How do I find my Peloton model number?

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How do I find my Peloton model number?

Where to Find Your Peloton Model Number

How do I find my Peloton model number? Peloton exercise bikes have a unique model number that helps identify your bike’s specific version. Whether you want to check compatibility, order replacement parts, or satisfy your curiosity, locating the model number is essential. Here are the different ways to find it:

1. On the Back of the Bike:

  • Most Common Location: Look for a white sticker on the back of your Peloton exercise bike’s frame. This sticker contains essential information, including the model number.

The model number will be printed alongside other product details. It typically follows a specific format (e.g., “PXX-XXX” or similar). For instance, a model number could be “P01-234” or “P02-345”.

2. Within the Settings Menu (Touchscreen):

  • If you have a Peloton Bike+ with a touchscreen, you can find the model numbers within the settings menu:
  • Log in to your Peloton account.
  • Tap the three dots in the more downright corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to Device Settings > About Tablet > Status.
  • Look for the model number listed there.

3. Additional Information:

  • Generations: Peloton bikes have gone through different generations, each with its model numbers. For example:
  • First-generation touchscreens start with serial numbers, beginning with 72010 (produced before September 2016).
  • Second-generation screens start with RB1V1.
  • Third-generation screens begin with RB1VQ.

Remember, keeping your model number handy is not just a suggestion, it’s crucial for future reference or inquiries about your Peloton bike. This knowledge will make you feel informed and prepared. Happy riding!

For more details, visit [insert a direct link to Peloton’s official support page on locating your bike and touchscreen serial number].

This article is here to help you find your Peloton model number. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, remember that we’re here for you. Feel free to ask!

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