Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

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Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is a magnetic go schooling cardiovascular exercise gadget with a solid and stable reinforced steel frame for a complete user weight capability of 330 kilos. It first has become to be had at Amazon.Com on January 28, 2021, and is presently listed within the pinnacle 70 Best elliptical machine for seniors at Amazon.Com.

Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer weighs 100 pounds as a heavy obligation, sturdy elliptical pass instructor and contains 48 x 24 x 62 inches, but can be transferred around effects with the handy transportation wheels. It has the rear polygon stabilizer to maintain it solid and put in location. It comes with massive pedals, which are the product of strong PP material and measure 15 x 5 inches to deal with the scale of 14 toes. It doesn’t have the traditional crank but the deep-groove-ball bearings. It has the belt force and magnetic resistance for a quiet and clean workout. The sound level is less than 20 decibels at the best intensity.

Key Features and Spec

•        Assembled dimensions: 48L x 25W x 62H inches (122L x 64W x 157H cm)

•        Assembled weight: ~100 lbs (45.3 kg)

•        Supported weight: 330 lbs (a hundred and fifty kg)

•        Stride: 15 inches (38 cm)

•        Incline: No

•        Resistance: Manual magnetic, 16 levels

•        Fitness reveals: Time, pace, distance, odometer, calories, pulse, experiment, desires

•        Extras: Bottle holder, the device holder

•        Warranty: three years

Frame production

The Niceday CT11 elliptical system is a frame product of steel tubing. It merges oval and cylindrical tubes in its production for progressed aesthetics and durability. All the metal parts are covered with a corrosion-resistant and chip-resistant paint finish; the coloration used is black, the handiest color available for this elliptical, as a minimum for the instant.

The device also integrates numerous components crafted from durable thermoplastic material. The maximum brilliant ones are the covers of the pressure system and the pedals trays. Several different small covers and the console casing also are plastic-made.

This Niceday elliptical isn’t always too cumbersome. With all the elements assembled, it’s far approx. 48″ (122 cm) lengthy, and 25″ (64 cm) wide. Its transferring palms reach approx. 62″ (157 cm) above floor level. It is suggested to allow a minimum of two feet of clearance everywhere in the gadget to get admission quickly.

The instructor, within reason, is heavy. With all the components assembled, it weighs approx—one hundred lbs (45.3 kg). Thus, the packaged unit may also require humans. However, once miles are assembled, it can quickly move the system via the best one character as its front stabilizer combines two small wheels.

Like most other ellipticals in this selection and charge range, the Niceday CT11 features two units of handlebars, one constant and one cellular. The constant handlebars connect without delay to the console mast of the instructor. They have quick grips and combine pulse sensors. The moving fingers have extensively more extended grips with ball grips at the top. They connect to the pedal bars and the mid-phase of the console mast. As a result, they can’t continue to be stationary while you pedal.

Elliptical path, stride, and pedal top

The Niceday CT11 is a rear-pressure elliptical trainer. Therefore, its elliptical course is slightly willing ahead. This way, the pedaling motion resembles a descent on a tender ramp, leading to a barely higher exercise on your glutes, thighs, and calves.

As we’ve cited above, the pedal trays are the product of durable thermoplastic material. They are massive sufficient to deal with athletic shoes of all sizes. They have aspect guards and a textured surface for stepped forward foot balance. They are connected to 2 steel bars and need to assist customers up to 330 lbs (a hundred and fifty kg) with no problem.

The machine doesn’t have a notable lengthy stride, only 15″ (38 cm). This Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, being stated, needs to accommodate users up to 6’2″ (188 cm), providing a suitable variety of motion. Taller individuals still have to be capable of using this trainer. However, their variety of motion will be restricted.

This Niceday elliptical has a pedal step-up peak of approx—5.5″ (14 cm). Conversely, the pedals stand at approx. 16″ (40 cm) above ground degree when they may be at their maximum factor. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the system in a room with a ceiling. This Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is as a minimum 20″ (51 cm) higher than your top.

Resistance and drive

The Niceday CT11 elliptical device is equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system. This Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer means you don’t need an energy adapter for it or an outside energy source. But then again, the machine can not alter the resistance routinely.

