Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

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Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

The Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is the most effective version that functions Bluetooth smart connectivity allowing you to sync your information with Nautilus ConnectTM, the Nautilus TrainerTM App, and MyFitnessPal. Plus, it comes with a DualTrackTM display with excessive-decision, blue backlit LCD video display units so you can cowl the primary display along with your pill or mag and nevertheless see your results. This upright workout motorcycle from Nautilus also functions in-console audio system with an MP3 input port, USB media charging competencies, and an adjustable fan. With 29 workout packages, infinite comfort improvements, and an array of customization functions, the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is designed with you in thoughts.


•        Height: 57.6”

•        Width: 21.6”

•        Length: 41.8”

•        Item weight: 68.6 lbs

•        Max user weight: three hundred lbs


•        High pace, excessive inertia drive system with perimeter weighted flywheel for smooth start-up and easy, constant workout routines.

•        25 levels of eddy modern-day brake resistance for a wide variety of workout intensity options.

•        Heart charge tracking through touch sensors within the hand grips or chest strap (not blanketed).

•        Padded and contoured seat for a relaxed ride.

•        Vertical and fore/aft seat changes for an appropriate shape.

•        Angle adjustable handlebars for a cozy riding function.

•        Media shelf to your tablet or magazine.

•        In-console audio system with MP3 enters port and USB charging.

•        Adjustable 3-velocity fan to maintain your calm even as exercise.

•        Water bottle holder so that you can live hydrated while operating out.

•        Transport wheels so you can, without problems, circulate this motorcycle for the garage.

Computer Features:

•        DualTrack™ two blue backlit LCD window machine

•        Bluetooth and USB connectivity to Nautilus ConnectTM, Nautilus TrainerTM App, and MyFitnessPal to download exercise data

•        12 profile applications consisting of 4 fun rides, 4 mountain rides, and 4 challenges

•        9 coronary heart fee programs with custom settings

•        2 fitness test applications to degree your bodily fitness upgrades

•        Four user profiles to shop personal data and store exercise information

•        1 recovery take a look at the program to degree your how speedy your coronary heart price recovers

•        Quick begin capability

•        Workout facts include:

•        Speed

•        Time

•        Distance

•        Level

•        Revolutions per Minute

•        Heart Rate

•        Calories

•        Program

•        Intensity

•        Heart Rate Zone

•        Goal

•        User

•        Achievement


•        Frame: 10 years

•        Parts: 2 years

•        Electronics: 1 yrs.

•        Labor: 90 days

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping fees will vary for the Nautilus U616 Upright Bike, depending on which you purchase from and what sort of delivery you decide. However, a few outlets, consisting of Nautilus, will provide unfastened delivery.

The Nautilus U616 is pretty clean to bring together because the principle additives are already assembled. You still need to connect the console, handlebars, seat, and posts, in addition to the pedals and more than one other small additive. The instructions are easy to comply with and stroll you via those steps. In all, the meeting needs to be around an hour.

Frame creation

The Nautilus U616 100669 functions as a metal body production. However, the upright post of the chair with its slater is made from aluminum material. All the metallic parts within the frame are covered with a corrosion-resistant paint end. As we’ve stated above, the color used is black, in preference to the older (2013) version, which had a soft gray paint polish. The side base protection of the pulley, Flywheel, and other resistance factors are made from ABS material.

The Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike gives a first-rate standard sturdiness and durability. It weighs almost 68.6 lbs (31.1 kg) which is twice the load of the average avenue motorbike. This weight, plus your very own weight, adds to the general balance of the unit. Plus, the rear base is ready with oversized, adjustable stabilizers; simultaneously, the front base rests on two different rubberized pads, which improve the unit’s grip on the floor. The front base also has transport wheels that facilitate the bike’s relocation once you have finished your exercise. By using these wheels, you gained be managing extra than 1/3 of the unit’s overall weight.

The fully assembled motorcycle isn’t extraordinarily huge. Its footprint is almost 42″ x 22″ (106 x 55 cm), while its maximum point is given by the top of the console that’s situated at approx. 58″ (146 cm) above flood stage. Nautilus does, but advocate which you leave as a minimum of two ft of clearance on each side, at the front, and the motorcycle’s rear for secure access and operation.

Seat and handlebars

The Nautilus U616 is equipped with a high-consolation seat. The saddle combines a thick layer of foam cushioning which notably improves its comfort. It is undoubtedly a saddle made for seated exercises, in contrast to the saddles protected with many spin motorcycles, which can be substantially slimmer. But though, you may nonetheless improve its consolation with the aid of adding a different gel seat cover.

