Hydrow vs concept2

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Hydrow vs concept2

Hydrow vs concept2, When choosing between the Hydrow and Concept2 rowing machines, fitness enthusiasts are faced with a decision between two top-tier products that cater to different preferences and needs. Here’s an informative comparison to help you decide which might be the right fit for your rowing journey.

Hydrow vs Concept2: A Detailed Comparison

Hydrow: The Premium Experience

Hydrow is often described as the elite rowing machine, offering a premium experience with its elegant design and advanced technology. It’s a magnetic rower known for its quiet operation and immersive workout experience. The machine boasts a 22-inch touchscreen display that streams on-demand rowing classes from world-class instructors, making it a favorite for those who prefer interactive workouts.

Key Features:

  • Type of Resistance: Magnetic
  • Workout Experience: Immersive with streaming classes
  • Price Range: Higher-end
  • User Experience: Quiet, smooth, and interactive

Concept2: The Trusted Standard

Concept2, on the other hand, has been the go-to standard for competitive rowers for years. It’s an air-resistance rower that is durable, practical and offers excellent value for money. Concept2 machines, including the CrossFit Games, are often used in official competitions, which speaks volumes about their performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Type of Resistance: Air
  • Workout Experience: More natural rowing feel
  • Price Range: Mid-priced
  • User Experience: No-nonsense, variable resistance

Making the Choice: User Experience vs. Budget

The choice between Hydrow and Concept2 ultimately boils down to what you value more: the user experience or the budget. If you’re looking for a high-tech, interactive workout with a quieter machine, Hydrow is the way to go. However, if you prefer a more traditional rowing experience and are looking for a machine that’s been the industry gold standard for years, Concept2 might be your best bet.

Both machines offer a full-body workout and engage over 80% of your muscles, providing similar health and fitness benefits. The difference lies in the type of resistance and each machine’s overall user experience.


In conclusion, both Hydrow and Concept2 rowing machines are excellent choices, each with its own set of advantages. Your decision should be based on your personal preferences, fitness goals, and budget. Whether you choose the interactive and premium Hydrow or the reliable and standard Concept2, you’re set for a practical and engaging workout experience.

Remember, the best rowing equipment is the one that you will use consistently and fits your lifestyle. Happy rowing!

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