consider the possibility that you don’t need every one of the extravagant contraptions or cut corners. Envision a situation in which you want an attempted and tried item that keeps on selling admirable because it’s incredible at what it does.

Regarding paddling, that without a doubt implies you’re discussing either a Concept2 or Water Rower. Two of the leading figures in the business, they’ve given top-quality rowers to all way of clients for a long time.

Be that as it may, while they might be on a whole other level, do we truly know which one is the top of the class?

Indeed, that is what we mean to discover today; it’s water versus air paddling machine. As we put the Concept2 and Water Rower, no holds barred to figure out who is the genuine lord of the rowers.

Concept2 Overview

Concept2 has been creating exceptional paddling items for indoor and outside utilization for some time.

First opening in 1976 as an established paddling supplies brand, they became famous because of how well their items perform. This Concept 2 vs water rower is a standing they hold today, as more than 75% of medallists in paddling occasions at the last Olympics utilized their items.

Delivering their first indoor rower, the inventively named Model a, in 1981, might appear crude by the present guidelines; however, a disclosure was at that point.

They made continuous enhancements pushing ahead until the arrival of their Model C in 1993, which would overwhelm the paddling business, becoming one of the most fantastic selling bits of wellness hardware of all time.

Across ensuing models, they have proceeded to change and amazing their plans, remembering the expansion of moving foot cots for their latest Model, the Dynamic Rower, to reproduce the sensation of actual paddling.

While their rowers don’t come modest, which could disturb some, the trust in guaranteeing a quality item is the explanation they sell so well. It’s likewise the justification for assuming that you’ve at any point involved a rower in a rec center; odds are you’ve been on a Concept2, as their items are similarly as famous with the individual.

Water Rower Overview

Water Rower hasn’t been around every the same length as Concept2 yet has still been making rowers for north of 30 years, beginning a business in 1988. With the indoor rower industry previously beginning to construct contests at that point, they expected to track down their specialty on the lookout.

They effectively dealt with that in more ways than one.

First was their choice to utilize water to give opposition rather than air. This Concept 2 vs water rower gave their rowers a distinct vibe, more practically identical to genuine paddling that drew the consideration of individuals engaged with the game.

Then, at that point, it was their choice to produce their casings from economically obtained wood rather than the plastic and metal that most were produced using. This Concept 2 vs water rower attracted the earthy people out there, permitting them to prepare items as regular and harmless to the ecosystem as expected.

Both of these choices were ridiculously fruitful and have gone the distance. While a portion of their more up-to-date rowers in the S1 and M1 lines indeed do now include more customary metal edges, the mass is as yet produced using wood, and each of their machines uses water to control your exercises.

Like Concept2, these are unquestionably costly machines that could put individuals off, as may the wooden casing, which in certain people group’s brains can make it look to some degree older style.

To the extent that water-fueled rowers go, this is as yet the different benchmark brands turn upward to, and the accomplishment in their marketing projections just further concretes that.

Opposition Types


The concept2 utilizes a customary air obstruction framework. It uses a flywheel, which sucks air into the lodging in which it is encased to neutralize. The Concept 2 vs water rower has a damper on the packaging, which permits you to change the air coming in. The more air you have, the more troublesome it becomes.

This Concept 2 vs water rower likewise permits the protection from fluctuating during an exercise, as the more challenging your column, the more air is sucked in and the harder it gets.

Water Rower

Rather than air, the Water Rower utilizes water to give its opposition, as the name proposes. This Concept 2 vs water rower considers a substantially more realistic feel to the paddling.

Regarding changing the trouble, similar to how a customary rower’s still up in the air by the amount of air inside, you can change how much water in a water rower to accomplish a similar outcome.

Furthermore, changing your profundity of stroke will likewise modify the trouble, very much like it would during actual paddling.


This round goes to the Water Rower. While the test accessible from the two machines is similar, the more good feeling it gives it the edge.

Concept2 0 – Water Rower 1

Model Sizes, Weight, Dimension, and Capacity


Concept2 presently has 3 models underway, Models D and E, which highlight very much like casings, and the Dynamic, which is unique.

The Dynamic is 76 crawls long, 24.3 creeps in width, pulls up a chair stature of 21.5 inches, and weighs 92 lbs.

Models D and E are both 96 crawls long and 24 inches wide. The Model D takes a load off stature of 14 inches and weighs 57 lbs, contrasted with the Model Es 20 inches and 65 lbs.

Each of the three machines has a weight limit of 500lbs.

Water Rower

While Water Rower presently has 13 models underway, 9 of their exemplary wooden casings highlight similar estimations. They are 85 creeps long, 22 ¼ inches wide, and 20 inches high while weighing 66.5 lbs.

The metal adaptations are 3 inches long and can be up to 8 inches higher and twofold the weight.

The weight limit of every one of their rowers is 1000 lbs.


This Concept 2 vs water rower is a seriously extreme one as even though there is some variety between the models, it is generally speaking tiny.

It enticed me to give it to Water Rower for its significantly more prominent weight limit, be that as it may, the 500 lb limit of all Concept2ought to be sufficient.

That is why I’m just about going with the Concept2 on this one, as a lot more limited length of the Dynamic rower gives individuals battling with space a choice.

Concept2 1 – Water Rower 1

Execution Monitors and Training Options


Concept2 has been acclaimed 100% of its presentation screens, and the current PM5 is the same.

It gives foreordained exercises, a memory for past meetings, games, and availability to interface remotely to different gadgets, for example, pulse screens, in addition to other things.

It’s likewise straightforward to utilize and can be gotten in a matter of moments, regardless of whether you’ve never utilized it.

Water Rower

The momentum execution screen on Water Rowers is the S4.