The seat has a well-known attachment machine to its slider. This Nautilus U616 Upright Bike being stated, well-suited replacements for it are broadly available. Thus, you could need to update it within the unlikely occasion, and you must find a compatible model in any motorbike store.

The seat gives 4-manner adjustability. Its upright submits capabilities extra than 10 adjustment notches with approx. 1″ (2.5 cm) in-among. This Nautilus U616 Upright Bike, being said, should be able to accommodate users between 5’0″ and 6’5″ (153 – 196 cm) and not using trouble, selling a whole and wholesome leg extension throughout pedaling. Plus, the seat’s horizontal slider gives numerous inches of front to adjustment again. It’s additionally durable sufficient to aid customers up to 300 lbs (136 kg).

As against other upright motorcycles, the Nautilus U616 additionally gives handlebar adjustability. The handlebar assembly is connected to the front mast right into a metallic collar, tightened using a large knob. Therefore, you may untighten the knob, regulate the handlebar to the attitude that you prefer, and then retighten it again in its area.

The handlebar highlights a multi-grip design. It offers the opportunity to adopt at least three grips, including parallel, well-known, and race. Its aspect sections feature a layer of rubberized cloth to offer a secure grip. Its lower section integrates hard and fast metal grip sensors, which allow the console to screen your pulse. Plus, the lowest corners of the handlebar are geared up with elbow pads, a fixed of accessories that many good motorcycles, or workout bikes in popular, do now not include.

Resistance and force

This Nautilus workout motorbike is geared up with an eddy current (motorized-magnetic) resistance gadget. This way, it calls to be connected to a robust supply for you to allow resistance changes. Can you simplest execute any resistance adjustments from the console? Also, most of the onboard applications of the motorcycle will mechanically alter the resistance if decided on.

An AC adapter is protected with the motorcycle. Its specifications are Input: 120V 60Hz, and Output: 9VDC, 1.5A. Its connector is located on the front base of the bike. The console cannot be powered with the aid of batteries.

The main resistance factors of the motorcycle are a magnetic brake and a servo motor. As you regulate the resistance from the console, the servo motor will pass the magnetic brake pad closer or further from the Flywheel, this manner growing or reducing the intensity of the created magnetic subject. This Nautilus U616 Upright Bike, in the long run, results in a better or lower pedaling difficulty.

The bike offers 25 excellent resistance tiers. The first 5 deliver a light resistance, fantastic for customers who need healing education or aged users. Conversely, the 20-25 ranges of resistance provide entirely consistent pedal anxiety, simulating a steep climb and allowing you to reap a better fats burn.

The Nautilus U616 is ready with a 22 lbs (10 kg) internal Flywheel, which has a fringe-weighted structure made to generate superior inertia in the course of pedaling. It offers a steady momentum and a consistent pedaling experience. It additionally allows pedaling in reverse; however, coasting isn’t viable on the motorbike.

The crankset features durable metal crank palms. However, it’s not made for spin exercises. So, even though it can be solid enough to assist your total weight during a standing-up pedaling recurring, this type of exercise is not encouraged. This Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is, in the end, a good motorcycle made best for seated workouts.

The covered pedals are fabricated from long-lasting nylon material with a metal center. They’re weighted so that they constantly self-adjust, turning up while you eliminate your feet from them. They are also geared up with adjustable straps.

Finally, this Nautilus workout motorcycle features a belt pressure gadget. It uses a heavy-responsibility rubber belt, proof against stretching. This Nautilus U616 Upright Bike being said, the internal force system doesn’t need lubrication. Also, the belt generates extensively less vibration than a string.


As we’ve mentioned above, the Nautilus U616 features a distinctive console than the preceding version. It’s related to the one on the Schwinn a hundred and seventy MY17. It has a sleeker interface and gives greater visibility for the workout metrics than the preceding version.

The motorbike’s console capabilities a dual-show. The pinnacle larger display suggests the profiles of the selected exercise program, the chosen goal and your development in its direction, the name of the modern-day exercising application, the stages of incline and resistance, and the coronary heart rate interval. The lower show indicates time, speed, distance, RPM, resistance level, calories burned, and coronary heart charge.

For the rate and distance parameters, the console offers the opportunity to pick either metric or imperial gadgets. No longer best that it can track your pulse thru the included sensors; it is also telemetric. This Nautilus U616 Upright Bike, being said, may talk with numerous HR transmitters, which perform in the 4.5 kHz – 5.5 kHz variety.

