Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike

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Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike

The Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike is one of the lower-priced exercise bikes that you may find in the meanwhile. It’s inside the identical range of specifications as the Sunny SF-RB921 and Marcy NS-908R. It’s a bike with magnetic guide resistance, best for mild aerobic exercise at home.

Even though it’s an alternatively simple bike, there’s nevertheless plenty to said about it. Therefore, on this evaluation, we’ll attempt to cover each one’s features in every one of its features.

Technical Details and Specifications

• Assembled dimensions: fifty six. Three x sixteen.OneW x thirty four.six H inches (143L x 41W x 88H cm)

• Assembled weight: lbs (23.4 kg)

• Max. Consumer weight: three hundred lbs (136 kg)

• Seat: Adjustable

• Pedals: With adjustable straps

• Resistance: Magnetic, eight ranges

• Reassure: Time, separation, speed, calories, odometer, beat, SCAN 

Edge creation

The Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike features a frame construction just like the Marcy ME 709. It’s a -component body, with the two fundamental parts connecting in the middle. The connection factor among the rear element with the seat and the front aspect with the pedals serves as an adjustment factor for the motorbike duration.

The bike’s frame make from steel tubing; however, the motorbike doesn’t have an incredibly heavy overall production. When fully assembled, it weighs the most effective fifty-one, Seven lbs (23.4 kg). Therefore, its assembly and delivery shouldn’t be a problem for one person. Plus, the front base prepared with rotating give up caps that may serve as transport wheels, so moving the bike once you’ve got finished your workout is reasonably smooth.

Although the motorbike isn’t extraordinarily heavy, its stability shouldn’t be a trouble. The rear base and the small middle base, are both equipped with polygonal rotating caps, which function stabilizers. So, even in case you’re now not going to the vicinity and use the bike on a rubberized mat, these factors ought to give you the possibility to perfectly level it.

The bike doesn’t have a folding frame. However, suppose you need to storage space when you’re no longer using it. In that case, you could disconnect the two essential components of the structure and store them one over the alternative, or in an extraordinary manner that takes much less area.

This Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike isn’t very massive, though. With the frame completely collected, It takes approx. Fifty-six.Three″L x sixteen.1″W (143 x 41 cm) of floor area. Notwithstanding, it’s far endorsed to go away as a minimum two ft of clearance all around it for secure entry and go out. This Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike stated it could not fit very well in a small room or condo.

All the metallic elements within the body production characteristic a corrosion-resistant powder coating, light grey in coloration, this being the only coloration available for this Goplus motorcycle. The covers of its force factors manufactured from plastic material, grey, and silver.

Seat and handlebars

this recumbent workout motorcycle is geared up with a comfortable chair, approx. 14″ (36 cm) is extensive. Both the heart and the backrest combine a regular padding layer that allows you to supply the most sumptuous comfort. Their upholstery manufactured from long-lasting vinyl cloth, designed to ultimate for decades of use.

The seat is without delay attached to the rear part of the frame; it doesn’t have any adjustment rail or mechanism. However, as we’ve stated above, the body’s two essential components permit the motorcycle’s duration adjustment. The seat body decreases bar, which enters the front body bar functions numerous adjustment holes. Therefore, this motorcycle can accommodate customers between four’six″ to six ‘zero″ (137 – 183 cm). If you’re thinking, the backrest is also immediately connected to the seat frame; it cannot circulate independently from the seat and doesn’t recline.

The Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike capabilities units of handlebars, which can take into consideration a plus, as the opposite models, together with the Universal R20, don’t have the front handlebars. The front handlebars that are attached to the console mast feature a multi-grip design. The seat handlebars gear up with steel beat sensors. The two arrangements of handlebars include elastic froth holds for the most effective consolation. None of the handlebars have any customizability, all alone.

Opposition and power

The Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike features a manual magnetic resistance gadget. This way, you don’t just join it to a strength supply to advantage from pedal adjustment. The resistance gadget consists of a small magnetic brake attached to the console mast’s dial, below the console, thru a metal twine. As you switch the knob, the brake’s placement concerning the internal metallic flywheel will exchange, resulting in more or less anxiety.

The obstruction dial has 8 “ticks” on it, making to had eight unique tiers of resistance. The 1-3 resistance settings offer the opportunity to carry out mild exercises. Conversely, the top seven-eight resistance settings positioned pretty a bit of hysteria on the pedals, permitting you to undertake extra intense exercising sessions, simulating a steep climb.

Since that is an exercising motorcycle with a magnetic resistance gadget, it has a belt pressure on using a durable rubber belt. This kind of power has two primary favorable circumstances. Most importantly, a belt doesn’t need intermittent grease, and 2d of all, it renders the motorbike’s operation almost silent. The Goplus bike is a splendid preference if you live in a condominium or residence with a couple of persons. When running the motorcycle, you could ensure that they received hear it.