It contains preloaded exercises and the capacity to store your exercises and give fundamental execution data.

Once more, it is fundamental and direct to utilize.


Most likely the least demanding triumph up until this point, this one goes to Concept2. It isn’t so much that the Water Rowers S4 is an awful gadget; it’s simply that the PM5 is incredible. Indeed, even the more seasoned Concept2 models had gadgets that would stand up well against the S4, so this classification is in no question at all.

Concept2 2 – Water Rower 1

Rowers Performance, Comfort, and Noise Levels


As I expressed in the opening, this is an unbelievably superior presentation machine—their ability in paddling loans itself well to the indoor assortment.

That is also enhanced by the degree of solace specific viewpoints, like the ergonomically planned and padded seat, agreeable handle, and customizable footplates. The average development on the unique assortment further upgrades this.

All air-controlled rowers are very clearly natural regarding the commotion, yet this does a sensibly great job of holding it to the absolute minimum.

Water Rower

Once more, we realize this is an elite exhibition rower, any other way; it wouldn’t be in the conversation.

Its padded seat and handle are intended to expand solace; however, the rollers under the seat have a significant effect. They give a smooth, skimming quality to your development, making it a lot simpler on your back.

Concerning sound, while not generally so tranquil as an attractive rower might be, the water power permits it to make little commotion, in any event, while paddling level out.


Concept2 just had its most significant triumph until now, and presently the Water Rower gets its own.

While the presentation is indistinguishable, the floating movement makes the Water Rower somewhat more agreeable.

The significant distinction emerges when we check out the commotion factor as it’s evening and day. The water obstruction takes out that steady blast you get with any air-fueled rower and quickly hands the Water Rower the triumph.

Concept2 2 – Water Rower 2

Putting away And Mobility


A ton of this will boil down to the aspects we checked out before. There are a couple of pleasant elements that are great rewards in this division.

Right off the bat, it has wheels on the front. This Concept 2 vs water rower makes it exceptionally easy to move around any place you have it rapidly. However, the subsequent component will be of the most significance

 to move it further or store it.

Concept2 breaks into pieces by opening the locking instrument on its underside. This Concept 2 vs water rower makes it a lot less complex to stash to store or fly in a vehicle to take with you.

Water Rower

The Water Rower has wheels on the front to assist you with moving it; in any case, they are tiny. It can likewise be very weighty and bulky when loaded up with water.

While it most certainly can be moved and put away, this is a piece of hardware that is better intended for setting up where you intend to utilize it and keeping it there.


One more very conclusive triumph for Concept2. It breaks into pieces, has better wheels, is more modest by and large, and is commonly better intended for putting away portability than the Water Rower.

Concept2 3-WaterRower 2

Style and Design


With regards to the style of Concept2, it’s essentially ageless. It’s smooth and rich, and even though it has gone through changes throughout the long term, it stays near the first outline from Model 1.

They say on the off chance that it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and Concept2 concurs. Thinking of it as setting the standard that most different rowers have attempted to imitate throughout the long term, how could they even ponder evolving?

Water Rower

Thirteen unique models and 13 distinct styles, Water Rower, like to keep things new with their rowers.

You decide on metal or various sorts of wood, each with its tones and wraps up.

Then, at that point, there’s the reasonable water compartment, giving you that near the water feel that further assists you with envisioning paddling without a doubt.

While the general plan continues as before all through their inventory, there’s unquestionably a lot of minor departure from it to make whatever number of individuals cheerful as could reasonably be expected.


While it’s difficult to oppose the machine that set the norm, the Water Rower is more style-situated than the Concept2.

While its unique style will not satisfy everybody, there are an adequate number of choices accessible to cover a great many people, and they are essentially perfectly executed.

Concept2 3 – Water Rower 3

Value/Quality Ratio


While you’re purchasing a high spec machine like this from an incredibly famous maker, it’s never going to be modest.

You should be ready to leave behind a lot of cash to buy any of the three current models they produce. That being said, it doesn’t make it awful worth it as you are getting a quality item.

Water Rower

One more instance of you getting what you pay for, Water Rowers don’t come modest by the same token. At the same time, their least expensive Model comes in marginally lower than the least expensive Concept2; they typically out to practice a similar cost as each other.

Once more, the quality is there to legitimize the sticker price and, by this point, most likely won’t come as a shock to individuals.


This one is a photo finish. I’m enticed to give it to the Water Rower because it has the least expensive choice of the two, yet eventually, the thing that matters was so minor I didn’t feel it was to the point of giving it a success.

It might appear somewhat of a cop-out, but I’m leaving this one as a tie.

Concept2 4 – Water Rower 4

Last Thoughts – Should You Get A Concept2 Or Water Rower?

So here we are. We set off to figure out which was the better rower out of Concept 2 and the Water Rower, and after separating them and dissecting them, we have inferred that…..They’re both similarly excellent.

While this might appear pointless assuming you’re attempting to choose which to purchase, that isn’t true. We might not have figured out which is the best, generally speaking, paddling machine, yet that doesn’t mean we haven’t shown which is best for your very own necessities.

The Concept2 is the better choice assuming you want a rower that:

•        Is more straightforward to store and move

•        Occupies less room while being used

•        Has a further developed exhibition screen

Then again, the Water Rower would be the favored choice on the off chance that you:

•        Focus on style

•        Favor a more sensitive feel to your paddling

•        Like to push in harmony

Presently, ideally, that should make things a little clearer on which one you need to purchase.

As of now, there are hanging tight records for a ton of the models from the two organizations because of their quality and the expanded interest for home wellness gear brought about by the current pandemic.

So to be stuck at home with no method for getting your paddling fixed, I’d strongly suggest getting into gear and getting your machine of decision requested today.

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