The console integrates an impressive array of workout packages to maintain you motivated. To start with, it has a Manual mode which permits you to pick any tension degree at some stage in pedaling. There are 12 preset programs designed for numerous workout routines. A Custom program lets you create your very own assignment and strive to interrupt your information with each exercise. There are 4 Heart Rate programs settings for 50-60%, 60-70%, 70-80%, and 80-90%;. At the same time, such an HR application is selected. The machine will monitor your coronary heart rate and car-regulate the resistance to preserve you in the selected HR variety.

Goal tracking is also available. You can pick a goal tune for a specific period, and the console will screen your development towards that goal. For example, you may pick a calorie intention for seven days, and the console will tune what number of calories you have burned in the direction of that aim.

The console offers 4 consumer profiles. Therefore, you could save an intention tracking for every one among them. Or, 4 separate users can keep their software settings and quickly choose their program and exercise parameters once they begin exercising. Each user also can shop their weight, height, age, gender, and name, for a more accurate calorie matter and progress tracking.

Finally, in terms of applications, the console additionally has a Recovery feature and a BMI feature.

The console features do not stop here, even though. Just because of the Nautilus R618, this one features Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port. Thus, you could sync it along with your phone or pill on the way to stream your workout facts into your online health tracking account. It is like-minded with various fitness apps, including Nautilus Trainer 2, MyFitnessPal, and several others. If you don’t want to apply the Bluetooth function, you can still switch your records online through a USB device. Also, the USB port of the unit doubles as a charging port on your tablet or phone.

As against the older model, this Nautilus exercising motorcycle console is compatible with the RideSocial digital app. This web software lets you view and experience a digital trail to your clever TV, tablet, or smartphone-based on a GoogleMaps trail. You can create driving events, ride along with your pals and benefit from many other interactive and amusing functions through it.

The console integrates a sound gadget, a media shelf, and a cooling fan in phrases of amenities. The sound system is compatible with most MP3 gamers, smartphones, and pills, including an audio system at the bottom corners of the console. The media shelf is positioned between the 2 presentations of the console; it’s large enough to accommodate any pill. The exercising fan, even though it is not too powerful, it does provide some cooling in your exercise, and you can change its angle using tilting the console.

Assemble and Maintenance

The base of the bike with all the force and resistance factors comes pre-assembled. Therefore, you only want to add the bottom bars, the console mast, the handlebar, the console, the seat post, the seat, and the pedals. This Nautilus U616 Upright Bike may additionally take up to an hour; however, the whole manner is some distance from being complex. The protected manual offers obvious meeting commands and schematics. Also, a primary toolkit is blanketed.

For maintenance, it’s far encouraged to periodically look at the unit’s integrity, search for unfastened bolts or broken parts, and many others. Any sweat drops which could fall onto the frame or console have to be eliminated. Internal protection isn’t required. All the inner parts come pre-lubricated from the manufacturing facility.

The Pros

•        Solid construction – can maintain customers up to 300 lbs;

•        Professional-searching layout;

•        Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base;

•        Transport wheels on the front base;

•        Cushioned, 4-way adjustable seat;

•        angle-adjustable handlebar;

•        Elbow pads blanketed;

•        Pulse sensors included into the handlebar;

•        Smooth and quiet power;

•        25 stages of resistance;

•        29 workout packages;

•        Four user profiles;

•        Goal monitoring;

•        Nautilus Trainer 2, MyFitnessPal, Google Play, Under Armor and other online apps compatibility;

•        Compatible with the RideSocial virtual app;

•        Telemetric console;

•        Several facilities, which include three-speed fan, sound machine, media tray, USB charging port, bottle holder;

•        AC adapter covered;

•        Easy to bring together;

•        Basically protection unfastened;

•        Excellent guarantee.

The Cons

•        A pill placed at the table holder will cowl the pinnacle show;

•        An HR chest strap isn’t always protected;

•        The cooling fan isn’t always too effective.


The Nautilus U616 is an upright exercise motorcycle imparting 25 tiers of modern-day eddy resistance, 29 onboard workout applications, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with the Nautilus Trainer 2 and RideSocial. It’s a heavy-responsibility bike, quite close to light-business best. It also gives superior micro-adjustability and a wide range of amenities, including a valid machine, cooling fan, and pill holder. It’s one of the maximum whole upright motorcycles for domestic use, supplying an outstanding fee for the price.

Exercise Bike Buyer’s Guide

Exercise motorcycles can be utilized by almost everybody searching out a solid aerobic workout and having particular rehabilitation capabilities for disabled individuals or those getting back from harm. Choosing the proper exercising motorbike may be a bit perplexing, partly because you have to recall capabilities just like the model’s size, the kind of resistance, and any extra capabilities to ensure everyday comfort. At the same time, you’re the usage of one. This client’s manual will offer you all of the records you’ll want to set you on the proper path toward choosing an appropriate workout bike.

