Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

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Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike, Bike driving is probably off your radar proper now; however, now’s the time to remember if you need to keep your vintage motorcycle go together with something new along with the Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike.

Winter remains upon us. However, our contemporary bloodless and ice won’t ultimate for all time, and in the end, there might be inexperienced grass. There are many sports to dream about with the concept of heat weather, such as taking long walks and bike riding.


What is a Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike? Well, I’m happy you requested. As you can have guessed already, the Mobo shift is a first and predominant Recumbent Tricycle, so there’s much less pressure on your again and joints, meaning an extra comfortable trip.

This recumbent bicycle comes with a low middle of gravity, providing balance issues a notable riding revel in. The twin-joystick steerage characteristic gives the rider ease of maneuverability with simple hand actions.

The Mobo shift is also an opposite recumbent trike. This Mobo adult tricycle is ready with opposite tools, making it clean to head backward in different words.

Another characteristic well worth noting is the ease of adjustability. The Mobo shift reversible ergonomic cruiser comes with an adjustable trike bicycle frame permitting riders from 4’0” to 6’3″ to have a memorable journey. Even the returned seat is adjustable with six-angle settings.


What are others announcing approximately the Mobo Shift? Do others like having a reverse steering motorbike? One reviewer loved taking her bicycle trike at the same time as taking puppies for walks. The same reviewer mentioned that the Mobo shift is excellent on quite a flat terrain and not effective over long distances.

Other reviewers raved approximately how properly the motorbike handles people with disabilities. For instance, one born with Spin Bifida used his reverse tricycle motorbike to live in perfect shape. Another expressed the gratitude of how the recumbent trike gave her disabled 13-yrs.-old son an active lifestyle.

Other reviewers had significant matters to say close to customer service and the ease of meeting. One boasted that it only took a half-hour to position the bike together. Still, some others commented, approximately going near three hundred miles on his bicycle trike.

Some reviewers talked about a number of the drawbacks to the Mobo shift opposite tricycle motorcycle. One such feature only has one ahead speed. One even lamented approximately no longer being able to hold pace with a jogger.

But notwithstanding the drawbacks, the mobo shift offers those with disabilities and beyond hip surgical procedures a lively life and an excuse to get out and enjoy scenic motorbike trails. It may not be the motorbike to use to win the next street race; however, if you want a cozy ride on your joints and back, then don’t forget the mobo shift bike.

Handlebars & Seat

The seat of the Shift is constructed with a recline and can be adjusted to 6 specific angles. The seat is likewise shallow, measuring 15 inches from the floor.

This trike uses side-steerage to deal with grips rather than conventional handlebars. These handlebars control a real-wheel guidance machine. The idea at the back of this machine is meant to grow the power of each arm and leg muscle tissue.

Gears – Speeds

The Mobo Shift, like other Mobo cruisers, only has an unmarried velocity. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike could be pleasant if you intend to stay on an enormously flat floor and not use inclines or gravel. The available cause speeds are not exquisite for hills and inclines because they require lots of extra attempts thru the pedaling to climb one’s hills and cannot alter gears to compensate for that energy. Tricycles are even more difficult than bikes in this situation, particularly recumbent trikes because you cannot get up to get leverage like a regular bike.

One specific function for the Shift is to place the trike in reverse by using the opposite shifter located at the left deal. I assume that is where the name Shift comes. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike will help take a flight of areas, perhaps from your garage at the manner out to trip for the day.

Height & Weight Limit

According to the manufacturer, the Shift can alter riders from 4-foot tall to 6 feet 3 inches. The weight limit is advertised as 250 kilos most. I learned that it’s miles fine to no longer try to push this weight to restrict quoted in this situation in my research. In one Mobo Shift overview, I read about a rider weighing 270 pounds and feeling like the trike turned into beginning to bend beneath their weight.


The brake is activated via hand and springs on the right-hand side by way of default. Users have asked about probably switching this to the left aspect, and other users have shown that this is indeed possible.


Like many adjustable trikes, the dimensions of the Mobo Shift can vary.

It measures 28 inches, through 25.6 inches, by using 48 inches in duration. The duration can be up to sixty-two inches as soon as fully prolonged.

The Mobo Shift weighs 44 pounds. The transport weight is 54.4 kilos; that’s crucial to recognize within the event which you are someone who may want assistance transferring a bundle of that length once it’s far brought.

An additional size that might be crucial to understand is that the seat measures 15 inches from the ground.