The motorbike’s flywheel isn’t a huge one. However, its weight isn’t detailed because the bike’s general importance isn’t extra than 52 lbs, the flywheel can’t be that heavy. As a general concept, this quality’s recumbent bikes gears up With a mild flywheel, among eight and twelve lbs (3.6 – 5.4 kg). But though, the flywheel is balanced and gives a consistent and accessible movement.

The crankset prepared with metal crank fingers and weighted pedals, the pedals function adjustable straps and an adherent surface to ensure foot stability during pedaling. They also have trendy threads, so you need to without difficulty find replacements for them if it’s the case.

Finally, the motorcycle has a reasonably slim Q-Factor. This way that your feet are located obviously on the pedals, which ends up in no lateral stress on the knees and ankles throughout pedaling. This Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike makes the bike an excellent preference for users that require recovery schooling due to joint harm.

Fitness meter

Since it’s a basic version, the Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike prepares with a primary exercise meter. However, this unit does offer a chunk more significant than the simple devices, because it has an odometer function and a pulse studying capabilities. It gears up with an LCD that can music time, distance, general distance (odometer), velocity, energy, and vibration. But since it doesn’t provide any options to input consumer records along with age or weight, the calorie reading isn’t too accurate.

The unit isn’t always telemetric, so it may’s read your pulse through a wireless HR chest strap transmitter. To gain from a pulse analysis, you ought to use the EKG sensors inside the seat handlebars.

The meter unit is simple to operate. It has the most significant catch flips the SCAN work on and off and fills in as a Power On button and as a Reset button. At the point when the SCAN characteristic is on, the display will show each exercise metric for numerous seconds, then move to the next. By toggling the SCAN feature off, you could select any of the exercise metrics delivered at the display. To reset all the exercising metrics at the console, you genuinely need to press and maintain the button for a few seconds.

The console is battery powered. It makes use of two AAA batteries, which include. It also has a snooze mode to enter after numerous seconds of state of no activity on the motorcycle. To turn it on, you could both press the button or start pedaling.

Assembly and Maintenance

This exercising bike is smooth to prepare; the entire meeting process shouldn’t take more than an hour, the blanketed guide affords obvious meeting commands, and the gear is protected. You may need to connect the two predominant body parts, connect the base tubes, the seat, the comfort pole, reassure, and the pedals.

Since the bike capabilities a magnetic resistance machine, there isn’t any upkeep required for the inner parts. So, the handiest aspect to do for this remember is to test for free bolts and elements periodically.

The Pros

• Solid frame for a light recumbent motorbike, with a max. User capability of 300 lbs;

• Adjustable frame; can accommodate users between 4’6″ – 6’0″;

• Transport wheels;

• Adjustable base stabilizers;

• Step-through frame layout;

• Both the front and seat handlebars (different recumbent motorcycles don’t have the front handlebars);

• Pulse sensors within the seat handlebars;

• Padded seat and backrest, for optimum consolation;

• Quiet magnetic resistance device;

• Adjustable resistance providing different eight degrees;

• Weighted pedals with adjustable straps and preferred threads;

• Fitness meter blanketed;

• Easy to assemble and function;

• Lightweight, easy to address;

• Little to no upkeep required.

The Cons

• No tablet holder;

• No bottle holder;

• The console display does now not have a backlight.

Alternatives to the Goplus Recumbent Exercise Bike

To come up with a piece of a reference factor in regards to the Goplus Recumbent Exercise Bike, right here are some different access degree models to take a quick look.

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

A desirable opportunity to bear in mind, the Marcy ME 709, is honestly pretty similar to the Goplus Recumbent Exercise Bike. Both have a pleasant metallic frame with a handy step-via characteristic, plus each has a three-hundred-pound weight limit. Both models value approximately the same, they each have the same fashion of laptop display, and they each have the same number of resistance levels. The most significant real difference between the two is that Marcy weighs slightly greater.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB1117 Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

This model is slightly less high-priced than the Goplus Recumbent Exercise Bike. However, the Sunny Health & Fitness model is tons more compact, light-weight, and it folds in 1/2 for smooth storage. Both have the same style of laptop show. Both also have an adjustable seat to shape customers of numerous sizes. The Goplus Recumbent Exercise Bike does have a better frame, is extra stable, and has a better weight potential. Both of these models have eight stages of adjustable magnetic resistance.


The Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike is a basic version meant for domestic use. It capabilities eight stages of manual magnetic resistance and springs with a primary console. It has an adjustable body, padded seat and broad backrest, and a healthy frame production. It’s an exercise motorcycle for novices, excellent for light aerobic workout routines, stamina education, recuperation training, and weight loss. It’s one of the most affordable recumbent motorcycles and does offer the first-rate fee for the charge.

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