The trainer’s resistance gadget consists of an internal magnetic brake attached to the flywheel device and linked to the anxiety knob at the upright mast thru a steel cable. Therefore, when you switch the knob clockwise, the brake moves toward the flywheel, increasing pedaling resistance.

The system makes to be had sixteen degrees of resistance. The lowest degree generates a reasonably light resistance, excellent for conditioning and healing schooling. The sixteenth degree, then again, presents considerably extra resistance, simulating a hill climb, supplying you with the opportunity to acquire an excessive cardio degree in a quick time. The maximum anxiety levels are also first-rate for electricity and stamina improvement.

The weight of the instructor’s internal flywheel isn’t always detailed. But considering that it weighs ~a hundred lbs (45.3 kg), its flywheel, in all likelihood, weighs approximately 20-30 lbs (9 – 13.6 kg). It is perimeter-weighted for more substantial inertia, constant momentum, and a regular pedaling motion. It is also bi-directional; consequently, you could pedal in reverse in case you need.

The Niceday elliptical instructor uses a belt drivetrain. It integrates a long-lasting poly-v belt proof against stretching. Since the gadget uses a belt, not a sequence, the drivetrain does not require periodic lubrication. It additionally generates less vibration than a sequence, so it contributes to the overall smoothness and tranquility of the ride.

Fitness display

The Niceday CT11 elliptical gadget includes a pretty primary fitness monitor. It no longer has online connectivity or preset exercising programs. An LCD capability tracks time, pace, distance, total distance, energy, and pulse. Speed and distance are shown in English gadgets (MPH and miles). The pulse analyzing function is grip contact handiest. In other words, the unit can use the most straightforward tune of your pulse if you hold on to the sensors desegregated into the small handlebars of the machine. It does now not paintings with wireless coronary heart charge chest straps, smartwatches, or health armbands.

The unit features three buttons. These are Mode, Set, and Reset. The Mode indicator lets you scroll through the workout metrics and pick out the one you need to view at the display. In this manner, you can also pick out the Scan Mode, which routinely rotates all the metrics showing each for approximately 6 seconds.

The Set button offers the opportunity to select dreams for time, distance, and energy burned. If an aim is selected, the reveal unit will rely on the selected value until it reaches 0. This way, you can hold a song about your progress and push your limits with every exercise. And finally, the Reset button removes all the values at the unit to zero.

The monitor unit is battery-powered. It begins up when you press the Mode button or

Hilst it detects pedal motion. It mechanically turns off after a couple of minutes of inactivity on the elliptical. It also integrates a tool holder, including a small shelf on which you can location your tablet or cellphone. However, there aren’t any docking ports to your device (no USB, no AUX).

Assembly and Maintenance

Most of the elliptical comes pre-assembled. You best ought to unbox it, attach the two base bars, ease the front mast in its upright position, and add the constant handlebars and the health reveal. ThisNiceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer shouldn’t take greater than 30 minutes of some time. All the necessary gear is blanketed, and the manual presents clear meeting instructions.

For renovation, the internal components don’t want any lubrication. Therefore, you most clear need to preserve the system smoothly and periodically check for loose bolts and elements to ensure your elliptical instructor nevertheless features nicely.

The Pros

•        Fairly sturdy frame – can help customers up to 330 lbs;

•        Adjustable levelers on the rear stabilizer;

•        Transport wheels on the front base bar;

•        Mobile hands with an ergonomic design and spherical grips on the top;

•        Fixed grips with pulse sensors;

•        Smooth and quiet belt drive system;

•        Large pedals with the front and internal guards for improved foot balance;

•        Sixteen ranges of magnetic resistance;

•        LCD console that can track time, distance, calories, pulse, and velocity;

•        Goal placing functions for time, distance, and calories;

•        Device holder blanketed;

•        Bottle holder protected;

•        Quiet operation;

•        Easy to assemble;

•        Little preservation required.

The Cons

•        A tablet located at the device holder will cowl the screen show;

•        No workout applications;

•        No online connectivity.