The most useful accessory that incorporates the Shift is a protection flag. With low-to-the-floor models along with this, the flag is a should-have. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike facilitates to guarantee that you are seen to passing vehicles while you are using.


•        A particular factor to this trike is the reality that it has reverse tools. They declare to be the primary cruiser trike inside the global to have this option.

•        The tricycle is cozy to sit down in, according to many users.


•        Because it’s miles’ most effective one-tools, it is probably tough to move fast in this trike. Essentially, you may best cross as fast as you can pedal.

•        Since it is a recumbent model and simplest one-tools, it’ll be very tough to climb even moderate inclines. Unless you propose only staying on flat easy surfaces, this is probably trouble for you. One Mobo Shift evaluates a consumer who wrote about how they couldn’t get the car to climb up a two-foot steep hill that linked their driveway to the street without the tire slipping.

•        As with the majority of trikes, customers had trouble assembling the car. Reviewers commented on the commands saying that they have been lacking. It might be wise to devise hiring an expert motorcycle mechanic to put it together if you purchase.

 Mobo Shift Consumer Ratings

Their critiques for the Mobo Shift are combined with a slant toward being effective. The majority of the ratings are lovely; however, I observed an alarming range of humans that made the trike the bottom rating feasible in my research.

On further reading, it appears that evidently, most of the terrible opinions stem from the fact that it’s far one-tools and that it is hard to bring together. People bitch that its miles nearly essentially vain on grass or gravel or a mild incline. With no gears, it’s also nearly not possible to keep up with riders on bikes.

There are quite a few different view factors. Click underneath to look for yourself.

Mobo Shift Price

The Mobo Shift falls into the middle of our $300 – $999 price variety. PRO TIP: The motorbike is to be had in 3 different colorations, and you would be amazed at how a lot the price varies by way of color. Use the button underneath to test costs nowadays and see for yourself.


The Mobo Shift is a durable option for a recumbent trike. It is much like the Mobo Triton but provides the option of reverse-gear. Many customers discovered the journey to be very relaxed. Still, due to its loss of a tools machine, it cannot be easy to experience on any terrain besides accessible flat pavements.

I hope our Mobo Shift assessment changed into beneficial to someone and helped to make you as informed as viable. If you determine to buy, please depart a comment underneath to permit the network to understand your stories.

Let’s Look At Some of the Recumbent Bike Benefits

Because of the design of the recumbent bicycle, the manner the seat- reclined right into a decrease position, there are many blessings available, together with:


Having a decrease stage of gravity and a triangular-like layout, with the principle guidance wheels on the front supported using 2 rear wheels, you get the advantage of cutting via the wind. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike affects much less drag, and as a result, it’s miles less taxing on the palms or legs, depending on the model you have.

Body-weight distribution

On a fashionable upright bicycle or trike, your entire body weight rests on just a few small sitting bones, the palms, and the toes.

However, with a recumbent motorbike, the reclined seating role uses the rider’s backside, lower back, legs, and feet – spreading the weight.


Unlike a standard upright motorbike, while encountering a hill, a recumbent rider cannot rise out of the saddle to generate more pressure. Therefore, they need to select low tools and use the backrest of the bike to achieve this.

This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike is visible as a negative using a few; however, if workout and fitness are crucial to you and have to be, we see it again!


A Dutchman on a recumbent motorcycle owns the velocity record for a human-powered automobile. Granted, this changed into a 2-wheeled model, but it will show just how powerful the low profile is. Having the body positioned so low on the ground indeed makes a massive distinction in windy conditions.

Additional Tips

Recumbent trike flags

Because recumbent trikes are so low to the ground, regularly avenue cars have hassle seeing them, which may be risky. So the general public of those who enjoy this recreation on 3 wheels opts for a recumbent trike flag.

This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike can be something you would like in phrases of the layout. However, its fundamental cause is to allow you to be seen and to preserve you safe.

Many of the flags have a small flashing mild on the pinnacle of the pole; this helps you be seen in mild low levels.

Cycling Shoes

With some of the better-end fashions with eight+ gearing alternatives, it’s far splendid to wear proper biking shoes that can clip into the pedals. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike no longer handiest gives you guide and safety from the quick-spinning pedals; however, it also has extra strength and pace as you get the frenzy to pull pressure out of your legs while cycling.

How to Ride an Adult Tricycle?