Exercise Bike Types


The good motorbike might be what pops into the general public’s heads when you say workout bike. They commonly have a seat, handles, and widespread form of a regular bicycle, however, with a far bulkier body to preserve all the extra mechanical additives.


Recumbent bikes let you work out in a seated role which takes nearly all the pressure off the joints even as giving you all of the cardiovascular advantages associated with upright models. These exercise motorcycles are manifestly properly applicable for people stricken by chronic joint ache or getting better from surgeries.


Cycling or “spinning” bikes are usually by avid cyclists who live in areas where cycling year spherical isn’t always an option. These bikes often appear and feel greater like a conventional motorbike while their compact size approach a smaller quantity of space is taken up than an upright or recumbent motorbike.

Resistance Types

Direct Contact Resistance

Direct contact uses friction to create a smooth-riding resistance thru a brake and pad machine, just like what you’d find in a car. While this system is powerful, it ultimately results in untimely put on at the mechanical components concerned. However, this type of resistance is rarely used anymore, however, observed once in a while on more miniature, highly-priced workout motorcycles.

Fan Resistance

Featured almost entirely in upright bikes, fan resistance is created thru the friction of wind blowing over the fan blades because the bike is pedaled, making this kind of resistance smooth and countless. Although this resistance kind can develop unbearably loud, it does offer the user a conveniently built-in approach to live calm at some stage in an exercise.

Magnetic Resistance

Magnetic resistance is the top famous choice amongst workout motorbike enthusiasts because it’s constantly clean and offers reliable, regular resistance. A series of magnets situated alongside the Flywheel is activated and de-activated, an excellent way to grow or decrease resistance for this reason.

Physical Considerations


If you’re making plans on any kind of exercise lasting longer than 15 minutes, you need to ensure you’re going to be seated without difficulty. There are all seating options such as gel, complex contour, more extensive, the therapeutic Easy Seat, and even traditional bicycle seats. Some workout motorcycles even offer convertible seats to healthy the needs of your present-day exercise.

Foot Pedal

Most bikes offer ergonomically-formed foot pedals with an oversized floor area and supportive curves. There are also unique strap types, including nylon and leather, to preserve your ft in location while pedaling.

Unit Footprint

The “footprint,” or quantity of area a workout motorbike occupies, can vary substantially depending on the type you’re curious about. Always degree the amount of available area for your residing and compare in opposition to the measurements of the motorbike you’re considering to avoid crowding your exercise space.

Dashboard and Controls

A price range-minded exercise motorcycle can also feature only some easy buttons for controlling the pace and incline. More upscale options characteristic contact-sensitive pill interfaces are appropriately built into the dashboard. These pills function as a conventional records display and forget the right of entry to the internet, streaming media, films, television suggests, and more significant. However, you’ll want to go together with an option within your comfort level. Something too technologically in intensity may scare you away from ever the usage of your new motorcycle.

Speaker Systems

Dual speaker systems are a fairly commonplace characteristic found on exercise motorcycles and commonly offer a USB port to plug in nearly any MP3 participant or smartphone. More expensive options include Bluetooth era for wirelessly connecting an MP3 participant or smartphone to the speakers, so your tool never leaves your pocket.

Unit Footprint

The “footprint,” or quantity of area an exercising motorbike occupies, can vary substantially depending on the type you’re curious about. Always degree the amount of available space to your dwelling and examine in opposition to the measurements of the motorbike you’re considering to avoid crowding your exercising area.


With such many transferring components, an exercise motorcycle is the handiest as exact as its manufacturer’s warranty. Often workout bikes can have separate warranties for electronics, the frame, and the route, the primary mechanical additives that make up the bike’s complete.

How does the U616 vary from the alternative Nautilus Bikes?

The U616 is the Nautilus pinnacle model. Released new for 2015, it moves on from the five hundred series version launched over 5 years ago. The vintage variety was a highly appeared receiving high praise from customers for its satisfactory and reliability. There is not any motive to anticipate the 2015 version to be any less so.

This Nautilus U616 Upright Bike is a traditional upright motorcycle designed for mild cardio exercising.  If you need something to stretch you indeed, then remember a spinning motorcycle that includes the Schwinn IC Performance Plus.

The console has been upgraded to make it less challenging to read and feature few more excellent applications constructed. It now capabilities 29 exercise programs, vs. 6 for the 2010 version, 25 resistance stages vs. 8 previously.