The Niceday CT11 is an elliptical teacher-made for home use. It is ready with a 16-degree guide magnetic resistance machine, an inner belt pressure, two oversized textured pedals, and a health display that tracks time, distance, velocity, energy, and pulse. It additionally has pretty an outstanding weight potential for a home-use elliptical of 330 lbs. In all, it’s an excellent health machine for mild to medium-intensity aerobic workouts, muscle firming, stamina development, and weight loss.

Magnetic Vs. Air Resistance Elliptical Trainers

Most elliptical trainers share the same fundamental build: A bulbous shell hides the drive mechanism; a couple of pedals protrude in front of, in the back of, or sporadic instances immediately on the pinnacle of that shell; and transferring handlebars flank an upright console.

But when you’ve stepped onto some elliptical trainers, you begin to notice the variations between diverse fashions. A loud buzz from the resistance mechanism. An unexpected blast of air. A silent journey, except for that short mechanical noise when you modify resistance. You’ve stumbled upon what truly unit’s one elliptical instructor other than some other: differences in the drive mechanism.


Air resistance elliptical running shoes are pretty sincere. Your pedaling becomes a fan, and the air itself provides resistance against your pedaling as it resists the fan blades. The faster you pedal your air resistance elliptical trainer, the more excellent resistance you get.

The very maximum-stop magnetic-resistance elliptical trainers use an electromagnet, placed near a flywheel, to offer resistance. Pushing a button directs extra modern to the magnet for more resistance or reduces modern for less resistance. This Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is known as eddy current resistance or cutting-edge eddy braking.

Less costly types of magnetic resistance, which may be marketed under any variety of names, automatically regulate a magnet towards the flywheel for more excellent resistance or further from it for much less resistance.


The quicker and harder you pedal your air resistance, elliptical instructor, the louder it’s going to get. Eddy modern braking is silent, each as you pedal and as you modify resistance. Mechanically-adjusted magnetic resistance is generally silent as you pedal but maybe noisier while the magnet is moving.


A magnetic-resistance elliptical teacher’s silent ride way that you can watch television or listen to music as you experience. An air-resistance elliptical regular, low roar makes this extra hard; despite headphones on, you’ll have to turn the quantity up.

An advantage of silent eddy-present day resistance is that it calls for less upkeep and has less potential for breakdowns than different types of resistance with no shifting elements to talk of.

Air resistance running shoes benefit from a far lower cost, the impact of an integrated cooling fan, and unlike some magnetic-resistance running shoes, they never want to be plugged in. The air resistance mechanism is also a great deal more straightforward, so, in case you’re a do-it-yourself whose air-resistance gadget is out of assurance, you are probably capable of repairing it yourself.


Air resistance elliptical running shoes occupy the bottom give up the elliptical trainer fee variety, typically selling nicely below $500. However, they tend to be afflicted by commonplace illnesses of more miniature steeply-priced workout devices: Flimsy creation, low consumer weight limits, and a bent to wobble—so protection and restore charges might be higher.

Magnetic resistance mechanisms range broadly in fee range and kind. In trendy, elliptical trainers in the $500 to $1,000 charge range could have robotically adjusted magnetic resistance. You will discover modern-day eddy braking on some elliptical inside the $1,000 to $2,000 fee variety. Almost all elliptical trainers in the $2,000 and upcharge range may have modern-day eddy braking.


Magnetic-resistance elliptical trainers have a fully enclosed drive mechanism. There is best minimal chance of kids’ curious palms getting pinched through external shifting components. Air-resistance elliptical, of necessity, have vents that allow air in and out of the fan blades, so there’s an accelerated threat of damage to kids or pets.

Which Is Better: Electromagnetic or Magnetic Exercise Bikes?

Stationary exercise bicycles have many unique resistance systems, together with tensioned belts, air, and magnets. Manufacturers use magnets on the flywheel of the motorcycle to provide regular tension all through the pedal stroke that intently simulates using an actual bicycle. Bikes with an electromagnetic resistance gadget are less difficult to apply and might provide a higher exercise than people with manually adjustable magnetic brakes.

