bowflex c6 vs schwinn ic4

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bowflex c6 vs schwinn ic4

bowflex c6 vs schwinn ic4, When choosing between the Bowflex C6 and the Schwinn IC4 indoor cycling bikes, it’s important to note that they are nearly identical in many aspects. Nautilus manufactures both bikes and offers a similar set of features. However, there are a few differences that may influence your decision. Here’s a detailed comparison:

Bowflex C6 vs Schwinn IC4: At a Glance


  • The Schwinn IC4 is generally more affordable than the Bowflex C6.

Design and Branding:

  • The Bowflex C6 has a sleek black design with minimal red accents, while the Schwinn IC4 has a brighter, sportier look with red and white accents.


  • The seat on the Bowflex C6 is reported to be slightly more comfortable.


  • Manufacturer: Both bikes are produced by Nautilus.
  • Resistance Levels: Each bike offers 100 micro-adjustment resistance levels.
  • Connectivity: Both models come with Bluetooth-compatible heart-rate monitors and USB ports for device charging.
  • Extras: Both include 3kg dumbbells for added workout options.


  • Price: The Schwinn IC4 is typically less expensive.
  • Availability: The Bowflex C6 is exclusively available on the Bowflex website, whereas the Schwinn IC4 can be found at several retailers.
  • Seat Comfort: According to a Bowflex spokesperson, the Bowflex C6 boasts a more comfortable seat.


Bowflex C6 and Schwinn IC4 are excellent choices for those seeking a gym-quality indoor cycling experience. The decision between the two may be personal preference regarding aesthetics, price, and comfort. If budget is a primary concern, the Schwinn IC4 may be the way forward. However, if you prefer a more comfortable seat and a sleeker design, the Bowflex C6 could be worth the extra investment. Ultimately, both bikes offer a robust set of features that can cater to your fitness needs.

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