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Horizon vs Sole Treadmill: Which One is better for you?

Horizon vs sole treadmill, Treadmills are one of the most popular and effective home-based fitness machines. They can help burn calories, enhance cardiovascular health, and achieve fitness goals. However, not all treadmills are created equal. There are many factors to consider when choosing a treadmill, such as price, quality, features, and performance.

Two of the leading brands in the treadmill industry are Horizon vs sole treadmill. Both brands offer a spectrum of models catering to users from beginners to advanced runners. But which one is better for you? In this article, we will compare Horizon vs sole treadmills based on their key features, pros, and cons and help you decide which suits your needs and preferences.

Horizon Treadmills

Horizon is a brand that provides affordable and user-friendly treadmills for home use. They are designed to be easy to store, use, and connect with various fitness apps and programs. Horizon treadmills are ideal for budget-conscious consumers, casual exercisers, and Peloton subscribers.

Key Features of Horizon Treadmills

  • Folding Design: All Horizon treadmills have a folding design that allows you to save space and store them conveniently. The folding mechanism is soft and effortless, and the treadmills have wheels for easy mobility.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: All Horizon treadmills have Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to sync them with your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. You can stream your famous music, podcasts, or videos through the built-in speakers or use the Bluetooth heart rate monitor to track your pulse. You can connect your Horizon treadmill with third-party fitness apps like Peloton, Zwift, or AFG Pro.
  • RapidSync Motor: Some Horizon treadmills, such as the 7.0 AT, 7.4 AT, and 7.8 AT, have a RapidSync motor that responds quickly to speed and incline changes. This feature is useful for interval training, allowing you to switch between different intensity levels without lagging or jerking.
  • 3-Zone Variable Response Cushioning: All Horizon treadmills have a 3-zone variable response cushioning system that provides different levels of support and comfort for different parts of your stride. The front zone is soft and absorbs the impact, the middle zone is moderate and transitions the motion, and the rear zone is firm and propels the push-off.

Pros and Cons of Horizon Treadmills


  • Affordable and value for money
  • Easy to store and move
  • User-friendly and intuitive controls
  • Compatible with various fitness apps and programs
  • Suitable for walkers, joggers, and interval runners


  • Less durable and robust than Sole treadmills
  • Smaller and narrower running decks than Sole treadmills
  • There are fewer built-in programs and tech features than Sole treadmills
  • Less extensive warranty coverage than Sole treadmills

Sole Treadmills

Sole is a brand known for its high-quality and high-performance treadmills. They are built to last and deliver a smooth and comfortable running experience. Sole treadmills are ideal for serious runners, long-distance trainers, and heavy users.

Key Features of Sole Treadmills

  • Robust Motor Systems: Sole treadmills have powerful, durable motors ranging from 3.0 to 4.0 HP. These motors can handle high speeds, inclines, and heavy loads without overheating or making noise. They also have large flywheels that ensure a smooth and consistent motion.
  • Advanced Cushioning for Runners: Sole treadmills have a cushioning system that decreases the impact on your joints by up to 40%. The cushioning system mimics the feel of running outdoors and provides a comfortable and natural surface. It also helps prevent fatigue and ury and enhances performance. User-Friendly Interfaces: Sole treadmills have clear and comprehensive interfaces that display all the necessary workout information, such as time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate, and more. You can also choose from various built-in programs or customize your workouts. Some Sole treadmills, such as the F85 and the TT8, have touchscreens that make navigating and adjusting the settings easier.

Pros and Cons of Sole Treadmills


  • Durable and reliable
  • Powerful and smooth
  • Comfortable and natural
  • Comprehensive and customizable
  • Suitable for serious runners, long-distance trainers, and heavy users


  • Expensive and less value for money
  • Bulky and hard to store and move
  • Less compatible with various fitness apps and programs
  • Fewer variations and options than Horizon treadmills


Horizon and Sole are both reputable and respected brands in the treadmill industry. They both offer a range of models that can suit different classes of users, depending on their needs and preferences. However, some crucial differences between them can affect your decision.

Horizon treadmills are more affordable, user-friendly, and versatile than Sole treadmills. They are ideal for budget-conscious consumers, casual exercisers, and Peloton subscribers. They are also easy to store, move, and compatible with various fitness apps and programs. However, Sole treadmills are less durable, robust, and comfortable. They also have smaller, narrower running decks, fewer built-in programs, and tech features, and less extensive warranty coverage than Sole treadmills.

Sole treadmills are more durable, robust, and comfortable than Horizon treadmills. They are ideal for serious runners, long-distance trainers, and heavy users. They are also comprehensive and customizable and have advanced cushioning systems. However, they are more expensive, less user-friendly, and less versatile than Horizon treadmills. They are bulky, hard to store and move, and incompatible with various fitness apps and programs. They also have fewer variations and options than Horizon treadmills.

Choosing between Horizon and Sole treadmills ultimately depends on your personal goals, priorities, and budget. Consider each brand’s features, pros, and cons, and compare them with your expectations and requirements. Doing so lets you find the best treadmill and enjoy a satisfying and rewarding workout.

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