Adding one wheel to a bicycle can make a global distinction. At the same time, the Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike looks alike; bicycles and tricycles characteristic is very one-of-a-kind methods. Tricycles characteristic wheels at their lower backstop, in preference, to simply one on a bicycle. This more wheel gives stability by preventing the tricycle from tipping over, doing away with the rider’s want to hold the balance. Tricycles also feature a flat seat that lets the rider take a seat upright instead of leaning forward. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike is greater leisurely and much less effective at producing electricity. However, it’s also extra at ease and acceptable for recreational use. As smooth and commonplace as it’s miles to ride a bike, tricycles are even more accessible.

Step 1

Place the tricycle on a flat surface and sit at the seat. Place your hands on both handlebars and placed your toes at the pedals. You must be capable of take a seat there without pedaling and keep an upright role — one of the blessings of tricycles.

Step 2

Pedal the tricycle slowly. Initially, you may need to ease yourself into driving the tricycle and supply yourself with time to get adjusted. You’ll be sitting decrease than you will on a typical bicycle, so it can take time to get used to using close to site visitors or around different motorcycles. Use the handlebars to persuade the tricycle as wanted along paths and round barriers.

Step 3

Test the brakes to make sure you could sluggish the tricycle properly. Most tricycles have hand brakes close to wherein you grip the handlebars. Before heading out on your experience, tighten your hand around those levers to grow friction at the wheels and sluggish the tricycle to a stop on your driveway or the front backyard.


Always wear a helmet while you experience a tricycle.

Do no longer strive to experience rapid on a tricycle. Although you have extra stability, tricycles are more challenging to handle than bicycles. High speeds around tight corners positioned you at more hazard of tipping over or losing manipulate.

A tricycle has a more extensive profile than a bicycle. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike could make you more imposing while driving on sidewalks or other recreational paths. Watch out for oncoming pedestrians and hold close to the proper fringe of the sidewalk. Pull off the path if had to permit others to skip.

Become acquainted together with your local rules concerning tricycles. Different governments have only rules about when and where you’re allowed on the sidewalk and while you are required to apply the streets.

3 Wheel Bicycle Pros & Cons

Three-wheeled bicycles, more typically referred to as trikes, come in quite several designs. Some resemble traditional two-wheeled bikes with body modifications to deal with a wider axle and extra rear wheel. Others are recumbent, assisting the rider in a chair-kind seat, with a frame this is low to the ground. Three-wheeled motorcycles are acknowledged for their balance and ease of use. However, in addition, they have a few drawbacks.


Three-wheeled bicycles are powerful. While riding, there may be no want to maintain a minimal forward movement to stability the bike, as it rides on a tripod of 3 wheels with the intention to no more extended tip over without problems. If the rider of a trike chooses to prevent, he stops pedaling and applies the brakes. The trike will come to rest without the need to balance the motorbike while at a standstill.


When it involves hiking hills, 3-wheeled motorcycles, especially those with more than one gear, are more capable than conventional wheelers. On a two-wheeled bike, the rider should maintain a certain amount of ahead movement to hold the bike upright. The 3-wheeled bike rider, however, wants not to fear approximately balancing, so the rider can virtually area the motorcycle in meager tools and pedal away at a fast pace to climb the hill without the worry of falling over.


The massive wheelbase of upright three-wheeled bikes causes them to sport even heavy amounts of cargo. It can fit even recumbent trikes with substantial shipment packs fitted on racks behind the rider. The trikes also preserve to illustrate principal balance, notwithstanding the introduced weight.


Some trikes, particularly recumbent trikes, journey shallow to the ground. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike can gift visibility issues, specifically while riding in visitors or busy parking masses. Drivers in motors can also have a more difficult time seeing recumbent trike riders on the road. Many recumbent riders use a tall fiberglass rod with a flag on the pinnacle attached to their trike to lead them to extra visible to assist away from a potential twist of fate.


Many 3-wheeled bicycles even have a broader wheelbase, making them broader and more likely to paste in traffic when using motorcycle lanes on roads or facet walks. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike can make the trike inconvenient or risky to trip in certain situations, including heavy visitors. The slender frame of a fashionable bicycle also makes it easier to shop than the broader body of the trike.


The wider stance of 3-wheeled bicycles could make them extra difficult to handle. This Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike is especially proper with turning. While traditional two-wheelers are very slender and feature a distinctly small turning radius, trikes tend to require perfect space to show. Recumbent trikes are greater tough to deal with at slower speeds but typically handle faster speeds nicely.

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