It looks as if Nautiluses have a sincere notion approximately what the modern-day user wishes, and we like their new console that includes a split display (to shop your pill) and also Bluetooth connections.  This way, you can proportion your workout instantly on Myfitnesspal.  I discover this real motivator to recognize that friends can see what I have achieved and what development I have made.

If you revel in doing excessive cardio workouts, you will revel in the usage of this system. It’s an excellent entry-level fitness product for everybody who desires to spice up their routine on an everyday foundation and a significant improvement at the vintage version. More so, it’s exceptional in case you need to take your weight loss plans to the next stage.

Why should I purchase the Nautiluses U616 Upright Bike?

Aside from being synthetic using one of the pleasant health manufacturers inside the industry, this newly launched motorcycle has several functions that can be very useful and useful.

The bike’s features consist of:

Useful Split Console

• A twin Blue LCD window device that permits you to reveal as much as 13 distinctive show feedbacks, which include energy burned, time, pace, and distance

• A Nautiluses Connect goal monitoring system that without problems allows you to preserve the music of your health goals

• A USB charging and Bluetooth port and clean integration to myfitnesspal.Com

• 25 preset exercising applications and a couple of person settings to always maintain you motivated and challenged

Ergonomic Handlebars, Speakers, and Fan

• Angle adjustable handlebars for a secure riding function

• Ergonomically placed grip heart fee for a secure driving position during the use of a heart rate software

• Acoustic chamber audio system for massive best sound

• A 3-speed fan to maintain your cool

Comfortable Body, Seat & Frame

• Padded and shaped seat for a comfortable ride

• Two incorporated levelers for a sold exercising platform

• Transport wheels permit for easy movement from room to room

• Oversized crossbar tubing for brought stability

Internal Specifications

• 25 tiers of eddy current resistance

• A high pace, excessive inertia perimeter weighted Flywheel continues exercises smooth and quiet

Warranty Details

The Nautiluses are confident approximately their bike and provide:

• 10 years for the body

• 2 years for mechanical elements / 1 yr. for electric components

• 90 days for exertions

With clean-to-use capabilities, a well-designed console, and a significantly less costly rate point, the Nautilus U616 is a tremendous preference for a cycling associate in the domestic.

What are different critiques saying approximately the U616?

“The motorbike is ideal – quiet, green, clean to use and installation and the exercising syncing function is pleasant to have”

“As others have said, the motorcycle is quiet, the fan is a pleasant contact, and it’s a without a doubt pleasant motorbike that spares me a fitness center club.”

Well, with the suite of functions and fee well beneath $500, it’s an attractive provide. Suppose you’re looking for more than just a real featured entry-level motorcycle and one that is capable of pushing you a little more than I could advocate this version.  The decrease version, the U614, lacks many features that make this exquisite for me, including Bluetooth and a few health programs.

Not only is Amazon a very dependable store, but they also offer genuine customer service and hassle-free delivery. In addition, you can also avail of a 2-12 months guarantee adds-directly to provide additional safety to your device.

How Does the U616 Compare to the Another Nautilus Exercise Bikes?

All 3 Nautilus bikes are lower priced and filled with functions, but as you move up thru the lineup, you get a touch of extra capability.

The U616 is within the middle of the percent, so it has more than the U614 offers but much less than the pinnacle quit U618 upright.

Let’s evaluate the 3 motorcycles to peer how they vary from every other…

Nautilus U614

The entry-degree model in the series offers you 22 exercise applications, 20 resistance ranges, an 18 lb. Flywheel, 2 person profiles, hand grip heart charge monitoring, and 3 hundred lb. Maximum weight ability.

Nautilus U616

As you examine above, the U616 gives you virtually the entirety, with 29 workout packages, 25 resistance ranges, a 22 lb. Flywheel, 4 person profiles, and wireless heart fee tracking.

You additionally get Bluetooth workout tracking functionality through the Ride Social and Nautilus Trainer health apps, a roomier seat, and deluxe pedals.

Nautilus U618

The bounce from the U616 to the U618 isn’t always as huge as that from the U614 to the U616, but you do get a more substantial 30 lb. Flywheel, a more advanced console, a vast gel seat, top-class handlebars, and unique pedals.

It also comes with a more considerable max weight ability of 325 lbs., an unfastened coronary heart rate chest strap, and the most robust assurance inside the lineup.

So as you can see, the U616 sits appropriately inside the center, a more advanced system than the U614 with delivered Bluetooth workout tracking functionality.  However, it is now not as durable because of the pinnacle of the line U618 version.

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