Changing Resistance Levels

The most significant benefit of electromagnetic brakes is that you could ratchet up the resistance speedy with the aid of an essential button on the electronics console. Suppose you have to modify the magnets with an anxiety knob manually. In that case, the resistance will most effectively change as rapidly as you could flip the knob. Using a manual gadget may also motivate you to break your exercising cadence.

Workout Variety

Bikes with electromagnetic resistance provide a greater variety of exercising programs, enabling you to train more challenging but can even hold you interested by workout. The digital console of the bike can vary the resistance degree at specific periods as you journey to simulate biking outdoors. A motorbike with manually adjusted brakes best allows you to exercise at a selected resistance for a fixed distance, time, or energy burned.

Magnetic Function

Though the way you move the flywheel brakes is exceptional, guide and electromagnetic brakes function identically. Both sorts of brakes use eddy currents to manipulate the rate of the flywheel. Walter Boys explains in his “Instrumentation Reference Book” that because the magnets get near the conductive cloth of the flywheel, electrons are spun in elliptical eddy currents inside the opposite direction from that in which the wheel is spinning. The closer the magnets are to the flywheel, the more drag is created and the more excellent resistance you sense pedaling.


A downside of electromagnetic resistance is that it could notably add to the fee of the motorcycle. Lower first-rate bikes with guide resistance brakes usually fee much less than $300, even as an exercising bike with electromagnetic brakes could value $600 or more.

How to Repair the Magnetic Resistance for Exercise Bikes?

Today, whether in gyms or at home, maximum exercising bikes appoint some form of magnetic resistance. Some bikes generate magnetic outcomes thru the pedaling action; however, maximum need to have an electric power source. Along with uniform, dependable resistance, you get quiet operation for paying attention to tune or audiobooks. Since the magnetic resistance is regularly programmable, you can simulate a motorbike experience over hills and valleys. Professional restoration can be high-priced but may do a few maintenance and upkeep for your very own.

Unplug the electrical wire from the AC outlet or eliminate the batteries from their compartment. If the unit is battery-powered, changing the batteries in the display panel is a significant first step in magnetic resistance preservation.

Use an Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the bolts that at ease the plastic flywheel covers.

Pull the flywheel covers apart to reveal the flywheel. Grip the flywheel while you rotate the pedal cranks counterclockwise. This Niceday CT11 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer will disengage the pedals from the internal pulley. Remove the pedal cranks from the motorcycle and set them apart. Ultimately cast off the flywheel covers.

Use a ratchet wrench and socket to unscrew the nut on the pulley. Twist the pulley to the facet and slip the V-belt off both the pulley and the magnetic unit. Inspect the V-belt for cracks or other harm; replace it if harm is located. Use the socket wrench to unscrew the nut that secures the magnetic unit. Remove the magnetic unit and look at it for damage — cracks, immoderate put on, or breakage. If the magnet is in exact form, reinstall it within the motorcycle; in any other case, it must get replaced.

Reinstall the V-belt directly to the magnetic unit and pulley. Replace the nut that secures the pulley. Position the flywheel covers on every aspect of the flywheel. Reattach the pedal cranks by rotating them clockwise as you thread them into the pulley from each facet. Reattach the flywheel covers.

Air vs. Magnetic Rowing Machine

The rowing gadget is a stationary, indoor exercise system that mimics rowing in a ship on the water with an oar. A rowing system can assist a person in constructing patience, stamina, and power. There are 4 rowing machines: air resistance, piston resistance, magnetic resistance, and water resistance rowing machine. Out of the 4, the air and magnetic rowing machines are the maxima generally used.

Air Rowing Machines

An air rowing system has a flywheel that creates resistance. According to Rowing Machine Reviews, the resistance is improved the quicker you pull because the faster you move, the quicker the blades spin, which creates more resistance. Compared to the magnetic resistance machines, one of the downfalls of an air rowing gadget is its several noises.

Magnetic Rowing Machines

A magnetic rowing device has a flywheel with magnets that alter to create resistance. According to RBR Fitness, this rowing system uses electromagnets to offer resistance braking. The magnets slow down the principal flywheel, making the consumer work more challenging to keep the momentum going. Magnetic rowing machines are tons quieter than air rowing machines. However, this rowing system is appreciably more significant than an air rowing machine and might absorb various areas.

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